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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Fat, frumpy & fifty...

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I am throwing my dummy (pacifier for my US visitors...) out of my pram!

I set up Statcounter some time ago, and am just beginning to understand that whole 'key word' razzmatazz... (Fhina can be a little slow, 'tis twue! But who's counting?!)

So what was my most recent key word search via Google, that brought an unsuspecting citoyen du monde and her woozle to chez Fhina?

"What would a fat middle aged frumpy woman wear to a nice wedding when invited as a guest?"


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I despair. I really do... I'm going home, in fact...

Hang on, I am home... Groannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn........................................ :{( (Don't mention the Dali-esque moustache! Touchy subject...)

fat and frumpy Pictures, Images and Photos

With tender apologies to my Sister of the West, Saz at Very not Fat, frumpy and fifty, for borrowing her blog title.

Mwah, dahlink...

Saz was the Sunday Roast subject at David McMahon's Authorblog recently - Please go and say hello, if you haven't already... Do it while Fhina is sulking over keywords...

It's the best time, I promise...

A toute a l'heure mes petits lapins du paradis xxx

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kapgaf said...

Chère SFI.

At least the person wasn't looking for sex !
Now stop sulking, turn up your mouth corners and dance a little as we all should every day.

Bonne dimanche.

jinksy said...

Has that moggy ever looked in a mirror?

Derrick said...

I think I'm a bit lost Fhina, what was the word?? Love the cat. We all have days like that!

Protege said...

Hehe, Fhina, not too worry, if it is any consolation, it is most likely because you have the word "woman" in your blog title.;))
I get constant visitors who are searching for "life" and "work" and "pleasure", those words on their own or in combination.;))
Hope your Sunday is lovely nevertheless.;))

Hit 40 said...

The statcounter sounds fun!!

The gadget that creeps me out is the one that pops up where you live on their site. I just am trying to hide!!!

♥ Braja said...


Whitemist said...

I usually follow links from other bloggers I read. I started to read other bloggers cause they were in my area and so I started blogging. Aimless at first, but now with a couple of purposes. I followed the links to comments in these other blogs and found others who were interesting and you are the latest of people I find interesting and encouraging to read.
Of course, i could get all kinds of people looking at my blog without me knowing it, I have not put in a counter.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Well if the search turned up Fat Middle Age woman..I can see why..LOL! I can see a blooming porn site coming soon and read that plus sizes are making a comeback in mags. Go figure..no pun intended!

Thanks for entering our giveaway...I have my fingers crossed!!

blognut said...

Lol! Fhina, it's SO not you! Blame Saz!

Love the cat photo, it looks nice and comfy. I wish I fit on the arm of the chair like that.

Love to you,

Lori ann said...

Hi there! thank you for the laugh this sunday morning! what was the word? and how do you check the google stats? I have a counter/meter thing but I'm not sure how to read it so I pretty much ignore it.
Is that your cat??
♥ lori

Artist Unplugged said...

Hey there! I don't have any stats on my site at all. That's a pretty relaxed cat. I've been on the down low for a couple of days. Hope you are great!

carma said...

Yikes!!! Don't let Analytics ruin your day - sometimes its best not to overanalyze ;-)
off to practice my stick dressing!

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Hmmmmm big breaths, yeth and I'm only sixthteen. Sorry, bit loopy today. xxx

Michelle said...

I like the word riff-raff!

That would be me!!


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't know how to read a stat counter if I had one. Comfy cat!

CJ xx

lizspin said...

I'm quite sure they came to my blog after yours, because you couldn't answer their question . . .

Diane said...

I think they got to you because you're brilliant, classy, and full of wonderful advice... and you would definitely be able to solve many, many problems, including what a fat, frumpy woman should wear to a wedding!

Feel better? XOXO

lakeviewer said...

I may not get the reference, but I am still rolling with laughter.

Woman in a Window said...

I've never bothered with the keyword searches. I'm afraid I'd be too aware, curbing what I write and all. Just let it be, I say, and see who comes to see.

Anonymous said...

I'm always amused to see what the key search words are for people finding their way to my blog. They are always a bit mystifying!

At the moment, hundreds of people are coming to me to find out more about onions! Yes - onions! Mind-boggling, isn't it?

Merisi said...

You make me want to learn how to find out about key search words (I guess I get a lot of "Beginners" *smile*)!

I know how to get to "referrals" on my stats (thanks to Steph of "Incurable Insomniac" - who made me aware that this is a nice way to meet visitors!), that's how I found you and got this wonderfully uplifting morning boost (yes, the spread-out cat notwithstanding - she looks so comfortable!).

Thank you! :-)

And wear something slinky! :-)

A Woman Of No Importance said...

kapgaf: I know, I know - I need to be grateful for small mercies - I almost wrote nursies there, blame the drugs! But I am dancing! Or jittering, one or the other - Too much coffee and diet coke today methinks! Salut, mon amie! x

jinksy: The moggie has a house like mine, la jinks, where all the mirrors are hung at neck height, and there are no full length miroirs anywhere to be seen in! x

Derrick: Sorry to be obtuse, Derrick - The keywords were that full sentence, What would a fat and frumpy woman wear to a wedding - I think this would be from when I did the wedding post - but I really don't understand the statcounter thing, I was just curious - and I like to see where my readers come from across the world - And there's a map with sort of pinpoints in it, which I find fascinating - I think I'm going all anoraky in my dotage!

Protege: Thank you, treasure! My Sunday was sunny - there are no better Sundays, non - I hope you have a wonderful week, Z! xox

Hit 40: I like finding out where people are across the world - but I promise I don't do any cyber stalking, or drilling down of the stats! x

♥ Braja: Sorry to confuse, hon' - The words were What would a fat and frumpy woman wear to a wedding - Hell, I might even have been googling myself! Love and light xox

Whitemist: Thank you so for finding me - and I love whitemist as a name - lovely, ethereal... I just got curious about how others use such things as statcounter, but I'm very bad at using such stuff and being able to understand it :)

Alicia @ boylerpf: Porn! Yikes!

blognut: I love the cat too - Comfy and like a big fur rug! Love to you always, Bloggus! xox

Lori ann: With statcounter you can look at certain sections which enable you to see what Google searches have brought others to your site - And mine showed, "What would a fat and frumpy woman wear to a wedding..." or words to that effect - It's my own fault, I know! ;) Not my pussy-cat, sorry, but he/she is a real peach, non?!

Artist Unplugged: That cat has been getting some R & R, which is probably what you need if you've been feeling low, AU - I am so sorry to hear that, darling... Love and best wishes-style hugs! x

carma: I only look at the map thingie, which I like and the general things - To be honest, I don't know how it works, so I just get curious about what are on others' sites - But I know how nothing works, Carma, except for stick-dressing, my darling! ;)

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3: Breathe deeply, precious Reasons! :) xxx

Michelle: You are no riff-raff, dahling - You are my hoi polloi! xox

Crystal Jigsaw: I am only learning about things, CJ - a little something new each day - Trial and error, all the way! x

lizspin: You make me laugh, dahling Liz! Merci mille. x

Diane: ...And you, Diane, can talk the hind legs off donkeys! Perhaps I should start a monthly Agony Column - "Ask Auntie Fhina" - What think you, dahling?! xox

lakeviewer: Glad I made you laugh dear Rosaria!

Woman in a Window: I know what you mean - but I am ignorant of how things work, and the only thing that curbs my writing rambles is the fear of being slapped by someone in my family, which looms ever closer! x

ladyfi: You see, ladyfi, you are so clever that someone has obviously thought, 'That ladyfi certainly knows her onions!' Do you think? x

Merisi: It is all for fun, n'est-ce pas, my bloggy chum? :) How did you get referrals - I am honestly still so naive and ignorant about the whole shebang? Bless you for finding me, and oui, le chat est adorable, non?! I have got my nightie on, so not slinky, but fat-cat-comfy! x

sallymandy said...

Stat counters...I just got one, too. Still trying to figure it out. Have not had your problem though some kind of porn site from Japan commented once (in Japanese). You're always so funny, Fhina. Mwah. I like that word. xo

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