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Monday, 29 June 2009

Mad Manic Mamas (and Pops!)

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Saz has been really clever, and picked up on the germ of an idea, and we now have a new blog-sanctuary, a bolt-hole, a hidey-hole...for moms/mums and dads of teens and tweens!

She's made us a padded cell, er blogspace, to go when it's all getting too much - When you feel your life-blood slipping from your fingers - Our youth slipping from our weak grasp on the reality of what we have created...

'Coz I know full well that my youth is being sucked from me, crow's foot by wrinkle, by this Motherhood of Teenage Terrorists Lark!

Here, we can be safe from prying teenage eyes that miss nothing... You know, those eyes that look you up and down disdainfully as you're leaving the house for work in the morning, clad in your finest ribbons and rags...

You've chosen a colour that suits you, which just so happens to be orange, and you feel that it is flattering to your pre-or-post-menopausal flushed complexion, and camouflages your lumpiest bits.

And he casts his heavy-lidded, half-closed eyes your way, for he's been up for most of the night, wibbling to his friends, and now he's scrunching his way through practically the entire pack of Kellogg's Cornflakes and a cow-full of milk, and he mutters,

"FFS mum, you're not going out in that are you?!

My friends might see you when you're dropping me off at school!

Honestly, you're such an embarrassment..."

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So come along with us, to our safe haven from Napoleon Dynamites, our harbour from the Teenage Sturm und Drang... I swear you'll love it!

It's for any or all of us Mad Manic Mamas. ...I'll bet there's even room for the dads, the gramps and grumps, and anyone whose ever had the (dubious) pleasure of surviving Teen (- and those Tricky Tween-) Terrorists...

Please come in and have a chat and a laugh with us... United we stand. Come join us if you've still got the strength to post!

Don't let the buggers get the upper hand!

They can smell weakness, I swear...

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Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

AWWHH fhina!! thats a lovely post and I can ehar the bang of the tambourine from here 60+ miles away from you!

I was thinking of posting something similar....but why does it always sound so much better coming from someone else in their words!!

Now you know we both have admin privileges so you can add things gadgets etc..till your hearts content my lovely!

anything else text or email me at gmail.talk soon..
love you
Saz x

Margo said...

I'm so there :) *hear teenage daughters moan at mom's attempt at current vernacular*

French Fancy said...

I don't envy the parents of teenagers one bit. Mind you i didn't become 'normal' until about 28. Hope your son is a bit quicker.

By the way thought you'd be interested in this link re Frankenstein. It's true that Percy had tremendous input but now there is the original manuscript without his additions


sheila said...

Yup, spent most of my tween daughters years in tears. They were just frickin exhausting with the whining and the picking at each other. UGHHHH. Now that they're in college/HS, it does get somewhat better. It's been years since I've cried. lol But only days since I've been aggrevated. :)

blognut said...

What a fantastic idea! Seriously.

In fact, in my post today, I talked about one of the many ways that my teens (and my not-so-teen) torture me. I need group therapy for this and the blog sounds like the perfect place. I'll check it out.

Bloggus Nuttus

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Fat, frumpy and fifty: Thank you so my petal! Tambourine? I used to be in the Salvation Army, I'll have you know! Thank you for making it easier for daft ol' me to be able to follow our new baby - I feel as if we're toddling already, never mind crawling - So well done, you bloggy treasure! Love you loads, Fhi xxx

Margo: Come on down, Margo! We need to man (and woman!) together to man the barricades, we do! I'm so down with the young 'ins!!! ;) x

FF: Merci mille, cherie! I am delighted you were able to share that link with me - Things do move on, don't they, in terms of research, even though I took my degree years ago! You just expect things to remain as you recall them, and that's so wrong! x

sheila: That is so sweet, and so true - I feel for you, I do... I do despair sometimes, and I love my Grizz dearly, but they do wear you out to a point of almost disappearing yourself... Here (and our new blog) is where I go to rock silently, and chew the ends of my hair, as darling Bloggus once said! My best to you, Sheila... x

blognut: Bless you darling Bloggus! I've put the beanbags out for us to sit on, and hold hands if we feel the need, and we can counsel one another here at our new Blog-us, really! Loveus to you-us, Bloggus Darlingus xxx

mzbehavin said...

you have such a beautiful way with words.... And I can relate......

Though I don't have pretty words for it...

Mine is more the: "In my next life, I'm having something you can keep in a cage" variety

kapgaf said...

Ma Chère Boucle d'Or,

My children (a total of 6 made up of step and biological) are all grown up now (the last one's 20) and I can heave a ginormous sigh of relief because between 1986 and 2007 I often had two or more on the go. As I didn't discover blogs until fairly recently, I feel that I have been deprived of a suitable outlet for my feelings. Perhpas French social security will pay for therapy (spa and retail, preferably) or perhaps there will just be a link to Mad Manic Mamas!

Grosses bises

Lindy said...

I actually kinda miss having teenagers around. Really. Do I feel that way because I'm a Napoleon Dynamite fan??

Chrisy said...

oooh what a clever idea...a refuge from the storm!...me thinks you need to apply for a government grant...surely there is no greater need than to keep the parents of the world sane...aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh...sorry just letting off parent steam....

Anonymous said...
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Something I wrote earlier...

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