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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Animal Crackers in my Tea!

My long-suffering husband, GJ, has been in London this week. And this time I didn't manage to whinge myself into accompanying him...

It's been a golden autumn so far here in the Queen's England. Darkening trees are still hanging on to their lime, bronze and gold-bedazzled leaves as if they are treasured offspring. The usual November rain has yet to arrive to drench leaves from branches, casting them carelessly onto slippery black roads. Gales have been forecast by troubled-looking TV weather presenters, but the trees have yet to fling off their foliage like menopausal mothers shrugging off their too-warm woollens.

So, it's been pretty out. The arrival of autumn has shaken me out of some of my misery. Sorry that you have had to share it with me...

My blog is sometimes sanctuary to me, listening and sympathetic ear, confessor, teacher, mentor.

I've been chuckling, courtesy of Statcounter, at the reasons some of you have visited my blog. I haven't looked at it for a while.

Here you go - The latest search words and my random thoughts on them:

purple wedding suitdrill down Maybe I should go into business, selling wedding frippery?
Vivienne Westwood bridaldrill down Ditto!
bed roomsdrill down Have I my own personal stalker? How very celebtastic!
a woman of no importancedrill down Ditto!
romantic love goddrill down Who? Me?!
lazylazydrill down Ta-da! That's me in a nutshell...
yacht troikadrill down Stalker, again.
Angelsdrill down Very me... Also very Robbie Williams!
"Shake some trees"drill down This very autumn in fact.
importance of girls weekenddrill down Very true, do I need to take the hint and book something?
Widows of Culloden kate mossdrill down Fashion again; Where I used to stay... and a Skanky Girl. What more could you want?
talk lessdrill down What are you implying - That I talk too much? How very dare you!
small moon gazing haredrill down Very pagan, very moi.
behead womandrill down What have I done to offend you?
Vivienne Westwood and the bustledrill down Fashion. Muse. Legend. Edwardians...
celebrity males with ear piercingdrill down My Grizz, and the Amsterdam Incident?
girl wrist tattoosdrill down Have you been stalking my thoughts again?
photography black and white musicdrill down Arty-Farty. C'est moi!
twiggy collagedrill down Wha'? I know Twiggy is advertising Sparks and Marks, but a collage, eh?!
alexander mcqueendrill down Muse, legend. Much missed.
philip treacy picturesdrill down Ditto, two of the above... I love his hats.
A WOMAN WITH NO clothesdrill down If you've been looking through my bathroom window again, watch out! I'm having that blind fitted this weekend.
eccentric womendrill down Me, again! Are you having a go?
liver birds pics hatdrill down ?
Rosemary's Baby t shirtsdrill down Again, what about whether I should open a shop? Should I do it, and take the financial risk?
Vivienne Westwood bankrupt drill down Oh, right. Probably not then!
four weddingsdrill down But I still need to mull on the bridal hire business, right!

Animal Crackers, or what?


Lindsey said...

animal crackers made me laugh - thanks!

slommler said...

"liver birds pics hat"???? I don't have a clue either. Have you been worrying about cleansing your liver while taking bird photos with your hat on?

Jinksy said...

I've no idea how you got to see all these options, but it certainly made for a interesting list. I think I like the Pagan Moon hare gazer best! LOL :) But should it be hair gazer, in view of your sartorial elegance?!!!

Debby said...

LOL....what a fun post.

Jewels said...

That is the coolest animal cracker ever. I now have that shirley temple song stuck in my head. Thanks.

libby said...

Glad you seem a bit brighter...loved the animal!

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