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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Breaking News!

Well, it's official. My disc has well and truly slipped. spinal cross-section Pictures, Images and Photos There I was only just telling you that I was in less pain generally, and was contemplating a return to work next week, albeit on reduced hours, to see how things go... When I turfed up at Newcastle's General Hospital today for my long-awaited MRI Scan, I did not quite know what to expect...

What I did not expect was having to stand on an office chair to actually get on to (and off!) the MRI 'bed', (more like a tea tray really, like they use in the downill luge event - Is that how it's spelled?), as the up and down bed-adjuster thingummyjiggy was not working!

The blurb the hospital had sent me mentioned that I might experience some noise and warmth while the machine was operating, and said that you could take in a CD to listen through some headphones to during the 20 - 30 minute procedure.

What I could not have anticipated is that for most of said procedure I could scarcely hear the darned CD for the clanking and wailing (maybe that was me?) of the dratted machine! When the technician handed me a 'panic button' to press 'Should I need to', it triggered an automatic response - One in which I began to panic! dont panic Pictures, Images and Photos dads army Pictures, Images and Photos "Don't panic, Mr Mainwaring (A UK TV reference...inserted merely to disorientate, sorry).

mri Pictures, Images and Photos What kept me going, and stopped me from pressing the button once my (age onset)claustrophobia set in was my late dad's dads Pictures, Images and Photos words which he always addressed me with before exams, and other early trials, "Fhina, what is the worst that can happen to you in there? They can't kill you!" That, and the sheer humiliation I felt I might incur should I need to press the panic button, be withdrawn (it was a tight squeeze, I'm telling you, Stinking Billy, for I have eaten a few too many Turkish Delights in my time! You won't want me in your harem, I cost far too much to feed!) turkish delight Pictures, Images and Photosfrom the Tunnel of Doom, and face the wonderful technical staff, who were excellent, I need to add. Carry on Doctor Pictures, Images and Photos

So, I emerged, teary and bleary-eyed, grasping the orderly's hand as she proffered it to me, as if it were the veritable Holy Grail, Holy Grail Script Pictures, Images and Photos only to be told not to leave the hospital just yet as they wanted the Registrar to check whether they had captured everything they needed to.

Just as aforementioned panic attack was settling in nicely again at the thought of being subjected to what I shall from now on refer to as "THE ORDEAL", the Registrar arrived, aged just a tad more than Grizzler, to ask whether I had been experiencing any problems with the waterworks? Well, what could I say? I was a little worried that Waterworks NW Sprinter Pictures, Images and Photos they might be about to introduce metering of our water supply in a helpful 'pay as you wash' kind of way, but other than that, no...

It transpired that, without him actually being my Consultant proper, and being scared to give a diagnosis, as such, he was pretty concerned about a big disc having slipped low in my back (Don't ask - I fell off a doctor's couch, half-nyecked, in May during an ECG! ecg Pictures, Images and Photos ), which has not retracted, hence me being all peg-legged, tingly and numb in a not so good way! I dare not drive, as my foot can't feel the accelerator pedal- Yikes! Demon Driver Pictures, Images and Photos

scream Pictures, Images and Photos

So, if I had been experiencing any kind of, ahem, water problem, he would have whipped me in immediately, thereby queue jumping any and all NHS Waiting Lists!

So today's blog finds me not rested, not reassured, a little tipsy (I find Sainsbury's Pina Colada to be an excellent, over the counter, painkiller and tranquillizer.... Pina Colada Pictures, Images and Photos

With that picture in your mind, I shall bid you adieu, and perhaps I will live to fight (and indeed write) another day!


Diane said...

Oh, I'm so sorry!! Back problems are the worst. Here's hoping you're feeling better soon (Margaritas work well, too).

Oh, and thanks for the heads up that you're likely my Edinburgh stalker :). I've found that Feedjit is just a few miles off when it comes to lots of people.

Feel better!!! XO

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I apologise for any typos and grammatical, don't mention the spelling, errors in today's blog.

Normal service (i.e. without the pina colada and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) will be resumed as soon as possible, when I shall also sort out the fact that Blogger keeps cropping short (and thin) all me piccies!

Ann's Rants said...

Ay yay yay...my condolences. Love the socks photo!

Stinking Billy said...

Fhina, great stuff again, but I can't believe that a 'waterworks' van conveniently parked outside your house while you were just back from the general and holding your camera? Your piccies are out of this world, sweetheart. x

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

OMGosh!! now I feel apprehensive...I have a scan, not sure what or how tomorrow am...for bone density (I have shrunk 1.5 inches in 3 yrs) and l'm a bit nervous...your didnt sound too great!!

well relax now...relax...reee lll aaa xxxx..
can yo cos l can't!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...


you say...'I know you are far braver than me, so you will be wondrous!' you have only known me a short time, l'm all front!!!

I too have panic attacks, and Larry is coming with me so l dont have to drive too...and find my way, dop the map, get lost inside the hossie!! so hopefully back home within a few hours...I shall tell all when l'm back.if its interesting l may post about it...if not...not...

thanks for the support!!
Saz x (FFF)

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