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Monday, 23 March 2009

Spring Board!

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A propos of nothing, I thought I might post something today on the things (6 - One third of the Number of the Beast!) that make me go zing about the season of spring...

We had a lovely entree to spring last week - Azure blue skies, fluffy white clouds, perfumes of blossom on the breeze and the annual appearance of wondrous lambs. This was elbowed mercilessly out of the way on Sunday with winds that threatened to carry off me wig, and squally rainstorms... Such is spring, c'est la vie, oop here in't north!

(Except it's mainly the Yorkshire lot that say 'oop' and do away with some vowel sounds, so instead of saying 'Up in the north', they might say, 'Oop in't north'... So there.... At least I'm being honest, but I do write this patter that passes for a blog, so tant pis, as they say in the Weatherby Whaler!

1. Spring lambs Pictures, Images and Photos Lovely, Leggy Lambs: I love their little calls and bleats, and how playful and full of the joys of spring they appear to be. Seeing them play King of the Castle, when they run up and leap from little hummocks of grass, or onto and off the backs of their mothers, gives me immense joy, which I cannot be apologetic about.

The OH and I take regular forays out into the countryside at this time of year, when I am not hampered by my healing time, and our journeys are regularly punctuated by me exclaiming with joy at seeing their tiny white forms huddled together in twos and threes in a distant field... I especially like to see baby black sheep, which are not as common in the fields hereabouts...

'Black Sheep of the Family' - That's supposed to be a bit of an insult, isn't it? Not to me, it's not.

2. I just typed in to Photobucket, the term, 'Cherry blossom', and the site's response said something about them being totally agin anything that might have sexual content... Eh?

Have they taken leave of their spring senses? Okay then, Spring Blossom!

spring blossom Pictures, Images and Photos

Those little shoots of life, where there have been only dry and spindly, brown, lifeless branches, can fill me with joy. Signs of life. A portent of earth's pleasures to come later in the year, when the gardens go mad in early summer... And the fact that the spring blossom is then cascaded on gentle breezes down onto ever-grey British pavements, and looks for all the world like confetti thrown at blushful brides and primping grooms...

Yes, I am a bit of a romantic, and a little soppy. Yes, I have been known to cry at sentimental films, soppy news articles, love where you least expect it, and public spectacles... Shoot me now!

3. \"Spring Breezes\" 24x24 Pictures, Images and Photos

The quality of light in spring-time: I appreciate that the mornings, when I wake up are lighter... Much of the year, when it is dark, I have a tendency to hibernate... To want to wallow in my warm pit longer than absolutely necessary for wellbeing; Curled with bell, book and candle, well 'kay not always the bell!

When it dawns earlier, and when thin, tender fingers of spring-filtered, dappled light reach through my bedroom window, softly to stroke my cheek and ruffle my pineappled head, I feel as if I can face the day...

4. My dream Pictures, Images and Photos

Getting nyekkid... (Way to boost the readership, Fhina! - Chortle...)

Seriously, just being able to cast off some of the winter clothing, the layers and the rigmarole, leaves me feeling lighter and more in touch with the world... I never go sky-clad***, nor am I of the generation that thinks less is more, when it comes to what you wear; Those who might bravely expose pale, interesting midriffs, and 'Tango-tanned' flesh, but I do like to have bare arms, so you can feel the ripply breezes blow across the little hairs...

I don't like wearing tights much either, so baring my legs to the light is more pleasurable to me than being shod in 40 Denier Black Opaque Wolford Tights for half the year...

5. Lindisfarne Pictures, Images and Photos

The possibility of doing more outdoors... I get cabin-fever, stir-crazy, whatever it is that they call it... And I feel the call of the wild, the lure of the great outdoors, and I want to walk along a breezy beach, paddling my feet in the lapping waves, or dipping my toes in a chilly moorland stream, fresh from the Cheviots. People are wont to look at me like a loon if I attempt this outside of a British summer, but you can just about get away with it on a warm spring day, or so I've found...

6. And finally the fact that, as so many of you said yesterday, this is the season of renewal, of earth's boundless possibilities, and of affirming that we are still alive and still filled with some promise yet to come...

I want to wish you full of the joys of spring, and I am thankful for that opportunity...

Spring Goddess Pictures, Images and Photos

***Sky-clad: The Goddess Wiki told me, " In Wicca-based Neopaganism, skyclad is used to refer to ritual nudity. Many Wiccan groups perform some or all of their rituals skyclad". Believe that, and you'll believe anything!


jinksy said...

Skyclad sounds poetic - but hardly an option suited to English weather! Loved the cherry /apple blossom pics, though especially the one with the blue sky background.

Diane said...

You make spring sound so heavenly... which it is, of course :). You know I love the lambs and there have been several born on the farm near Ryan's school. If they're ever close to the fence, I'll stop to take pictures in the morning. And it will soon be cherry blossom time in DC, which is gorgeous! We go up to see them, so you'll see photos on my blog soon!

blognut said...

'this is the season of renewal, of earth's boundless possibilities, and of affirming that we are still alive and still filled with some promise yet to come...'

Exactly what I needed to hear today. Exactly.

You are a gift, Lady Fhi. xo

Henry the Dog's Mum said...

Oh Spring. I LOVE it. Love it...love it...thank you for this post. Spring is always full of hope. Dont' you think? Yes, the nights are getting lighter and morning is coming sooner. And the blossom. It's fantabulous. And the Weatherby Whaler - YOU KNOW IT??? It reminds me of light nights when UHugh and I would jump in the car and go for fish & chips because it's the type of food that I suddenly find myself craving. I do miss some bits of the UK. xxx

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Spring time this year has been a long time coming Winter has seemed so long so the Godess has been especially welcome. And skyclad? would have to be a lot warmer for me to try it,LOL.


Michelle said...

I always thought how cool it would be to go running naked in the heat of the summer. And what that has to do with your post is anybody's guess dear Fhina!!!

I love SPRING TIME! Its so great. And i love lambs. No way would i ever eat lamb. UGH!!!!

Being outdoors in the spring time in NYC is amazing. Everything comes to life and its teeming with people and tourists and food and drink and love!

Ok, have a great day love!!!

carma said...

Lots of mention of nudity in this post - I'm corrupted ;-) kidding! I can't wait to show my blindingly white legs to the world again. Just not sure the world is ready :D

lakeviewer said...

Yes, let the light and warmth and colors return to the world. Let nakedness prevail. Shed, shed, shed it all. Vive la nature.

Jay said...

The people who run Photobucket are inscrutable. I've had images deleted because they 'contravene the terms of service' and I can't see how or why. I really hate the thing, but it's the best of the photo hosting sites that I've found so far and I have so much up there it would be a mammoth undertaking to move it.

Love the lambs, and the blossom, and the picture you have for number 5 - it's gorgeous!

sallymandy said...

Lovely words and images. Thanks! Yesterday we had snow, today we had rain and wind, so I'm happy to read about your spring knowing ours is on the way. We DO have crocus popping up. Yippee!

The lambs are wonderful.

Rob-bear said...

Love the spring. But right now, we're waist-deep in snow, at least in some places on our property, and just had some freezing rain last night.

The first sign of spiring here isn't lambing (not many sheep kept in these parts). No, the first sign of spring is crocuses pushing their way through the snow. But I love your description of the lambs and their play.

Anonymous said...

Love the lambs! And I quote, "Yes, I am a bit of a romantic, and a little soppy. Yes, I have been known to cry at sentimental films, soppy news articles, love where you least expect it, and public spectacles... Shoot me now"

Me too :)! This is why I love your blog!

French Fancy said...

Lovely pics of the lambs, Fhina. I saw a herd of cows running along in a field the other day and in the midst of them all were two small calves. It was really an *ahhh* moment.

My favourite season has arrived at last.

when do you go back to w**k?

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

My hubby always says that in the Springtime I run around like a dog putting about its scent. Such a charmer! I do love it though and get a bit over excited, never had the urge to run nyekkied though - too bloody British m'thinks. My fave time of year. Thanks for the lovely blog. xxx

A Woman Of No Importance said...

La jinksy: Skyclad does indeed sound poetic - but hardly an option suited to English weather, jinks! We can but hope that global warming will encourage our skins to be less blue with the cold - Only joking, x

Diane: It is a season full of nature;s promise, non? Lambs are worth stopping the car for and peering over wire fences, definitely! I shall ver much look forward to your cherry blossom time photos, Diane xox

Bloggus Nuttus: I am so pleased to have been able to touch lovely you, Bloggus, with a few 'flung-out' words... I could get very used to a title, fair Lady BN! xxx

Henry the Dog's Mum: Glad you enjoyed your little time spent here, HTDM - It's always a pleasure to welcome you, and to watch all your efforts just to enjoy life! Now, the Weatherby Whaler is of course renowned to all who frequent the A1 for a variety of Black and White Football Matches, so although I have never actually tasted its wonderful Fish & Chips, I certainly feel as if I have! I wondered if you would get that inference, Madame! xox

Margaret's Ramblings: You can ramble over here any time, Margaret! I know Winter has seemed such a long one, so it is a blessing to be welcoming all the signs of Spring once more, n'est-ce pas? x

Michelle: Hiya chumlette! I used to have a boyfriend long ago when I was first at College, who was all for folk casting aside all our inhibitions and going naked in the street, well parks and gardens! I was so much of a prim little thing that he terrified me! I wonder occasionally how my life might have been different if I had ended up with The Pot-holer! You've set me to rambling now! You make NYC sound absolutely splendid in the Spring...thank you! Delicious. Love, xox

carma: I find a little fake tan on the blindingly white pins goes a long way - Then again, I really don't care if people think I am made of goose-flesh - It's just nice to be in touch with the elements again! LOL.

lakeviewer: I can see that you are fond of embracing your frivolous side, LV... thank you! x

Jay: Photobucket is really odd, and I've seen some images on the site which are truly unacceptable, so I am with you on how peculiar some things are there. I am interested that you find it the best of the photo-hosting sites, as it's the only one I seem to be able to upload from to here - Thank you for that guide, Jay.

sallymandy: I know - It's all 'Four Seasons In One Day' at the mo' - Mad March, eh, even with no hares to be seen yet! x

Rob-bear: Hello Mr Bear! You are waist-deep in snow? Incroyable! I think our first signs are also the crocii, with the snowdrops coming slightly before - do you have snowdrops? Lambs are later here too, but our farmers have always said the lambs bring the winds. I think they're right!

The Things We Carried: Thank you, Meredith, for always making me feel a little calmer about my madder tendencies - You are such an influence, so calm and tranquil...Madame... xx

French Fancy: I just saw some tiny, tiny calves at the weekend - Beautiful - They are so calm and curious, cows - We have some English Longhorns, the oldest variety of domesticated cows, here. Such long horns (typically) and they are also so lovely to watch, FF. I think I shall be back at the W*** word within 2 weeks... Gulp... xxx

Reasons: I do that too - My OH is used to my shrieks now, and knows that we go 'hunting' for lambs at this time of year - I think he likes it as much as me, and doesn't eat quite as much lamb as he once did, thankfully! xxx

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Bee said...

Spring makes me feel all fizzy, too. I was in London yesterday, and the blossoms were falling like fairy snow in the Marylebone Church yard.

You have the most charming voice, F.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Bee, thank you for your kindness to me - It is very much appreciated, from one who is as lovely and as talented as you... The thought of fairy snow is just enchanting.

Anonymous said...

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