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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Luck and life...

When I first began to write this blog, if you remember, I was lying prone on my couch at home, first awaiting and then recovering from back surgery.

I now find that, courtesy of our beloved Con-dems, I am lying on my cooch again, once more blogging, with only myself (i.e. not my back!) to blame...    It's odd being unemployed for the first time in my life (I'm not counting those few weeks after graduating!)

Only the other day, rushing through the streets of Newcastle, on my way to College and just back from a job interview (so looking very dapper in a black suit and pink mac), I was accosted by a gentleman of the road, asking me if I had any spare change...

As an automatic response, I shouted, "I'm sorry, I'm unemployed."

To which he shrugged his shoulders and I sensed that he understood.   That there was no point in assailing me.   That he knows, just as much as anyone, what it's like to be without meaningful work, counting the coins in your pocket and walking away from the aroma of wonderful coffee emanating from yonder cafe, because well, you just shouldn't.

I'm not being morose, mes amis.   I know that things will work out.   They will.   They kind of always do when you're educated, trained, resourceful.   I'm just not so sure that those words describe me at the moment!


Karen S. said...

Not having followed your blog for that long I still enpower the thought that YES! Educated, trained, resourceful, determinedly strong.... you are all those words, (can't forget that either by having other not so great thoughts) this time will pass and you will be back on top of the world and you'll think to yourself, why didn't I enjoy that bit of time off?

Jinksy said...

Well, now, what an opportunity for taking a new road! I hope you find exactly the right signpost to follow, any day now.
I'm just glad that, way back in the dim and distant past, we found the path that linked your Blogland Mansion to mine! :)

Moannie said...

So sorry, Ffina. 'Taint fair. Youngest daughter who works in the city tells me that things are definitely picking up, so here's hoping hat you won't be on your chaise longue too much longer. Though I urge you to enjoy your free time without guilt. XX

Saz said...

hi babe....

trying to get back my blogging mojo

and having found why my blog went missing, they sold my domain elsewhere

so l am back on my original url


love you lots..

loads to tell

saz xx

Jan said...

Don't knock yourself down - there are enough people out there to do that for you!
I had knock back after knock back in the last few years and have come back definitely older and I hope a lot wiser.I'm now gainfully employed but unlike in the past I've lost all hintof complacency and (sadly) I watch my back constantly.
You will come through this if not triumphant , certainly more at ease with yourself and your strengths and weaknesses.
Ciao bella , mwah!

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