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Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Return of the Bloggy Native...

I have been a week and a half without blogging. Much.

My 'phone isn't very, shall we say, au fait with Internet thingummyjiggeries and the print size on screen is too small for me to read it properly, being aged post-40. ...Me, not the 'phone!

So, what have I been going with myself, you ask?!

That's if you're all still there, of course!

Have I felt liberated from the Tyranny of T'Interwebs?

Er, no...

I have sat on the sofa and watched rubbish TV that my husband and son care to watch...

I have been extra crotchety. Extra-extra crotchety!

I read a little more.

I went to bed earlier. Not a bad thing, and yet I still felt knackered...

I probably ate more crap.

I remember groaning, and sighing out loud quite a bit.

No-one noticed!

I didn't revert to being an ueber house-proud Hausfrau.


My home still looks as if it's been plucked up by a tornado from the centre of a US dust-bowl and deposited in a heap on a Northumbrian hillside.

However, after more than a week plucking up the courage to translate technical details from Urdu to Spanglish with BT's Indian Call Centre, we are finally back online.

Back in the 21st Century again!


My sanity missed you, mes webby pals. Trop! Mwah!


Nana Go-Go said...

Lovely to have you back:)...and only dull women have immaculate homes!

Saz said...


Gigi said...

So glad to have you back - it's been lonely without you!

slommler said...

Missed you too!! I thought I heard someone sighing off in the distance. Who knew it was you all along!

A Mom on Spin said...

How could they miss all of your sighing and moaning???

Welcome back!

Scriptor Senex said...

Glad your trauma is over. How did we manage before we blogged?

carma said...

you know what I love? When you aka a "proper Brit" - speak just like me: "I ate a lot of crap" - loves it!!!!

Moannie said...

Missed you too, Fhina fabinna!

Welcome back.

Derrick said...

I've had a little break too but can't blame computer jiggery! Urdu to Spanglish is some translation!

French Fancy... said...

Oh welcome back Fhi - isn't it awful to be offline. That has also been me recently and it's like returning to the dark ages.


Grumpy Old Ken said...

Flippin' heck, so much talent, so little time, you put me to shame!

Something I wrote earlier...

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