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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Angels Laid Him Away...

By now you're used to my gigging and ligging, dodging and dancing, teeter-tottering like one born-anew in the Sea of Notes, beset by crotchets and quavers, following musicians across the country like a demon...

Not as often as I'd wish, bien sur.

But I do adore music, and listening to it always makes me think and wonder, ponder and sing.

So, so badly! I drive rats from the sewers, I sing like a banshee!

So, I had the pleasure of seeing Ray Lamontagne last year, seated in the front row of the City Hall in Newcastle.

For some reason, sometimes I get very lucky with seats. Perhaps I'm being rewarded for all those years of 'Being A Good Girl?'

Yah right!

And so I saw this young man, Josh Ritter, newly-wed and full of absolute joy, supporting Ray. He really beamed throughout his set with life and love, bless him!

And this song of his made me cry.

If you're feeling a little maudlin. ...Or perhaps you believe that we do need to flush our systems out regularly with tears.

Have A Good Cry.

Sorry, mes sweethearts...

Louis Collins took a trip out west
And when he returned little Delia'd gone to rest
The angels laid her away
Louis said to Delia, "That's the sad thing with life"
"People always leaving just as other folks arrive"
The angels laid her away
When the people heard that Delia was dead
All them gentlemen they dressed in red
The angels laid her away

More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/j/josh_ritter/#share

Angels laid him away...

Josh Ritter was performing with some very talented musicians, including the amazingly talented and charismatic, Zack Hickman, whose beautiful moustachioed presence graces my page aujourd'hui...

I hope you can lurve him, too!

Cheers, m'dears.


French Fancy said...

Not bad, not bad at all. Thanks again for keeping in the 'new music' loop


slommler said...

Wonderful sweetie!! Thank you

Derrick said...

Glad you keep bopping away with the best, Fhina!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

All way beyond me but sounds good fun anyway.

Something I wrote earlier...

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