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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Rhyme and Reason for the Woman...

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Many warm thank-yous are escaping my quivering lips for the love, wisdom, bold sharing and sweet little questions that you kindly left for me yesterday, mes petits pamplemousses...

I have been back in the office again today, and felt slightly less daunted by the work that is awaiting my deft touch, and grain de folie... ...That is, at least until demain, morgen, tomoz!

Yesterday, I was a cheeky bism and asked some of you to pose questions to me, to enable me to climb to the dizzy bint heights of Number 100 of my Bloggy Doo-Dahs, in celebration of my 100th Year, er posting, here in Beautiful, Bright, Bountiful Blogland...

First up is darling Jinksy from the sweet and musically poetic, Napple Notes... Jinksy is such a wild one, and asked:

"What is the first thing you notice about anyone? Assuming you've never met them before, of course; Next time, does this one thing change? Ok - guess that's cheating, as it's two questions...or could you take it as two halves of the same one?!"

My response would differ if it were a man or a woman I were meeting, in actual fact... No sexism intended, but I find that a minority of men are only interested in a pretty face... And I haven't one... Fhina could never be described as easy on the eye! This bugs me no end, but it also enables me to work out who is interested in me and what contribution I have to make, as opposed to the cut of my jib, if that makes sense... So with some men, I wait to see whether they'll look me in the eye, or if they just look just about everywhere else in a room, avoiding my intense gaze... (I am told I give good body language!)

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The second time we meet, I work out if anything has changed with how they regard me... Have I made an impression for all the right reasons, for example... Are they looking at me and actually listening?

If you are a man who appears interested me as a person, rather than as a potential mate, then I'll first of all notice your hands... Long, creative fingers are a giveaway, to the delights that lie beneath... Mind, my husband's hands look as if he is carrying bananas, so there's no backstory there!

And I am a real goner for friends of both sexes with a wicked sense of humour... TEETH Pictures, Images and Photos If we click on that dimension, you'll see me laugh like a loon, exposing my typically British toothful over-bite, and hiding my mouth with my hand... I almost wrote moth there, but I don't want you to think that I go everywhere in life armed with a suitcaseful of moths... I know you think me eccentric enough as it is...

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With women, I notice their eyes, which I feel really are the windows to the soul - Who said that? I also notice their demeanour,and again, do they hold my gaze, or is their mind on other things...

That's just the physical manifestation and first impression, of course; What I really watch out for is strength of character in women - A sense of humour, their warm personality - All at the same time...3D_me Pictures, Images and Photos

Next up to the platform is the bold and beautiful Ladyfi. Beautifully entitled, On A Quirky Quest with Ladyfi, she is resident in Sweden, and so full of wisdom, common-sense and wonder. Ladyfi put this beauty to me:

"A question from me to you...mmm... If you planted your dreams, what would you hope would grow?"

Goodness me, such a tricky one, ladyfi! I think of all things I could wish for, I would request that my son would be happy in his life... I would not wish his life troubled with tragedy... I want the best for him, whatever he feels that is... I do not impose my dreams upon him, but I know that having a halfway decent career can help you towards enjoying some of the good things in life, so I try to encourage him to work as hard as his intellect allows, but we try never to harrass him to do so... And he is also prone to the terminally lazy, like his smelly old mum, so I can only hope, and continue to plant those seedlings, non?!

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Next up to the gallow's pole is kapgaf - What a name, n'est-ce pas?! Kapgaf - no I don't know what it means either, writes like a clever angel that has fallen to earth, full of fun, but she has no blog, she just flits about making wise and wonderful comments, elsewhere, and particularly on Chairman Bill's blog... She is spoon-feeding us her talent in sparkling dribs and drabs, it appears...

Kapgaf said: Ma chère Femme Sans Importance,

"What is the best thing that writing a blog has given you?"

Blogging has given me confidence, and that has been a tremendous thing, because when I first came here I was shrouded in self-doubt and self-pity, and I found love which I did not come looking for... It is so true, I found real, lasting, honourable and fun-filled love and warmth from friends, whom I never expected to encounter.

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...And I am just so grateful for that each and every day I come here to read and to write, and to sit and to swoon before such talent, beauty and loveliness. Honestly.

And, I can't say it often enough, mes bloggy chums - Merci, Thank you, Danke schoen, Gracias and Grazie... More tomorrow, mes dahlinks, bis bald!

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Anonymous said...

I love your answers! I totally agree about looking at a person's eyes - and they must have a sense of humour - preferably, two!

I'm celebrating 200 posts since I started my blog in Aug 2008, but don't worry - am not even trying to write 10 about myself. Just a post that I hope will amuse...

Have fun at work!

Butler and Bagman said...

The first thing I notice is a kind of undefinable aura, maybe it comes from the eyes, but more than that...energy? chemistry? vibrations? passion? vitality? I sometimes play a game in airports, waiting in the terminal, just watching people walk by and saying to myself -- she has it, he has it, she doesn't, he does, she does -- kind of like checking batteries with a voltmeter.

♥ Braja said...

I LOVE that dog's overbite...made my day :) Love your post...as usual.

Derrick said...

More little insights of La Fhina!

As a male, I suppose, on first acquaintance, I'm shallow enough to look for physical attractiveness in another. But I do try to see the real person beneath and that is what will cement any friendship.

kapgaf said...

Chère Femme Sans Importance,

You are so right that how people react to us is one of the first things we notice.

Confidence is essential and love is always in unexpected places and rarely where we seek it - what wonderful gifts blogging has given you.

One day, all will be revealed about my name.

jinksy said...

They eyes do it for me, so I loved those two bright parrots eyeing each other up! xxx

Hit 40 said...

100 posts!!! Congratulations!!!! Cute pics and words today. I like sitting across from a person when we talk so I can see their eyes. I agree the eyes say a lot.

blognut said...

You are like a beautiful rose unveiling yourself to us one petal at a time, Fhina!

(And getting even more beautiful as you go along!)

Love to you,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 100th! Lovely thoughts about how you see the world.

Michelle said...

Once again a beauty of a post!!!

And I know you are beautiful too!!!! YOU ARE!!!

I feel it. Your eyes and your heart and your soul!!!

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

I have thunked and thunked Fhina, here is a question for you if you have the time. "What is the most important lesson you have learned in your life?" but if that's too hard I have another "Red or white wine for the party?"

I am wearing my heart with pride, thank you o much. x

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

orry my 's' key i playing up!

Anonymous said...

I really do agree about blogging giving confidence, it's a wonderful door which opens up to opportunties we thought were just dreams.

Enjoyed this post very much.

CJ xx

Artist Unplugged said...

What wonderful answers....agree with the eyes and the wit. Have a good day, hope work is kind to you!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

ladyfi: Thank you darling ladyfi! Two senses of humour, now that's real treasure!

200 posts - Wow-ee! Congratulations on that - and your posts always amuse, interest and entertain - Always!

Butler and Bagman: ...a kind of undefinable aura, maybe it comes from the eyes, but more than that...energy? chemistry? vibrations? passion? vitality? That is so interesting, Sird! I would wish to have that, and yet I think your volmeter would pass me by sans notice... I do enjoy people-watching, 'though! x - That's for Bagman by the way!

♥ Braja: Love the dog's overbite too - Very me, non! Love to you sweetness xx

Derrick: True Sir!

kapgaf: Ma Chère Madame... I shall look forward to that day, kapgaf - I find it awfully tricky to type too! x

La jinksy: Thank you, jinksy - The parrots are very bright, non! x

Hit 40: Merci mille! And you are so right -- The eyes have it!

Treasured blognut: A rose, and you can be my prickly thorn and my most precious petals, Bloggus Nuttus - As my younger sister, making me apple pie beds for laughs! You are so lovely xxooxx

Dedene: Merci, bold Dedene!

Michelle: And you have no question for me, my precious New York sistah? I hope you are good and well, my darling! xxx

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3: I love it - ...thunked and thunked! I shall answer those questions tomoz, no probs, my sweet Jo! Thank you dahlink, and I am so pleased you like your shared heart! x

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3: I had the same probs with the f key the other day - Wot larks!

Crystal Jigsaw: Helloo neighbour! Bless you for coming over and commenting so kindly! xx

Artist Unplugged: Thank you - I am a little sore, but still standing strong! x

Jewels said...

Congrats on your 100th post!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Thankyou, sweet Jewels!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
presious said...

I also feel I am not easy on the eyes. My grandmother once told me, beauty is in the heart of a person, not in the outward appearance. Unfortunately, society, anywhere, puts way too much stock in ones appearance. We are all beautiful in our own ways.

I like what you said about a woman's eyes. I think they tell a lot about a woman. Most of us, women, do have our minds on other things. We carry a lot more on our shoulders than we think. We are probably multi-tasking a great deal as well on one level or another...doesn't matter the lifestyle. That seems to be what women do....interesting.

By the way, are you able to read Ed's post? THat is so cool that he sent it like that!

Suldog said...

As always, you display a great amount of soul. Good stuff.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Presious: 'We are all beautiful in our own ways'. That thought is sooo true to my heart... and everything else that you say, that is so wise and so precious, Presious...

And as for Ed, I can't read the script, but I can tell the cut of his jib ;) xx

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Bless you, soulful Suldog! x

Maternal Tales said...

Darling Fhina I have been out of town for a few days and am struggling to keep up with all your posts. So just a quickie before I hit the sack - congrats on reaching 100 not out (or more now). I salute you x

A Woman Of No Importance said...

MatTA, sorry I do post like a demon - My son says I'm addicted, obsessed - I claim not to be, but must try cold turkey eventually, at least to take a summer holiday! ;) x

lakeviewer said...

Congratulations, Fhina. And Ditto on all the accolades you have already received. You do entertain, surprise and motivate a whole lot of us.

Diane said...

I haven't heard 'cheeky bism' in SO long! I used to be called that all the time by my dad :)

Your answers were lovely, especially what you said about blogging. You know everything you feel about all of us, we feel about you 100-fold, right? XOXO

carma said...

I'm awaiting the answer to my tricky dicky question with bated breath ;-) (I kid!) I love your tongue in cheek writing. And, I hope that Grizz achieves all that you hope for and more!!

Anonymous said...

I agree about the hands of men and eyes!

Andrea said...

A wonderful post as usual...great images to accompany lovely words. Love the dog!! :)

lizspin said...

Jesus! Why didn't I think of a good and thought-provoking question????

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

BTW who is this ED that leaves strange foreign html links..weird huh??

so tell me how many days are you planning on putting in at work? Is it a gentle few hours here and there, l hope so!

FFF xx

Butler and Bagman said...

Bagman, responding to your question, requesting the hot fudge sauce, asks, "How would you like it served?" Mark and Butler are just standing back and enjoying your answers to the great questions above. The question I would ask is, by definition, unanswerable -- the question is, "Have you ever wanted to blog about something but dared not?" I suppose it could be answered with a simple "yes" or "no" but answering yes and then blogging about it would be, logically, impossible. So you don't need to answer.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

lakeviewer: Thank you very much, dear Rosaria... You are always very kind to me, and I return all of your favours to you one-thousand-fold x

Diane: I just like to bring you back to yourself occasionally, Diane! 'Bism' is such a lovely, descriptive word, non?! It deserves to be spread more widely!

And thank you for agreeing with me about blogging. This is a very loving space, and feels so safe, and wonderful to me... I feel so honoured to have met you and The Others! xxooxx

Carma: Would you believe that I was sitting at work, and I realised that I hadn't actually answered your question, and I think that was from my deep sub-conscious - Wild, non?! I shall get to your sweet question on Friday, I pwomise! And as for Grizz... sigh... x

The Things We Carried: :) x

Andrea: Thank you so... ~The dog is a darling!

lizspin: There's still time, sweet Liz, I get the impression I've still a way to go! xx

Saz: I have done 3 days this week, ma'am - I am okay with that - I am on hol today... And needed it really - Will try to do 4 days next week - Yikes! I miss you, I miss it here, I miss it all... And as for Ed, I think I may be sending Pippa and the lovely woozle pictured here to give him a Chinese Bite, never mind a Chinese Burn! xxooxx

Butler and Bagman: Now, don't tempt me, Sirs, you know I have the words 'Everywhere' on the tip of my tongue!

As for your question, I shall respond to it soon, I promise, and thank you for it - We do wonder about such things, non?! Do we put it all out there, or would we be terrified that our loved ones here would go running and screaming off into the Ether - Away from our madness, our darkness... You give me the impression you have reached such a sane space with all that - I warmly shake your hand, Sir, and as for Bagman, maybe I should offer to shake everything! x

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