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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Garbo and Great Expectations...

Greta Garbo Pictures, Images and Photos

I never said, 'I want to be alone.' I only said, 'I want to be left alone.' There is all the difference.

I have recently completed a fun, quick quiz that was signposted just the other day by the deliciously funny, Comedy Goddess

She had found it here at Quizilla...

The idea of the quizlette being that you find out which 1930's actress you could have been... Simples, non? And I came closest to being like the biggest actress of the Silent Era, lovely Greta Garbo... Quelle surprise, non?!

Well you all know, mes bloggy chums, just how star-struck your dahlink Fhina can be, n'est-ce pas? And, would you believe, I once took part in an exercise at work -- You know that 'Creeping Death' kind of thing, where you share with colleagues one thing about yourself that they might not know? You can imagine, mes paramours, that with Fhina being so gobby, there remains little about me that even the nice old man who sells fruit at the stall 'daan the markit' does not know...

On this occasion, however, the idea was to share a dream career path that we would have trodden, were it not for the good old British Civil Service that has gobbled us up like a spider eating a pesky fly... And can you guess, mes dahlinks, what bold Fhina's answer would have been?!

Great Expectations Pictures, Images and Photos

Mais oui, certainement, I would have wanted to be a great actress... Not just any actress. Hell, no!

A great actress, a diva -- Not necessarily nasty in a Mommie Dearest kind of way, but definitely a star in the cinema firmament. Just like Greta in fact... Then later, I might have been able to say, tearfully, "I vant to be alone..."

Some of you might remember me from my origins here in Hollyblogland... Back in January, I arrived here with mes bruised and battered Louis Vuitton bagages, just like the divine Joan Collins, while awaiting surgery on my back... Eventually, I underwent virtually the same op that David Tennant, the outgoing BBC Dr Who, has had in fact... Except he was back on stage at The National playing Hamlet almost as quickly as you can say Jack Lemmon... ...But not jumping around, or lifting anything of course... Not even 'Alas poor Yorick's' skull, as it turned out.

Grandfather Clock $125.00 Pictures, Images and Photos

Et alors, the time has come, the Grandfather Clock has struck the Witching Hour, and Wiki Goddess help me, I am going to attempt a return to work next week -- Without which, I do fear I shall become very like a modern-day Miss Havisham, all musty cobwebs, rotten cake and skreeking rats in my coiffure...

Miss Havisham Pictures, Images and Photos

But you know me, non? The dim light on the virtual horizon is that I have found the very bag, specially created for me in my new role... Voila! And do you like it, mes bloggy parentheses?

miss havisham bag project Pictures, Images and Photos

Have you met Miss Havisham? She is a wealthy spinster in Charles Dickens' novel, Great Expectations. She lives in her ruined mansion with her adopted daughter, Estella, while she herself is described as looking like "the witch of the place".

La Wiki has been doing my homework for me again - Shame! "Miss Havisham is a contradictory character in literature and in the context of her time. Unlike most unmarried women of the era, her wealth gives her tremendous power, which she uses to coax others to do her bidding and to advance her aims, yet she allows her disappointment at being stood up at the altar to ruin her life. She lays waste to her estate, symbolic of herself, and tries to spread her cynicism and malaise to everyone she touches. She is manic (...oui, it could be me after all!) and often seems insane (ca, c'est vrai!), flitting around her house in a faded wedding dress (tick), keeping a decaying feast on her table (tick), and surrounding herself with clocks stopped at twenty minutes to nine (almost, but not quite...).

I shall bleat a little more tomorrow like a new born lamb, if that is all right with you, mes ewes? I feel a little migraine coming on, and a darkened room is beckoning... There is a black velvet chaise longue to languish upon, the oak blinds are drawn on all the blistering windows, and I vant to be alone... A demain, mes bon-bons... Quick kiss? Mwah!

Greta Garbo Pictures, Images and Photos


Protege said...

How interesting to hear about your secret dreams.;) And to resemble the cool Swedish beauty as well, not so bad at all.;) If I took the quiz I would probably get a much less flattering result.:P
I have never in my life wanted to be an actress; the idea of standing on a stage or have to act out scenes in front of camera terrifies me.;)
I could have imagined, once long time ago, to become a fashion model.;) Just to be acknowledge as a classic beauty. Hmm, shows how shallow I am (was?).
Today, I am just happy to be me.;)

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Oh you diva darling! I've done the little questionaire but the pooter seems to be having a little trouble figuring me out....go figure! The suspense is killing me, simply killing me (hand on brow). Speaking of actORs I have just watched Boy Rugby playing Pontious Pilot in the school assembly. M'thinks he has the makings of the next David Tenant. Me bias? Rose tinted?

Oh it's given up. I will try again later. Maybe I'm just the understudy - sob ;-) xxxxxx

Dumdad said...

I'm Joan Crawford!

"Darling you are a star! Born to soak up the limelight, you live to be the center of attention in everything--social situations alike--and especially at parties. Like Paris Hilton, only with class, you love to shop, party, drink, smoke, and enjoy the finer things in life. You are a BAD girl to the extreme and enjoy life's intimate moments on a regular basis. You're fiesty, and more than likely when your temper is at it's pinnacle, most people would feel much safer knowing they're at least 100 or so kilometers from your current location. If you feel someone has messed with you, may God have mercy on them...and although you don't necessarily hold grudges, your personal belief is "Don't get mad, get even." But underneath your more sinister traits you do have a good heart and would do anything in the world for your true friends."

It could have been worse: I could have been Thora Hird.

Anonymous said...

I always knew you were a star!

But wait.. are you calling me a mutton?

Lola said...

How wonderful that you are La Divina! I will run off now and take that very quiz, will report back as... let's see if Quizilla can figure out my secret dream personality! Ciao dahlink

Lola said...

...Claudette Colbert! Ciao

Carolina said...

You are beautiful. And so talented.
I tried to take the little quiz but since my knowledge about thirties movies and actors is very limited, I got stuck. But hey, I've already established that I'm Doris Day. Quite happy with that.

Derrick said...

Hi Fhina,

No-one could doubt your star status, Fhina but 'silent', surely there's a mistake there??!! :0)

I also did this little quiz the other day, just to please CG, who wanted all her gentlemen callers to get in touch with their female side! I'm Joan Crawford too! And so were several more of the participants! Does that say anything about we bloggers, CG, or the limitations of the quiz?? A toute a l'heure, Cherie!

Ribbon said...

You are a very beautiful star!

Sorry to hear that they are dragging you back to coal mine and not onto the stage where you belong.
I hope that all is well with your back.
I was not aware that you had been unwell.

take care & best wishes Ribbon

PS I'm gonna do the quiz too

Michelle said...

Joan Crawford here too:

Darling you are a star! Born to soak up the limelight, you live to be the center of attention in everything--social situations alike--and especially at parties. Like Paris Hilton, only with class, you love to shop, party, drink, smoke, and enjoy the finer things in life. You are a BAD girl to the extreme and enjoy life's intimate moments on a regular basis. You're fiesty, and more than likely when your temper is at it's pinnacle, most people would feel much safer knowing they're at least 100 or so kilometers from your current location. If you feel someone has messed with you, may God have mercy on them...and although you don't necessarily hold grudges, your personal belief is "Don't get mad, get even." But underneath your more sinister traits you do have a good heart and would do anything in the world for your true friends.

Fhina your beautiful soul and I love ya!!!

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. I do love Great and I love how people are misquoted. One word can make all the difference in the world, no?
I am a huge fan of all things Dickens and "Great Expectations" is one of my favourites. I love Pip!! Pooe boy, wonder what he thought when he walked into that ancient wedding reception and saw her sitting there amonst her crumbling molded wedding cake.
Did I mention that I love this post???

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Lisa said...

the images are divine- the beauty of woman- sigh...

lizspin said...

I'm a Garbo too!!!! I sincerely hope I'm not a Miss Havisham!

I left an award for you over at my blog. Go grab it!!!

Heather said...

Good luck returning to work - I don't want to see you turn into Miss Havisham. Interesting? Yes. Creepy as hell? Even more so. Don't waste away in your home, darling Fhina... go forth and conquer. :)

blognut said...

Of course you are Greta Garbo! No one is more beautiful than either of you. Who better?

Retire to your darkened chamber and nurse your headache away as quickly as possible. The blogworld just isn't the same without you in it, Lady Fhina.

Love to you,

Diane said...

I did this yesterday (I'd avoided it for ages, for fear they'd say I was Jimmy Cagney or someone like that ;)... I'm Greta Garbo too!!

Feel better, darling Fhina... XO

Suldog said...

As Diane did for a while, I'm avoiding it. I couldn't handle it if it said I was Katherine Hepburn...

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Z: I know - and I have only stood on stage and never acted - I think I would in all reality be awful, but on the whim, having to make a quick decision, that's what came into my head... Interesting - And I think I would see you as Scarlett O'Hara - Vivien Leigh, but well without the madness, Z, or a fashion model, as you say. Such grace you have! x

Reasons: You can tell I can be a diva, non?! I had computer difficulties, as you can tell, because the bits about Garbo from Quizilla never made it actually on to my blog! And it's taken me an age to get on here this morning... Grrr! Just as you're saying about Rugby Boy and Pontius Pilate, I saw Grizz in something years ago, and he acted the other kids off the stage - Biased, moi? But it doesn't look as if he is that way inclined, except he is a drummer, and they've always been deeply performance oriented, non - Think Keith Moon! Scary! xxx

Dumdad: "Mommie, dearest!" Do you think that is like you, Sir? I could see you as Richard Burton, or even John Malkovich, with his love of France, but never, ever Dame Thora!

ladyfi: Bless you, treasure! And I would never call ewe mutton, you Swedish sex-kitten, lamb-chop you! x

Lola: Oooh, Claudette Colbert - Such a beauty, such an actress! Being that you're in Italy, it could have been Gina Lollobridgida or La Sophia, non? xx

Carolina: You are so kind, my fragile Dutch tulip petal! I think you have to be old like me to know about thirties movies and actors! And I think Doris Day is just fabulous! x

Derrick: I saw you over there at Comedy Goddess's Derrick, thank you for going through it again with me! And no, I do not do 'silent' that well -- My husband threatens to get a big elastic band for my muzzle sometimes. Chortle... I think all the little quizzies are probably limited, as you say, but fun, nonetheless - as are you! x

Ribbon: I kno, I know - Work! Still, all the world's a stage, as they say! My back is heaps better, thank you, and I think I've just got to keep improving over the next six months or so, really... x

Michelle: I could see you more as Sandra Bullock, precious! Not bad enough to be La Crawford - That was my mother's maiden name you know, Joan Crawford! Funny, non? And did the actress run, I want to know?! Bless you warmly, hon' xox

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff: Very interesting, non? I love Pip too, and that David Lean film had such a big impact on me when I was little - I love Joe's wife in the book, clamping the loaf of bread to her bosom and cutting off huge tranches for the children! Bless you for loving my post, dahlink! x

Lisa: Merci mille!

lizspin: Bless you for your kindness, Liz - I am sooo proud to be mentioned by you, and a Trainwreck - I could be no less! And you're a Garbo too - It's karma/carma that we met! And I think there's only room for one Miss Havisham, et c'est moi! Aren't you relieved! xxx

Heather: I know that I would not really turn into her, I've enjoyed myself here too much for that! x

Bloggus Beautiful Nuttus: You little Bloggus Treasure, you! I didn't really have a headache although I had drank some wine! It was just a Diva thing to act out! BN, you and Diane are my role models in terms of women who are powerful and wonderful, and who seem to manage to juggle everything, including full time jobs and families, while still blogging like the geniuses that you are - I just hope I can be more like you! oxoxox

Diane: Jimmy Cagney, as if - And another Garbo - We are twins/triplets, defo! xxooxx

Suldog: I could definitely see you as Charlton Heston, Sir, or Jack Palance - rugged, manly, straight-talking!

presious said...

Very nice post. Somehow, though I never met you, I am not surprised at the outcome at all. :) Just by your writings, you seem quite theatrical. Love your accent which goes very well with your persona :)

French Fancy said...

I was Claudette Colbert but I'm not even sure who she is. As for being an actress, I've worked at a well known London theatre for quite a long time and some of these well known actors and actresses are very dull when nobody writes their words for them. I sometimes think beauty stops a lot of people from developing a personality.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Presious: Theatrical, I think you mean a luvvie, dahlink! Might be so... Thank you for your lovelinesses, P! x

FF: Claudette was a rare beauty - I am sure she was French, but made the transition to Hollywood very successfully - Just like you, FF, and your segue to la France!

I know what you are saying about acting - as if people are empty vessels, only to be filled by the playwright's words - How interesting that you worked in theatre... And I think you are so right, that many people cease to work hard when they have their beauty to open all the doors in life... x

Artist Unplugged said...

Wow, I'm GG too! That was fun. I've done a bit of acting, there's an audition Saturday that I'm interested in but this may not be the right time....wah, wah, wah! You are quite the performer in each and every post.....we are your loyal audience!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

AU: So interesting that you are GG too! And you've acted - I am fashinated! Get yourself to that audition - Your creative urges overflow from your pages and drawings, AU! Bless you, and good luck! x

A Woman Of No Importance said...

"fascinated" What is going on in my rambling head au jourd'hui?!

carma said...

Back to work? Say it isn't so. How are you going to find time for blogging :-( Hope your day goes better than expected :-)
I have many hidden dreams too; yet yesterday I found myself stuffing envelopes for hours!! Can you say "brain rot" ;-)
Take Care!

carma said...

p.s. that is a great looking bag!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I'm convinced that my oldest daughter is a reborn Jean Harlow. She's bawdy like Jean, resembles Jean, and has had eerie dreams about a glamorous former Hollywood style life.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Carma: It was indeed Miss Havisham's bag - Spooky non? And yes I have no idea how I will find the time to blog and read blogs, but I will, come hell or high water... I'll just have to stop doing other things, like sleeping, as I've already given up ironing and dusting for the duration! Stuffing envelopes? I once had a job in Barclaycard HQ's post room - I can stuff envelopes and sort them like a pro!

Elizabeth B: Now Jean Harlow, she was an interesting glamour-puss - Perhaps you should put your dear daughter on the stage, Mrs Bradley?!

lakeviewer said...

I know too many stars' secrets to appreciate this game. Fhina, you and your back find many ways to pull us all out of our shells, select new costumes, masks and dialogue; you are directing a grand "teatro del'arte", where we may choose the parts we play in our lifetime.

All the world is a stage...and all that jazz.


kapgaf said...

I have lurked here from time to time but now that we are more intimate, incognito is a thing of the past.

Moreover, I am Katherine Hepburn and, apart from the sports, it's absolutely spot on (tee hee)!

Wot larks, Woman old chap, wot larks !

lettuce said...

that is a fabulous bag!

Comedy Goddess said...

How fun!

I love that first picture of Greta!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck, Greta - oops, Fhina! - on your return to work!

Anonymous said...

Hey, look, Fhina! I actually got my comment posted (I used a different browser)! Yay! You can expect to hear a lot more from me now!


♥ Braja said...

i don't have the strength to do the quiz, but i do look like the 4th photo ;))))

A Woman Of No Importance said...

lakeviewer: I could live forever in your grand "teatro del'arte", where we may choose the parts we play in our lifetime..., LV, and you could be our great auteur and director, mon tresor!

kapgaf: Welcome wild and wonderful knitting kapgaf! You intrigue me so, after your fine debut chez The Chairman - You were andd are fantastic - Get blogging, dahlink, please - No bullying intended! x

Lettuce: A is it spring green leaves time deja, fair Lettuce?

Comedy Goddess: Thank you for allowing me to borrow your Quiz, dahlink CG - It has sparked me up for Greta, among other things! x

pinklea: Merci ma fille! I am glad the bloggy gremlins let you in - You will always have a very warm welcome here, Pink dahlink! x

♥ Braja: Sweetheart, it is always mon plaisir to see your beautiful heart and soul. May you continue to heal like the star that you are, darling B... And I have seen your photo now via your sacred site, and fair Gwyneth Paltrow as Estella has nothing on gorgeous ol' you! Nothing! xxx

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