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Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Seems like I stilled my mind a little too effectively, as I have not blogged since last Monday!

My days have been filled with therapy, ruminating on therapy, crying, arguing, counselling, counselling supervision, group supervision, counselling course-work, shivering in the Library where the heating has been off for several days, meeting my darling cousin, Coz, for lunch and rat-wrangling...

I've been reading a book on my new Kindle about de-cluttering.   It's making me think how much clutter we cart about with us through life.   I mean, how much clutter, emotional, virtual and actual, I carry about with me.   Including the flesh on my bones which is ueber-Rubenesque, to say the least.

All this has given me some food for thought.

More and better soon, I promise.

"Now with added rats!"


SueAnn said...

Rats? Ewww!! As for the clutter issue...seems I too am dealing with it in one form or another every day. Sheesh!!
Good luck!

ArtistUnplugged said...

Clutter, literal clutter around the house, it just adds to the emotional clutter. I really have to have a clean out before the holidays. Good to hear from you!

Expat mum said...

That therapy must be heavy-going. My sister said she didn't realise she had so much baggage until she did the sessions! Think I'll steer well clear!

Jo said...

Rats...! Oh, no...!

I have downsized my purse until now I just carry a wallet. It has everything I need, and no more aching shoulders. I am amazed when I see how much junk people carry around with them every day, and it's stuff they don't even need. I think the same is true in life too. Minimalism is the best way to travel.

Suldog said...

We all need to de-clutter once in a while, eh? The toughest part is beginning. Once I get going, it becomes easier and easier to toss stuff overboard!

Scriptor Senex said...

Personal development ain't easy! But I reckon it's easier than de-cluttering! For me at least.

I've made a start on the loft but it seems like almost everything is going back up there again. I think I'm four squirrels rolled into one.

A Heron's View said...

They say it is the emotional baggage that we carry that encourages us to over eat & gain weight and yet even thin folk cry at times. I am testing the waters now; but do those who really need the counselling actually get help - like the damaged folk of north africa etc ?

Elisabeth said...

I agree, we can be overloaded with clutter, both real and metaphorical. Perhaps that's why we get into spring cleaning.

Having lived in the same house since 1980, clutter is the order of the day in my life. I dread the day we have to move, but hopefully I shall deal with the clutter with equanimity.

I'm new to your blog and pleased to meet you.

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