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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Teenagers, Queenagers, Schmeenagers!

TALK TO THE HAND !!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Sorry, there was a little more to go... Hope it's okay with you, mes Bloggy Parentals...

41. Have a campfire and roast marshmallows.

Yeah right! If I want him to try to singe what's left of my eye-brows after the alopecia, stress-ridden, incidents...

42. Have a garage sale.

Can I sell all of his crapola?!

43. Write a letter to a grandparent about something wonderful your teen did.

This would be a good idea, and I used to tell my dad everything, for his grand-parents adored the sand-pits he crawled on, but they are sadly no longer here, and I'd need a Ouija Board to contact them, which I shall never do...

Talk to the hand Pictures, Images and Photos

44. Bake cookies.

It's an idea - For which I'd need a working oven... Oops...

45. Make the best ice cream sandwich ever.

Now that is a possibility!

46. Talk to your teen about college.

'Nag, nag, nag, nag, nag, mum - That's all you ever do...'

talk to the hand Pictures, Images and Photos

47. Talk to your teen about serving his country.

Sorry, but no... I am very thankful for all that our teens do to serve their countries, but I cannot agree with it... Nor is it something I want for my only son...

48. Order out at your teen’s favorite fast food joint.

That'd probably be Subway, and we do do that occasionally, on our way to his drum lessons in a nearby town... His is a foot-long Meatball Marinara, mine's a Veggie Patty with all the works, (no jalapenos - too hot, too spicy!), and a smidge of Chipotle South Western Sauce...

49. Spend a day at the beach or a lake.

We're talking northern England here, people??! Get real? We'd be even bluer than we are now...

50. Read one of your teenager’s current magazines.

I've done the Twilight Saga, does that count? - He's never read it, but he's seen the movie... Even his girlfriend, The Woodland Faerie, joked on his Myspace page recently that the Child was illiterate...!

Talk to the hand Pictures, Images and Photos


Lola said...

That frist image of the sloth (?) is hysterical. The expression reminds me of Spike Lee's sarcastic stare.

I locve the term "talk to the hand," so perfect.

Ciao ma petite,
Lola xx

lakeviewer said...

I see you're still trying to be "correct". Forget about it. Just be the "enforcer". They'll hate you for it; but, hey, they'd hate anything you do right now, unless you act like one of their friends.

You'll be the cool mom again in a few years, when they'll rediscover your talents for telling them the truth.

That's exactly what I like about being in my sixties; my children have forgiven me my sins, call just to talk, even ask how I am doing!

Give them time. Give them a short leash. Give them resources and challenges. They'll be coming out of the woods soon enough.

Derrick said...

Hi Fhina,

Maybe the idea is that by the time you've completed the questionnaire, Grizz will have left his teens??!!

Spellbound said...

My oldest son, the one who made me a grandmother, called me with tears in his voice when his son was two months old. "I don't think I ever thanked you for raising me by yourself all those years mom, I don't know how you did it. I just want you to know how much i appreciate all those fun things we did together and btw, I love you more than I can tell you."

I hope the promise of pie in the sky by and by gives you something to hold on to as you soldier on through these rough years. The days go slow, the years pass in an eyeblink.

blognut said...

I think we need to find the list designed for the teenager to appease his/her parents. We work so hard to figure out what we can do with/for them.

I'd like to see the list of ideas directed at the teen for planning activities with us! That could be a hoot!

Lovely weekend wishes for you,

Spellbound said...

PS to lake viewer: i never had any of my three on a short leash. I gave them enough rope to hang themselves. It's a more spine-chilling version of motherhood but one that suited us all very well. They all turned out much better than I deserve.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

At one point my son was still in high school and we were having trouble dealing with his apathetic attitude and several different people suggested we encourage him to join the military when he graduated. One day I pointed out that my son wouldn't get out of bed to go to school unless we practically hoisted him out, he was over six feet tall but skinny as a rail, and I didn't think he could even hold a gun, let alone shoot one. He heard my response and was quite insulted.

Now he words for the forestry, he hikes up sides of mountains carrying heavy gear and operates chain saws and other equipment with ease, he's really awfully strong, (see Mom?) and muscles began to pop out, (he's still skinny as can be), anyway my point is they grow out of the teenage phase. Thank God in Heaven!

Cynthia said...

Oh Ms. Fhina, I do think you must be right on track with your teen. After all, he's still in the house, you know who his girlfriend is, and you are willing to not turn him blue by spending a day at the coast. (I think that's a testament to your love and patience!)xx and 0 <3

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