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Friday, 3 December 2010

People I Love!

Where's the Art today, you ask... Well, unless you could count Katy Perry as an artist?

...She is a clever performance artist in her own way.

And, for the first time ever, since starting this blog ooh, almost two years ago, the majority of those of you who knock on my blog-door here are British, from the good old UK of A (Anglicanism!)...

Nowadays, more than a quarter of you are British, and a quarter are Americans.

Previously it was around 40% to about 26%, Americans to UK Pond-Dwellers.

Incroyable, non?! - That's for the French visitors... Oh, and the French-speaking Canadians, eh?! -Et les Canadiens.

Und das Deutsche Volk. - That's for the Germans.

Und die Italiener? - That's not for the Italians...

So, I've one thing to ask, while of course, thanking any and all of you who turn up here to read this dribble-fest.

What have I done to offend those of you Over The Pond?

I would be mortified. More than mortified if I thought I'd offended anyone, hurt anyone's feelings, that any of you were any less than enamoured of me, moi, ich.

Well, if I was more than mortified, I'd be dead, so the less said about that the better, hein?


Would you mind speaking up, please, I'm a bit corned beef?


To illustrate this piece, I've posted a Google picture of American Pop Star, Katy Perry, (wearing a dress consisting of the USA and the British flags). Katy recently married the very English (some would say, English Eccentric, I think he's wonderful), comedian - Russell Brand. - In India.

Apparently, there were lions. And beautiful fabric tents. And Indian elephants. And there were hennaed hands. And celebrity guests.

It was probably utterly gorgeous.

Fhina was not invited...

And, as I have no photos of the Brand/Russell wedding, here is a picture of a tiger cub and a dachshund on a bed!


slommler said...

Ha! Katy Perry looks lovely and I didn't know she got married in India with the circus. Had no idea! So thanks for the info! Your picture of the cub and dog really gave me the flavor of their occasion!! Seriously!!!!
I check in all the time and you haven't offended me in the least!! Just wave every once in awhile. I'm good!

Gigi said...

You've done nothing to offend me - I check in every time you post!

Olga said...

I think she is an artist. She is kind of like Warhol.

Dragonfly Dreams said...

I am apparently one of the remaining viewers from across the pond and all I can say is, "Shame on them! They are missing a wonderful time!" :-)

Bee said...

How do you count the Americans living in the UK? I would borrow Katy's dress, but I'm not sure that I can rock that look.

blognut said...

I can't imagine that you've offended anyone on this side of the pond. I guess we're just notoriously lazy when it comes to dragging ourselves out to the blogosphere and catching up on things.


Dumdad said...

Bonjour from France!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Wonderful, how could your talents ever offend!

Tish Jett said...

Given the choice, I would rather have a tiger cub and a dachshund on MY bed any day.

Years ago I volunteer in a baby zoo where the little ones were rejected by their mothers. I loved feeding the lions, tigers and leopards. I had to sign a release that if any of them scratched me seriously, i.e. resulting in a scar, I wouldn't sue. Well, of course I wouldn't.

Suldog said...

I can recall being offended by you in any way whatsoever. Rest easy.

Something I wrote earlier...

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