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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Stalking John Smith...

You're probably quite sick of me now, go on be honest, I do tend to go on, and on... and on...

Managers carrying out my annual Personal Development Assessment, have been known to ask if it was still daylight, when we eventually emerge from a windowless room...

So today, to give you a rest from blethering, mithering me, I thought we could have a musical interlude, a sort of 21st Century version of TV's Potter's Wheel!

As our friends over the pond will understandably be glued to TVs watching precious new moments in history, and I reckon won't even find the time to blog or read today... I thought I could treat you all to a few moments with one of the greatest rising young stars of British nu-folk

- That's folk music for those of you over 40...

I find as I segue into my mid 40s and my son grows away beyond my grasp, GJ and I have a little more time to go to gigs when we can, and to explore new music.

I was excited when I first saw this young singer-songwriter guitarist, when he supported John Martyn at The fabulous Sage, Gateshead, and indeed I have been stalking him ever since.

Of course he doesn't know... Well maybe he does now? Oops!

"His name, you say?"

"Why, it's John Smith".

"Who did you say again?"

"John Smith!"



Blurb: "John Smith is the guitar man from Devon, (now living on the banks of the Merseysippi, when not in his VW car touring from gig to festival), and quietly becoming recognized as one of British Folk's most exciting new voices.

He has toured with and supported John Martyn, Davey Graham, Tunng, John Renbourn, Martin Simpson and Jools Holland and is currently working on his new record. John is a totally independent artist".

This is a quirky video (lasting 3.06 mins) that was produced to illustrate his somewhat magical song, The Magician, from his first album - Hope you like it...

His sort of hallmark piece is this one, Winter (5.14) with John tapping the guitar on his knee as if it were a drum - It always makes for a silent audience, as you can't quite believe what you are seeing and hearing:

You might know Cara Dillon better, so here John performs on her video for If I Prove False (5.48) - a very traditional folk song. John occasionally performs with Cara's band:

Finally, for the younger ones, here's John's own version of The Queens of the Stone Age, No-one knows... Electrifying! (3.59):


Leatherdykeuk said...

Interesting music, thank you :)

Derrick said...


I popped in after seeing your comment on Willow Manor about today's inauguration. I have enjoyed listening to John Smith's Winter (because of his dexterity with the guitar/drum) and to 'If I Prove False'(for beautiful lyrics) even though I wouldn't consider folk to be my kind of music. I have never heard of any of the folks you mention except for Jules Holland and apart from knowing he plays the piano ......! But I did enjoy these two items, thanks.

lorhen82 said...

Thank you ao much for the comments you've been leaving on my blog - I really enjoy them! While I may not be so young, I love No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age! I haven't listened to the John Smith ones yet, but I will when I have some time. ~Lori

Diane said...

I, for one, like meeting people who can talk as much as I do! ;)

I was in a coffee shop in Edinburgh with Ryan when she was about 5. She was reading already and when she saw a display of cute mugs, each with a (typically) Scottish word and its definition, she got so excited... she called across the shop to me, "Mama, look! We have to get this mug! It says 'blether'. I'm a blether and you're a blether, so we HAVE to get it!" Everyone in the shop burst out laughing.

Oh, and we bought the mug ;)

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Ladydyke: Welcome along, thank you for listening. I love your writing...

Derrick: Thank you for being open to nu (folk!) things - Sometimes I feel I benefit from having my comfort zone stretched!

Lorhen - Hi! I love the beauty of your blog - It's a fantastic testimony to your beautiful family!

Diane - Oh, so true - I feel like the flood gates have opened, I can't stop!

I like blether, mither, swither (my boss thought I had made that up!), and calling cheeky women 'bisms'! Ryan needs to blog or write too, don't you think - She is so sharp, that girl - Takes after her mum/mom, no doubt!

Scriptor Senex said...

I don't normally bother playing videos on blogs. Glad I did this time (though still don't know why I did... weird) - Very impressive. I like it.

Diane said...

Fhina... no one has called me a 'bism' in years! I used to be 'that wee bism' ;).

Pigsknuckle is my (somewhat affectionate) nickname for the city in which I live. It's not as bad as I made it sound today, but it does have its redneck/chav flavor ;)

Obama will be sworn in shortly... it is a good day :)

Anonymous said...

Now I know I'm new and really ought to say nice things about your blog but to be honest (I'm always honest - and a bletherer) I can't abide folk/country music. I really can't and I don't know why.

However, I do enjoy reading your ramblings and particularly liked your reference to bosses asking if it was still light.

Am I still allowed in?

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Scriptor, I am happy to be at your service, Sir!

Diane - You had me there, I told you I is gullible! And you are a cheeky bism, but I like you!!! x

Tismee - All are welcome here, even the non-believers and dissenters, and TBH I came to folk music very late - It's come a long way from, "Finger in the ear, lads, it's the Folkies!" - Honest...

carma said...

I am sorry to let you know that our friend Mad Asthmatic passed away this weekend after suffering a heart attack. There is a thread on http://www.asthma.org.uk/applications/discussion/view.rm?post_id=46897 and people are writing condolences on her facebook page. She will be missed by so many of us in the blogging community.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

a marginally happier Damian Rice..thanks for this l#m not familiar with him at all...I was at the sage a while back in autumn with my daughter for ...Tchiakovsky!!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Carma - Thank you, I have replied to you at your blog, darling.

Saz - I was wondering where you was! Recovering from all that panting over shirtless dancers no doubt!

There is much music around at the moment that is folk influenced - Ray Lamontagne, Jose Gonzalez, James Morrison, even the likes of James Blunt (not that I like his music tho').

I am just hoping John Smith gets signed by a record company this year - Two albums in, that he has self published and self promoted, he deserves it!

He is really magical live - I shall let you know if he gets to tour over your neck of the woods, if that's okay. I lurrvve The Sage, just so inviting and not at all snooty! x

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