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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

American Beauty...

American Beauty Pictures, Images and Photos

I hope you might enjoy this snippet, mes bloggy chums, for I am at the 'orspital today, having me liver scanned for signs of anything that oughtn't to be there, before (somewhat reluctantly) returning to work tomorrow...

I adore the haunting, mystical quality of Antony and the Johnsons' rare music. They are on tour in Britain shortly, and I have missed the chance of a ticket, because I was afraid to book it only to not be able to go because of my back issues at the time... This happened to me last year and I wasted a small sum of money on a beloved artist that I was unable to go to see, sadly... John Smith, in fact, I spoke of him earlier on in my witterings... He's playing Glastonbury this year, so hopefully greater recognition lies around the corner for that guitar man...

And, here is dahlink Antony, for your delight and delectation... Enjoy every bitter-sweet moment, mes petits petals de rose, and know that you love and are loved... I hope you like the music. A toute a l'heure mes amours fous...

...Antony and the Johnsons is a Mercury Prize-winning music act from New York City. Born in Chichester in England in 1971, Antony Hegarty moved with his family to Amsterdam in 1977 for a year, before settling in San Jose, California in 1981. As a teenager he was influenced by British synth pop of the time – particularly emotive singers like Marc Almond,
Marc001 Pictures, Images and Photos

Alison Moyet Alison Pictures, Images and Photos
and Boy George.

boy george Pictures, Images and Photos

His musical style also appears to borrow heavily from folk artists of the mid 20th century, such as Lou Reed, and The Velvet Underground.

Antony and the Johnsons' musical style has been described as Dark Cabaret, and Antony has been known to perform on stage in total darkness... The band's 2005 album, I Am a Bird Now, won the UK's prestigious Mercury Prize and was called Album of the Year by Mojo magazine.

antony and the johnsons -- a and the j Pictures, Images and Photos

In his song, The Lake, Antony used elements from the 1827 version of The Lake by Edgar Allan Poe, here are the lyrics...

In youth's spring, it was my lot
To haunt of the wide earth a spot
The which I could not love the less
So lovely was the loneliness
Of a wild lake, with black rock bound
And the tall trees that towered around

But when the night had thrown her pall
Upon that spot as upon all
And the wind would pass me by
In its stilly melody

My infant spirit would awake
To the terror of the lone lake
My infant spirit would awake
To the terror of the lone lake

Yet that terror was not fright
But a tremulous delight
And a feeling undefined
Springing from a darkened mind
Death was in that poisoned wave
And in its gulf a fitting grave
For him who thence could solace bring
To his dark imagining
Whose wildering thought could even make
An Eden of that dim lake

But when the night had thrown her pall
Upon that spot as upon all
And the wind would pass me by
In its stilly melody

My infant spirit would awake
To the terror of the lone lake
My infant spirit would awake
To the terror of the lake

Springing from a darkened mind
So lovely was the loneliness
In youth's spring, it was my lot
In its stilly melody
An Eden of that dim lake
An Eden of that dim lake
Lone, lone, lonely...

Antony & The Johnsons Pictures, Images and Photos

Please click to enlarge the picture if you cannot see Antony, who flirts with androgynous beauty and breaks hearts with his moving voice... Sometimes Blogger has the habit of gobbling up me photies!

"I'm a human being," Hegarty says. "I was born out of the earth, made of the same stuff as the rest of the earth, as those things you mentioned, like water and sunlight and elements and dust, mountains. ... Obviously, it's a poetic flight of fancy in a way, but at the same time, it's very much grounded in reality."

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Belle said...

Beautiful. I had never heard of him before...

Aleksandra said...

Dearest Fhina good luck at the hospital,it is just to make your mund at ease,it will be all right,stay well my friend and come back to us with your and only your way of comunicating,love everithing about you,you wild rose!See ya,hugz and love from Sandra

Derrick said...

Hello Fhina,

I had not heard of this gentleman either! I love the melody. His voice adds a haunting quality but I would also like to hear it sung differently - just to see. I must read Poe's poem.

Hope all goes well for today and tomorrow.

kapgaf said...

I hope that your liver is fine and that the worst thing about your hospital trip was the boredom!

You can hardly be considered a woman of no importance and you are definitely a woman of impeccable taste in music : Alison Moyet was a favourite of mine in the 80s and I discovered Antony singing If It Be Your Will on the wonderful I'm Your Man DVD (which even if you don't particularly like Leonard Cohen, is excellent).

In the wonderful world of coincidences, I came across an old cassette of Alison Moyet while tidying the other day and had myself a little nostalgia time ! Just call me the aged p.

blognut said...

Ooh! I like this, and I hadn't heard of Antony until now. I have to admit that I was a Boy George fan in my day, as well. Just don't tell anyone... ok?

Be well, Fhina. I hope your liver has no wicked stowaways hanging around it, and good luck on your first day back to the working world.

Love to you, Lady Fhina! xo

French Fancy said...

Hope everything went all right at the hosp today F. Fingers crossed. (I've mentioned you in my latest post btw)

Greener Bangalore said...

Good one !!!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Belle Belle: Glad you liked Antony, hon'...

Aleksandra: Bless you, Sandra, for your beauty and loveliness! I have found out that I need to do some work on my liver, so that is okay - nothing really serious... I hope you are looking after yourself, my friend! x

Derrick: Bless you, Derrick, and thank you for your good wishes for my return to work - I really must find my security pass!

kapgaf: Nothing too serious it turns out, thank you, kapgaf, I just need to eat less and exercise more! Being a rural outpost, I was in like Flynn and out before my husband had finished reading an article in the New Scientist! I am definitely very fond of Alf as I once knew her, and Marc and George too - I think I am A Woman Drawn to Torch Songs! I have seen Antony singing If It Be Your Will - although I have yet to see the full show - I do have a big soft spot for Leonard..., particularly Suzanne and Chelsea Hotel... We call my pa-in-law the aged p, and he used to teach the dinosaurs, so I shall not regard you as that, not at all! x

Darling Bloggus Nuttus: There is nothing wrong with a penchant for the Boy George, BN, even 'though he is now sitting in a gaol cell, the poor thing... I always thought he had the most fabulous voice, and could be so much greater than he allows himself to be...

Glad you liked a wee taste of Antony... My liver has no stowaways, thankfully, but I do need to focus on doing more and eating less... Bless you for your loving wishes, dear BN, and I wish you the world xxx

French Fancy: What a fine post, FF! And if I'm still around in 30 years, can I please have the Tiffany glass tile??! It was so interesting what you said about needing a month in the museum to see everything - There just isn't enough time in the world to do all that we would do, is there, FF? x

Greener Bangalore: Namaste.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

this is very weird Fhi...as I am a HUGe antony FAn..and have just been talking at lunch with my mate from newcastle...I got the brochure on saturday called them to find its a sell out..I am gutted and my mate tells me it was on the website...duh...I'm so sad about that...and hpoing to get the new album on saturday, he was on ross' show on friday nite, just watched it on iplayer...lovely, melodious, melancholic and yet hopeful....(larry tells me he's too depressing, l think not)

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

..and he is of course mercurial!

Lisa said...

oh god i hope your liver is ok- i have been having liver issues myself recently- i wll be interested to hear how you get on xx

Artist Unplugged said...

Pray that all did turn out well and that your liver is lovely!!!! I do hope you smiled for the camera! Interesting and enlightening post...take care and always - thanks for your always kind words that you leave me.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! He reminds me a bit of Nick Cave. Nice to see 1/2 of you!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Fat, frumpy and fifty: Strange co-incidence, non - And I had written this before he was at Wossy's on Friday... I had so wanted to see him, and learned he would be here back in January - I am a friend on his Myspace - It would have been lovely to have met you there, non?! And had a lovely glass of wine there at The Sage? I don't have any of his albums - as I tend to listen online to his stuff - He was lovely on Wossy - very shy... As for depressing, tell Larry you're taking up with Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen for a rest! I find Antony's stuff beautiful and edgy, not depressing at all... I need to look up mercurial, as I'm not certain what that means, but know it could never be applied to moi! Hope you're good, Saz? Love xxooxx

Lisa: I shall blog about it, dahlink, if that helps you too? I hope things go v. well for you x and hugs...

Artist Unplugged: You are always welcome, my dahlink... I certainly joked with the nurse for the camera - I find it hard not to!
I love your blog, AU, and your life's beauty x Oh, and Apollo and the animules too! x

Dedene: My legs have always been my best asset, dahlink! Nick Cave is a beast, isn't he... Much of his delights also plucked from Nick Drake en effet, je crois... x

Anonymous said...

Never heard of Antony - will definitely have to listen to him.

Alison Moyet, Culture Club? Ah - good memories!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

ladyfi: Bless you, sweetie - Takes us all back a little, non?! x

Michelle said...


I love this one by Antony!!! I play it for my sister but I want you to know that I play it for you too!!!!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

Fhi, shall I burn you some of Antony cd's?

lakeviewer said...

My goodness, you need to take care of yourself. Now, music, of the nature that makes you swoon, will do wonder for your other parts; but, the liver is a cruel organ, needs what it needs and doesn't forget it. Good luck. Follow the diet. And Dance!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Michelle, I am proud to be your honorary sister, hon' - I would have had the granny that did the reverse of GI Brides during Wartime, and therefore married an Englishman and moved to England, not the other way around! Love you for this and everything you do! x

Saz: That would be tremendous, and yet a bigger part of me says - no - I need to pay money for the songs, rather than putting you to the trouble... You are a lovely treasure, tho' to offer! Hope to see you soon, even if we don't get to see Antony... Love and light, Fhi x

Jan said...

Good luck at the hospital sweetie - I had hospital yesterday - hit a set back . Occ health today - lookin good need to blog and will later
Take care

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Jan, do take care! x

kapgaf said...

Oh, your liver is allright, goroo, goroo !

Millennium Housewife said...

Ah liver complaints and boy george, hope it all turns out ok MHx

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Kapgaf: I need to lose weight and the doc thinks it can be reversed, so... No more choccie! Yikes!

Milennium Housewife: Hi, welcome! Are the two connected - Surely we should be told?! x

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Rosaria: Sorry to miss you there, you must have sneaked in while I was napping - Yes, I need to eat less and definitely exercise more... As I have been pretty inactive since wrecking my back - Vicious circle really, and now the liver is playing its hidden card...

I am wondering about the power of Milk Thistle to help too - Perhaps - That and drinking more water, and scoffing less things with additives in them - More raw food, apparently... I'll have to speak to Raw Cool, Michelle in NYC! Thanks for your loving concerns, Rosaria x

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

What have you been up to? I turn my back for 5 minutes...! You are going to be fine, I feel it in my bones and I'm a witch you know.

Raw food eh? Do you have a juicer? Fab for the liver, now here's a little recipe I want you to try when you buy your juicer if you don't already have one...

1 carrot
1 stick celery
1 betroot
1 apple
1 pear

juice and drink straight away. No buts!

It's quite nice and makes you feel faaaabuuulous. Lots of rest please, tell them to turn the music low and report back. I will be waiting.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

I too love this music, which Son introduced me to some time ago. Very haunting voice.
I do hope you are Ok after your Hospital trip?
M xx

Diane said...

As I say, better than a college course!!

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, back at work. I hope your first day is stellar! xo

carma said...

Oh, no! Sorry to hear about your hospital visit; right on the heels of having to go back to work. Hoping everything will be ok.
Please take care of yourself. Your health is No. 1...will be thinking of you...

Ann's Rants said...

Fhina, Get rest and Bring good news of your liver. Okay?

American Beauty--What a film.

I've heard Antony with Rufus Wainright and on the Leonard Cohen CD. If its the same Antony--not playing now because we just got the boys down for the night.

xo and love your new fancy shmancy blog!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I had never heard of Anthony Hegarty before. Beautiful lyrics. I wish you good health.

Chairman Bill said...

Hope all goes well.

Did you know that Marc Almond (or Bert Scraggs, as he was known) is a Southport boy?

Clippy Mat said...

hey thanks for the intro to something new and interesting. i was concerned but i have read your comments re your liver and it seems like you have things under control. good for you. glad it is something that can be taken care of.
now go do it.
drink that beetroot stuff. it sounds bad enough to be good for you.

kapgaf said...

Hope your first day back at work went well and that you were able to ease into things - nothing worse than a back-log when you're not feeling 100% !

Protege said...

I love all the artist; this takes me back in time when Alison had a hit with "Invisible". On the picture you post she really lost some weight, as I remember her much heavier.;))
I am sorry about your visit to the hospital; hope it is nothing serious.:(

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Reasons: I like it that you are my Neighbourhood Witch, Reasons, when I'm not busy being one! I do have a juicer and I am definitely going to be trying that recipe - Defo! Thank you so much! x

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong: Things went well enough, dahlink and I must return for more tests in 3 months, by which time I shall be lighter and fitter (I live in hope!) xx

Diane: Thankyou darling Diane! That you are thinking of me means such a lot! xxooxx

carma: C'est la vie, non! And I am so grateful that you are thinking of me, too! x

Ann's Rants: I shall, I shall, my precious Ann! x

Elizabeth Bradley: Thank you - Glad you liked it! Thank you for your good wishes...

Chairman Bill: I didn't know that, Sir, not at all! Bert Scraggs indeed!

Clipstress: Thank you for reading through all my wibbling - I shall get this under control, as the symptoms are fully reversible, so - It's up to me and I just have to do things sensibly - Thank you so for stopping by! And I once blogged about hating beetroot, so it serves me right, eh?! x

kapgaf: I am here now, precious - It's lunchtime, so typing away on a new/old keyboard, like a terror! Nowhere near clearing the e-mails, as you say! x

French Fancy said...

Are you back at work today (Wed)? If so then I hope it went okay. I should imagine half the day was spent reassuring colleagues that you were fine. Maybe you can do reduced hours at first?

Selchie said...

Thank you for this, love love Antony and the Johnson's)) Hope your recovering and resting.)

Suldog said...

Not my cup of tea, but to each his (or her!) own, of course. Hope you get to see everyone you want to see. I skipped a few in earlier days and wish I had seen them now :-(

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

What a beautiful and haunting voice he has. Thank you for sharing his video with us, and may your 'liver' be healthy and strong!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Z: Alf is looking much better these days, it is true - After she left her kitchen at home, stopped going to the Fish Shop, and started to work again, once her children were older - She said this on something I saw her on recently - She has always been such an unassuming star - A superb singer. Hope you're well x

French Fancy: Back at work today, m'darling yes. I did spend quite a bit of today getting hugs and kisses, admittedly! x

Selchie: Resting now, sort of, thank you!

Suldog: Chacun a son gout admittedly, dear Sir! I do have broad and catholic tastes, but my heart lies in rock and roll, at least today! I would have loved to get to Glastonbury this year, as old as I am, as it seems to be the festival for some of my favourite artistes this year - Amazingly, for such a muddy campsite!

Every Photo Tells A Story: Helloooo! Bless you, EPTAS!

La Belette Rouge said...

I hope they find nothing in your liver and that you are feeling much better.

I loved Alison Moyet, Marc Almond and Boy George. Thanks for introducing me to Antony and the Johnsons'. Hauntingly poetic.

Anonymous said...
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