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Friday, 3 June 2011

What did Napoleon have to say again, about England being a nation of shop-keepers??!

I've been a bit busy this week.   Crazy, that is, since I gave up work on 4 March 2011!

Then, if you hadn't already noticed in the sidebar, I made the BIG decision to give up my voluntary job too about a fortnight ago.   I had planned to leave at the end of May if I hadn't found work.   That deadline was set in my mind as the date on which I would receive the last of my redundancy money from my former job, and I would have found myself another (probably part-time) job.

I haven't! 

So, awash with tears at leaving some dear colleagues and new friends I felt I had to leave the youthwork charity to sort of concentrate full-time on finding a job.   I also have the friendly jolie laide Jobcentre breathing down my neck...   Then I came down with a dreadful viral infection which put me in bed for almost a week and then turned me into someone who coughed like they had had a lifetime Woodbine habit for the next week.

Bleedin' typical of Fhina's luck that is!   'If it wasn't for bad luck'...etc.

So, I have recovered myself somewhat.   My sense of taste is back with me again - Yay!   How my lovely grandfather survived for forty years of his life without a sense of smell, I just can't imagine...

I am still knee-deep in jobsearch.   It's not a good market in the north east of England just now for anyone looking for work...

I am, however, chock-full of ideas.   I am also somewhat risk-averse.   That was a good quality in a Civil Servant.

It's not a good quality in a budding entrepreneur!

Yesterday, feeling far less than flush, and inspired by the lovely Vintage-loving blog-ladies who have just started to appear in my sidebar, I flashed my plastic Marks & Spencer card in a British Heart Foundation charity shop (thrift/goodwill).   There was very little Vintage to be found, that did not have a hefty price-tag and a 'Vintage' label on it already - They must have some savvy shop-staff...

However, I did buy around £20 worth of pretty boho/hippy colourful clothes I'd never fit into, for a young woman probably twenty-five years younger than me  -  "Ideal Summer Festival Wear!" 

At least I think it is...

I'm headed for e-bay to have a go at being a seller.

Do you have any tips for me, mes bloggy loves??!   I'd love to hear them.


Z said...

I hope your eBay venture goes well. My offspring look there first when shopping, certainly.

Mrs Jones said...

Be very honest about the condition of the items but don't be afraid to 'big' them up a bit in the text. Also, if they smell a bit 'charity shop', give them a wash first, and an iron. Take good photos and lots of them. Include important details in the text like measurements of waistbands or across the bust because the size on the label varies from brand to brand. The easier you make it for someone to buy it (i.e., they don't have to ask you for the measurements), the more likely you are to sell it. In the title, definitely include the size - I'm more likely to look at an item that's come up in the search results if I know the size will fit me. It's up to you if you offer refunds although if you do people are more likely to buy because they know they can send it back. Parcel them up well and post them out promptly. I'm sure there's other things I can think of....

slommler said...

Yep...like Mrs. Jones says...take the best photos you can and then do better! Lighting is critical for sure. And details...sizes etc. Very important.
Good luck to you!!

Vintage Vixen said...

Good luck! It's the perfect time to be selling hippy-style clothing what with the run up to the festival season.
Like the others say, lots of good, clear pictures, measurements and list any flaws.
Don't forget to get postage costs right and don't list a great big long list of unreasonable terms and conditions which can put potential buyers off.
All the best! xxx

A Heron's View said...

A friend of mine in Los Angeles sent me the following mail the other day:

" I'm making $300-$400 dollars a day working from home online. I got started by reading this article, nobody showed me anything and I'm doing good. You should give it a try! :) http://cnbcnews7.com"

Of course it might be a scam.

Something I wrote earlier...

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