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Monday, 29 November 2010

The Trouble with Art...

Right, you guessed it, I have scarcely been out of doors owing to copious snowfalls landing on ice, therefore I did not manage to meet my hair salon appointment on Saturday, and so I do -seriously - resemble a female version of Wagner.

I do!

And today, snow willing, I'm meeting up with my darling brother-cousin for a lunch date.

We're going somewhere I've dearly longed to visit for some while, but time and tide have prevented me.

These very contemporary artworks featured today are by this artist - Sarah Jane Szikora - WEBSITE.

Sarah was born in the North East region, in County Durham, and works from her studio in North Shields, I think... I've featured Sarah Jane's art in a previous post, HERE, telling you about one of my favourite coffee-shops on Tyneside, the Rendezvous Cafe.

Speaking of Art: The trouble with Art is that I sort of want to eat it up. I want to devour it in large chunks like cake, breathing it in, tasting its multifarious flavours and nuances, and I never really get the opportunity, the time, to do all that...

Sarah's works are not available from The Biscuit Factory (click on name for details of The Biscuit Factory), the art gallery where Coz and I are supposed to be meeting today, (if I make it through the snow...), but the name of the gallery is the title of Sarah Jane's painting shown above.

I'll let you know how we get on, my darling Coz and I...

Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

This piece of Sarah Jane's, featuring the Queen, is called, We Are Not Amused, and I like it very much, in that English Eccentric sense that I'm so fond of... HERE

Sarah Jane Szikora is an English-born abstract humour artist. She was born in County Durham, England, in 1971. She took up art and painting ever since she was in school. She would often visit her father in Hungary, where she gathered inspiration for her paintings from the intriguing people that lived there. She eventually pursued a course in art and design at Harrogate College followed by illustration at Cleveland College of Art, where she realized her love of drawing, especially human forms. She started her own business in 1991 creating paper Mache figurines. Later, she returned to her true passion of painting and began publishing her art as jigsaws, greetings cards and limited edition works.

Sarah Jane cites her main influence as Thomas Rowlandson, who was a great English caricaturist. She also derives a lot of inspiration from funny books, films and television. Her paintings usually feature skinny and fat ladies with small heads, skinny men and gingerbread men. Her paintings try to portray a content society, a society that is inhabited by positive characters, the women in particular, who are quite comfortable with the way they look, whether fat or skinny. Some of Sarah Jane’s famous works include paintings like Taking the Biscuit and Heavenly abode and sculptures like Two O’clock temptation and Peek-A-Boo.


ArtistUnplugged said...

Oh, it finally has turned colder here but we will be lucky to see any snow of any amount here in the south. I hope you made it to the gallery and met up with your brother-cousin. I can't believe all the decorations up here. Ours is not yet, hopefully this week. Love the season, hate the work!!!!

Nana Go-Go said...

Snowbound here as well - and typically it was my long weekend off work to catch up with myself but wouldn`t have been able to get in anyway!I think I will be `snow crazy` if this keeps up!
Love this artist`s work - hope you make it to the gallery.

slommler said...

Sunny skies here but bitterly cold!! And windy!!! But I love that there is no snow or ice!! Woot!!
I love Sarah's work...colorful and humerous!!
Well painted!

Something I wrote earlier...

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