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Tuesday 21 May 2013

It ain't over until the fat lady sings!

This blog is far from over, and yet I am still getting to grips with being back to my humble, ever so humble origins, here on Blogger.

She's off again, I hear you say!

Someone stole my bloglet.

They did!   I was sent information to re-new my blog domain.   Blog?   I didn't even have my own lap-top.   You probably noticed.    That was in the whole 'soaking a lap-top in gin can never be a good thing', Christmas spectastacle.   Truly.   I could not afford to renew my licence, but I had no idea what was to happen.next...

And, do you know, my beloved meaningful blogname was sold to a mad flibbertigibbet.   What do you mean, you never noticed?!   She is a bism.   Of the first degree.   I tell yer.

Abandon her in droves but lover, come back to me?

Anyhoo, what have I been up to, you ask?

Nay.   More to the point, what have you been up to, mes bloggy chums?

I have missed your damp noses and warm whiskers.   There, I'm chuckling you behind the ears, in that soft-warm spot you have there.   There, there...

I have a special chuckle under the chin for the dahlink, darling John - Scriptor Senex, for it is he, who has restored me to some semblance of normality.   Scriptor, whose bold advice brought me back the techie bits of the blog I feared I had lost.   And I am sorely grateful to his magnificence, I really am.  

Merci mille, mon ami - And for those of you who don't know John, here he is with his very own barrel of laughs!

Lots of my memories are here, you see.   Strings of silken threads bound up with boiled eggs, toast, love, tea, whiskers and honey.   A smidgen of the scent of the love I have for my son, Grizz, who's now 21 and taller than a bean-stalk, but beautiful and half-wild is writ here.

En effet, I have more heart and memories locked in this bunch of feral words written across the years than I've ever committed anywhere.  Perhaps I will be committed.   I thought I might be when I lost my blog into the sparky ether.

Meanwhile, I've been ueber-busy with my psychotherapy course.   Much work is now in hand to 'graduate' this summer - I may even post a picture, if I pass...   Eek!   If they've got a graduation gown that fits my ampule form, that is!

I've been busy with the new job(s).   I have 3.   Do you think that's enough?   I think so.   It's been doing me heid in, I swear...   I think I need to ditch one.   I am Arthur Mullarding on that just now.

And, honestly, I've been busy with life which, on occasions, has threatened to strangle all life out of me.   Aren't we all, I hear you whisper...

And we all are.

Take time out to smell the coffee, the flowers, the fine feathers on a bird's under-wing.

Take time out for you.   Je vous embrasse.   Don't be shy!

Tell me your news.   I've missed you so much.    Mwah!

Something I wrote earlier...

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