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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Memoirs of a Virgin Blogger - Prologue

Well, this is me, a Virgin Blogger! Have pity on my poor damned soul, as I know not what I do...

I am A Woman Of No Importance, or maybe sometimes I'm just feeling sorry for myself! You know, when you look around you and find you've aged inexorably, the body isn't what it was, the face is showing signs of needing serious attention, and you haven't seen your 'Hairdresser To The Stars' (well that's what it said on his DUI rap sheet!) in oh too long?

I have lurked in the wings for long months; reading others' interesting and erudite blogs, which have in all honesty kept me going through times when I've been confined to quarters with a suspected slipped disc and associated, and very painful, sciatica...

I don't know how to add links to your blogs here - Perhaps someone can advise me? I feel as if I know your souls, or those of your dogs, tortoises, children - Delete whichever appropriate. And I am astounded by the lives you lead and the fun you have. Or so it seems to me.

Is it a case of, "I blog therefore I am"?


Ann's Rants said...

Wow FIRST COMMENT EVER, and FIRST FOLLOWER! Holy firstness. Welcome, welcome to Bloggyland. Oh I have been down the sciatica road and I must tell you that acupuncture was nothing short of miraculous for me. I'd never done it before, but I made sure to find someone very very reputable and it was the only thing that worked. Thanks for following my blog. I hope one of these days you'll feel like a woman of importance. Maybe just start with "A Woman of Perceptable Importance?" Baby steps ;)

Diane said...

Welcome, welcome to Bloggyland! And what a wonderful land it is!!

As for what to do, write! You write, we will come (maybe not a lot of us at first... it takes time). And you have to visit and COMMENT on other blogs (I see you have some of MY favorites in your list... lovely people they all are!).

Blogging has been, for me, therapy, something that forces me to write more often, and quite an amazing journey into the lives of some of the MOST wonderful and supportive people in the world. The friendships I've made here are as real as the people I see in person. I'm sure it'll be that way for you, too!

So, welcome... we're thrilled to have you!

PS... I agree with Ann about your name... :)

Braja said...

Well, I see Ann and Diane, both lovely bloggy friends, have beaten me to it. And I agree: PLEASE change it to what Ann suggested. Then go to http://henrythedogdiaries.blogspot.com and make friends with He Who Is The Friend Of All. He's special. You'll see. Then just keep visiting us :) We're here, and therefore we are. Or something.

Henry the Dog said...

I can't believe that my two favourite bloggers have already commented - the absolutely LOVELY funny Diane and the simply gorgeous, witty, eloquent Braja. I'm now going to check out Anne's rants. To get the blog list on, just go into your dashboard, then click on layout, then Add a Gadget - it should come up there Blog List, press the + button and off you go - then you can choose where to place it by clicking and holding and dragging it where you want it when it gets back to the Layout section. Phew! If a dog can do it, you can:)

Stinking Billy said...

virgin, are you sure you want to be addressed thus? You are going to have to release some other moniker, otherwise? I can't remember the last time I talked to a grown-up virgin but that is by-the-by, more relevant is that fact that I am maybe not too far away from you - in Seahouses, in fact. If nobody else steps up to the plate to tell you about links, let me know. Even I know that much. Welcome aboard! x

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Well, you could knock me down with a feather - That some (if not all, I kid you not) of the best Bloggers in Blogland have commented on my blog!

Bless you all, I did not expect this warmth and other-worldliness, thank you. You will spur me on to grow in self-importance...and work to improve, improve...

Er, not sure if that's really the purpose of blogging there - To grow in self-importance and increase one's megalomania, but if it works!

I am Fhina by the way, so I need no longer be the sole 'virgin' in Billy's hareem, or harem!

I love Henry, and I think his was the first blog I found and loved, he is a sweetie; so funny and so technically gifted for such a small chap - So, thank you most kindly for the tips, Henry, I shall try again later today, once I've actually bothered my bones to get dressed.

I'm currently in a recumbent, even interesting, Victorian chaise longue type of pose on the sofa in all that passes for jim-jams! Did you need that mental picture?

Ann, I did try acupuncture, (as I am very open to all things alternative), from a reputable person, who came highly recommended, and I did not have the sciatica until after I saw him - I know that's not everyone's experience of the respected eastern art, however, it was mine - So I retreated briefly into a quasi painkiller and anti-inflammatory addiction, which has now passed, thankfully.

So should I change the name to Le Malade Imaginaire (The Hypochondriac), a la Moliere, do you think, rather than my Wildean monicker?!

Seriously, I just must have had a poor me, poor me day there! I will try to be more entertaining, I pwomise!

Thank you so much for the technical tips - I shall endeavour to progress and improve, and learn from all of you, for you are wonderful!

Bless you, thankyou,

Fhina x

mouse (aka kimy) said...

welcome to the blogosphere!! and best with awoni!!

look forward to getting to know you and visiting your neck of the woods!

High Desert Diva said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...glad you did! I've enjoyed reading through your posts. Welcome to blogging!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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