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Sunday, 5 February 2012

This week in words and pictures...

The dream kitchen approacheth.  

I rub its surfaces gently with oil and paper...   I place well-used utensils in its corners and crevices.   I open its soft-closing drawers and marvel at its newness, its loveliness...

Last week, I cuddled its dishwasher.   My proper first dishwasher!   We are nursing the new American style fridge freezer into its first days of life...   It is now settled and stable;   It will soon be ready to serve.

Smitten, moi??!

And, in a telephone call from Her Majesty's Secret Service (namely the Department of Communities and Local Government - which we used to call Declog!), I was invited to a Garden Party.  

At Buckingham Palace.


I was politely asked if I would like to attend a garden party in one of the months running up to summer.    Are you joking, I beamed with glee.   Of course I would!   What??!

I was given 24 hours to come up with my 'Plus One'.   I knew GJ would decline.   He might kick a corgi!

I asked Grizz, of course.   Who best to accompany his Mum, and what an opportunity...

In the end, it turned out that my second-best partner my GBF, Donty, snapped my hand off - He was so amazed to be asked.   I think he'll be the perfect partner to meet and greet with 'Her Maj'', as he calls her!

He's cock-a-hoop.   I'm just startled and surprised.

I'm delighted that someone thought well enough of l'il ol' me to put my name forward for an invite...

This week my wide smile might even begin to wear off.

Don't think so though!

I'll keep you informed, mes bloggy buds...   I will.   I've already bought me dress in the sales!

Next stop, a hat or fascinator...

What would you wear?

I am all corgi-ears!   Ah, imagine the blog-fodder!


Canadian Chickadee said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful occasion to look forward to!

Oh, a hat definitely -- the sort you might never be able to wear anywhere else. Such a special occasion demands it!

Keep us posted on events running up to the event, and the event, and after ...

Clippy Mat said...

Now you will def. have to change the name of your blog from the negative to the positive, cos obviously you ARE a woman of importance!
and aunty lizzie thinks so.
I definitely think a big fancy fascinator.
So exciting.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are so lucky. My wife will be so very jealous.

She's always wanted one of those big American freezers but we can"t fit one in our kitchen.

The garden party invite sounds cool as well.

Seriously, what a honour. You must be delighted :-)

Sarah Mac said...

Oh wow and oh WOW!!!

Which am I most envious of .... you know, I THINK the fridge might just have it ;)

Congratulations on the invite though, blog fodder indeed!

Have fun!!!

Gigi said...

A new kitchen AND an invite to the palace? What will next week bring to top that?

GB said...

I wonder if the sandwiches are still tiny and with the crusts cut off! Enjoy!

Scriptor Senex said...

Are you sure that is your kitchen - looks like an advertising photo to me.... Perhaps you are living in B & Q at the moment and haven't realised it.

Fascinator gets my vote.

I know you'll enjoy it and I'll send messages to the The Powers that Be for sunshine.

Vix said...

That's really your kitchen? Wow! Puts my grubby, mis-matched oddity to shame. LOVE it! x

A Woman Of No Importance said...

No, dear peeps, this is my style of kitchen (Howdens, direct from the advertising brochure, Scriptor!), but not my actual kitchen!

Mine is smaller, quirkier and still not totally finished!

And, it will never look like this.

I am not the show-home kind of gal.

Read the blurb - Slattern, sloth, demi-mondaine!

I speak the truth, and nothing but it... ;)

Chairman Bill said...

Not a fascinator - they're ultra chav. Hats that haven't quite grown up. To carry one off you have to be under 21.

As for a dishwasher - why? Don't you have a hubby?

Sandi McBride said...

Fancy you didn't ask an American friend to accompany you...I do consider myself I friend as I drop by to visit...and I would have hopped a plane to head on over, it would have been a great opportunity to visit old friends in Beaconsfield (Bucks)...so won't you reconsider and tell Scotland Yard you wish to import a guest?

rallentanda said...

Sorry, I wish I could tell you I was jealous...but the kitchen,now that's a different matter...positively green with envy!

rallentanda said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BadPenny said...

Never had a dishwasher .... that's why my hands are Fairy soft !
(chapped & 'orrible at the moment !)

A super knock 'em dead hat me thinks with cup cakes & Corgis festooned all over it !

Suldog said...

My goodness! A garden party with The Queen? Really? Pretty damn cool. Can't wait to read the write-up!

Even better, you have your first dishwasher! After a short time, you won't understand how you ever got on without one, believe me.

Michelle said...

Love your dream kitchen, also my dream. It seemed a combination of modern and contemporary design with a touch of minimalism. A kitchen which famous women in business would also want.

Phoenix Joinery said...

The photo of the kitchen is actually reproduced from my website phoenix-joinery.co.uk without the owners consent... :-S

Something I wrote earlier...

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