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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Fog and Electricity...

Yes, I am in London, no I did not bring my laptop with me (...the weight of it and my bad back - Please!), so this is a ghost, not guest-post... I've never managed to host a guest-post, nor have I ever been asked to do one, so I've no idea of the bloggy-protocols.

So, I have timed this posting just to wave a red and cream spotted handkerchief across the rooftops to say hello, and to see how you're all doing midweek, when all of Christendom is wailing, flailing and dervishing around us in its panic throes...

I am becoming a bit dramatic, I know. Did anyone mention 'histrionic'?


Just as well!

I know I can keep in touch via my 'phone and something called 'apps', I've even noticed since my nephew went to Uni he's 'Face-Palming' on Facebook through something called an 'Android'.

What exactly is that? It sounds very Dr Who!

It's so easy to get left behind in the Internet Revolution, is it not?

Particularly when you like technology but using it still doesn't come quite naturally to you, if you get me?

I haven't even got an i-Pod yet, FGS! And you know how much I love my music, don't you?

So, I need to devote some time, perhaps over the next few months to learning such skills.

Does anyone have any hints or wizard wheezes about how they started to get to grips with these new-fangled gadgets?

Fhina is listening, and her clinic will be open again on Saturday.

Have you time for a swift peck on the cheek?


There you go anyway!


Saz said...

come back soon...you are too far away!!

hope you are having some quality time you two!!

luv you

saz x

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

I joined the dark side and got a new iphone last week.... computer ??- not any more - hardly open it unless I have to for work... the world is now in the palm of my hand - and my music :)

slommler said...

Hi sweetie...waving back at you!! I have a new Droid and it is the coolest phone ever!! It was able to give me internet while I am at my mom's. She has no computer and no internet. But with my phone, I was able to use my laptop to connect to the WWW!! Very cool!
Don't be afraid of the new gadgets. Just jump in with both feet. The water is fine!

Leatherdykeuk said...

fabulous photograph

Gigi said...

I don't know, I have a love/hate relationship with some gadgets. I love what they will do but hate having to mess with them. But that being said - I love, love, love my Blackberry. Apparently it will do all sorts of things - including blogging on the go - but I haven't bothered to set that up - since I'm afraid it will get in the way of my quality time with the laptop! Hope you are having a wonderful time!

Siobhan said...

I hope you are enjoying London. I have an iPhone but hate blogging from it, I tend to stick to commenting.

I want to get rid of tit though and have less contact with the internet. We shall see though, as I have been saying that for months now and still not got round to it.

Derrick said...

Methinks that it is us 'up north' who have the fog while you southern types are basking in sunshine Ms. Fhina! It's true that all sorts of wizardry is possible from the latest phone gadgets but I still have an old mobile phone and hardly use it for calls! Go to one of them big gizmo shops in t' capital and let them show you all about it. Then you can tell us!

A Mom on Spin said...

I only got an iPod a few months ago when I picked up one of my daughter's cast offs.

That's how I acquire all of my technological gadgets. . .

French Fancy... said...

So my lovely friend - you are in the place of my birth - well, London anyway. As for an i-pod, go for a walkman, the sounds is so superior.


libby said...

London in the sunshine..could be fabulous...enjoy!
I use an ancient pay as you go phone from asda....when the man in their shop saw it last night he started treating me like someone with dementia!!

gpc said...

The new 4th gen iPod looks wonderful to me -- music AND the internet!

Have a wonderful time!

Lisa-Marie said...

I have an android phone(android is the operating system, like mac or windows), and it has an app called Blogaway, where you can take a picture and add a wee post at the bottom. It's very good.

I also use mobile google reader to read blog posts on the bus!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Have a great time in the Big Smoke! Sorry I haven't popped over for ages. Haven't forgotten you though. :)

Jinksy said...

All these mini technological items bay be great, but old eyes have to be able to cope with minute sized screens and text - any one got a magnifying glass?! LOL :)

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