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Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Ray LaMontagne Pictures, Images and Photos

Ray LaMontagne Concert Pictures, Images and Photos

I had never heard of Ray Lamontagne before Taylor Hicks sang a soul-and-heart-felt 'Trouble' on American Idol back in 2006...

I really 'got', I understood where Taylor was coming from as an artist, his musical vibe, his soulful riff... And who cared that he was prematurely grey-gray-haired, like Leno, and could dance like your uncle at a wedding, according to Scowl... (Simon Cowell of Syco - Never was a company better named! ;) I love him really, even the high-waisted troos and regimental loo-brush coiffure! )

I was pleased when Taylor won the competition, but I was concerned that he'd have to compromise his musical style as a result of the 'Hollywood Artiste Mincing Machine', which he sort of didn't, but then again he got dropped by his record company just last year ~ So, hey-ho...

But I was intrigued, who the hell was Ray Lamontagne?

Please listen to this, if you can find the time...

Here are the Crazy lyrics
Songwriters: Burton, Brian Joseph; Callaway, Thomas Decarlo; Reverberi, Gian Piero; Reverberi, Gianfranco;

I remember when, I remember
I remember when I lost my mind
There was something so pleasant about that place
Even your emotions have an echo in so much space

And when you're out there without care
Yeah, I was out of touch
But it wasn't because I didn't know enough
I just knew too much

Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?

And I hope that you are
Having the time of your life
But think twice
That's my only advice

Come on now, who do you
Who do you, who do you, who do you think you are?
Ha ha ha, bless your soul
You really think you're in control?

Well, I think you're crazy
I think you're crazy
I think you're crazy
Just like me

My heroes had the heart
To lose their lives out on a limb
And all I remember
Is thinking, I want to be like them

Ever since I was little
Ever since I was little
It looked like fun
And it's no coincidence that I've come
And I can die when I'm done

But maybe I'm crazy
Maybe you're crazy
Maybe we're crazy


This was Ray's version of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy (above), which I also adored.

But Ray's own singing and song-writing is something else -- Soulful, pained, soaringly beautiful, and I have just managed to procure one ticket to see him in Newcastle later in the year...

This will be the second time I have been to one of his concerts, and he has been touring almost relentlessly, building his audience, over the past few years...

Ray is still seen as something of an underdog in the music industry.

'Under The Radar', a little like Taylor Hicks' first album...

He is avoiding the music gurus' strong sway... To cut his hair, wear what they dictate, lose the beard, be more outgoing - less private... To be more commercial in fact...

Ray has been known to perform like a soulful angel, but to say nothing to the audience at all...

Why should we expect that of anyone? Their art should be enough to cover the price of our theatre ticket, in my oh-so humble opinion...

There may be some hope for lovely Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent after all...

Ray Lamontagne Pictures, Images and Photos


Chairman Bill said...

Is a mincing machine a gay robot?

Bee said...

LOVE his voice . . . even love the beard. I'm always up for a musician who follows his own muse. (I wonder if he is coming south? Must Google this. Thanks, F.)

Anonymous said...

Ray has got a lovely rough soulful voice!

blognut said...

I like this guy - he's got kind of a sexy raspy voice going on there, and soulful, to be sure.

And what a perfect song for today, as I was just seriously beginning to contemplate whether or not I'm crazy... and I think maybe I am... I'll have to get back to you on that.

Lovely song, Fhina. As lovely as you are, my friend. XXOO

jinksy said...

The world would be a much better place if everone 'saw' the inside of an artist - or indeed, anybody - before they saw the outside...

Gennasus said...

Thanks for this! I've been having a great time singing along.

Gnarls Barkley's version is a favourite of mine but Ray's comes a close second. He does have a fab voice and 'Trouble' is another favourite.

(Just off to play them again!)

The Dotterel said...

What a name - Gnarls. Sounds like a character from The Beano (but sings much better...)

Derrick said...

Hi Fhina,

Tom's voice reminds me of another guitar-playing chap but can't recall the name! I think I preferred the 'boppiness' of Gnarls version, seemed to flow a little more - but both interesting. Hope you enjoy the concert when it comes.

French Fancy said...

I love the Gnarls version - this one is okay though.

How are you faring being back at work? No aches and pains?

Maternal Tales said...

Love Ray LaMontagne. We have the cd in the car and my 4-year-old daughter loves singing it. She says 'Mummy, can we have that song where the man's saved by the woman?'. She thinks it's great (as do I)!

kapgaf said...

Hmmm, j'adoooooore sa voix !

Protege said...

I do like the Ray version; it is more mellow and contemplative. I have always liked the Gnarls Barkley version, as I just simply like the retro sound.;)
It was wonderful to hear another take on this song; I am always on a lookout for new interesting music.;))

Artist Unplugged said...

I like Ray's music! I like Taylor Hicks too, he's in 'Grease' right now! Hey, I have given you an award on my site you wild woman you!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoy Ray and I am a big Taylor Hicks fan. Make sure you check out his new CD, "The Distance" if you haven't already. He'll also be on AI on 4/29 singing a song from the CD.

Anonymous said...

Love Ray LaMontagne!! He is steadily building an audience, as you mentioned. Haven't got a chance to see him live yet, but I have every intention of doing it. Have you checked out his new stuff from "Gossip in the Grain"? It's really good too.

French Fancy said...

p.s. how come you've only got one ticket - doesn't hubby want to go. I've made mine come to the Killers and Springsteen in July!

Suldog said...

Love the lyric. I've felt like that, more often than not.

Chairman Bill said...

There's a touch of Michael MacDonald about him. Well, Michael MacDonald with a cold.

presious said...

He is very soulful. He is almost sad and lonely in his style and in some of his appearances. Love the message. I think most of us are "crazy"...very strong message. Makes you slow down and listen, almost makes you go into a zone.

I like it...:)

Chairman Bill said...

...or even McDonald.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

wow thanks Fhi!! I love the gnarls barklay track, but yes it is so Ray lamontaigne isnt it....now that you bring it to my attention!! love this one now too!!

alls well with you???

(hug) FFF x


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

oh and well done another POTD for you!!

Fff x

Vic said...

I just saw his performance on Saturday Night Live this weekend. He's such a talented man. I have two of his CDs, and we play them all the time. So much sadness in the man.

Michelle said...

I Love Ray LaMontagne i have his cd and listen to it quite frequently!!!


A Woman Of No Importance said...

Chairman Bill: Now mind!

Bee: Thank you sweet, Bee - He tours all over the place all the time, so he is sure to be coming near to you - Go see him, he will bring you close to tears, his music is so beautiful - I guarantee it! x

ladyfi: I like my little bit of rough... I probably shouldn't have said that, should I, ladyfi - The porn merchants, or Chinese Ed will be all over the place again...

blognut: Thankyou, treasure - He is very soulful, and I find that incredibly moving, I must admit... We are all crazy citizens of Blogworld, do you not think - Crazy and lovely with it - The best kind of mix for a blogger. You have a beautiful mind, oh Bloggus Nuttus! xxooxx

jinksy: You always have the right words for every situation, la jinks - Our mots du jour fly from your sweet lips like cherry blossom petals... Thank you.

Gennasus: :) I know, I love the GB version too - Always a favourite, but I do like Ray's take on it, and all his own songwriting is incredible. Trouble is my al time favourite - So moving x

The Dotterel: That's the band title - The two guys are called something like Mighty Mouse and A N Other... Very retro, very cool, non?! Very like the Beano! Hope you are bien, Sir.

Derrick: Thank you for being here and being so lovely, Derrick x

French Fancy: :) As for work, it is getting better to be there, and I'm far more mobile, my dear FF, I am trying to lose weight too, which should help... I am pleased I had the surgery, after all my wobbles! x

MatTa: I love it that we are brainwashing, er educating the younger generation - See how she fares with Stevie too! Love it! You are such a fine mother! x

kapgaf: C'est merveilleux, non, ma cherie?! x

Protege: I am pleased you liked my little shop window on the lovely Ray, dahlink, and I adored the Gnarls Barkley too - I keep meaning to buy the album, but it's been ages since I got to a record shop - How old do I sound?! And I feel even older when I go in to them, with the music blaring loud... Oh dearie me! xxx

Artist Unplugged: Darling AU, I am sorry you have been down, dear... I didn't know Taylor Hicks was in 'Grease' right now - How fabulous! And thank you for being such a good, good friend to me, AU - Thank you for making a difference each day in your family's lives and to those of us who stop by for a coffee-break! xxx

Anonymous: Helloooo Stranger! I am aiming to buy his CD when I go to see him - That's when I got hold of his second album too... I hope that means they get better loyalties when you buy directly from the artiste, but I just think I'm being deluded! ;)

itsallgrey: What a fab name! Could be made for Taylor Hicks! I haven't checked out his new stuff yet, no - but I shall do, probs via Youtube - he is such an overlooked star, non?!

French Fancy: Oui, I am going toute seule, my lovely FF! I really don't mind - I went to his last concert alone too and thoroughly enjoyed it, apart from having to elbow my way through the men at the bar! I don't expect us all to have the same taste in music, and we don't, so we sometimes go our own ways - Mostly we go together, 'though... We're off to see the Johnny Winter Band in York in May - All 3 of us - Should be fab! Springsteen is also a favourite of mine, though I never really got over him leaving his wife... x

Suldog: Big hugs, Sir Suldog x

Chairman Bill: Do you think it could be the Swine 'Flu, Chairman?! x

presious: True, precious presious - Very soulful, and he does kind of have an air of solitariness about him - but he does have a wife and around four children, I think, so he is far from alone - But we all of us are alone, even when we are in relationships, non - We all travel our paths in life alone - Oops, I'm getting too philosophical - because I'm tired out from work! I believe there's a lot of crazy about, and I'm proud to be considered a madwoman, in the best possible sense... x

Chairman Bill: Ee i, ee i, oh...

Fat, frumpy and fifty...: Glad to have you back, missus! Much love to you... xxx

Vic: Wow, he made it onto SNL - Fabulous! And there is such an air of melancholy about him, I think - Some say he cultivates it, but I think he must be a pretty good actor to do that all the time - He is just genuinely soulful, I feel... x

Michelle: Hello my treasured NYC Friend! Glad you are loving you some Ray occasionally too! Love to you - Lots of it! xxx

Whitemist said...

I have loved Ray for a while,but really like the song! Thanks for tyhe posting

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Ahhh...sorry I'm so behnd on my commenting Woman of Great Importance. It's been crazy around here but I do read :)
I love Ray Lamoge!!
And that Susan Boyle knocked my socks off!!! Honestly, couldn't you just listen to that lovely voice for hours. The look on Simon and Piers' face were priceless, no?
Just goes to show that you can't judge a book by it's cover, no??

Steady On
Reggie Girl

carma said...

I love that Crazy song. One of my faves. And I hope Susan stays true to herself and finds success.

French Fancy said...

Oh I remember the name Johnny Winter - I think I have some vinyl of him - he is the chap with the long whitish hair (I think). Good guitarist

Anonymous said...

Ray's the man. His music is wonderful. Have you listened to his album?

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Whitemist: You are welcome, dear Misty! x

Reggie Girl, bless you and thank you for keep dropping by - Don't worry if you can't comment - I can't do that as much as I'd like nowadays either - Work is sooo getting in the way - Take care, and steady on RG! x

carma: I know exactly what you mean, sweetie - Hope you are well and good! x

FF: He is indeed - Albino brother of Edgar Winter too - My OH adores them and I am going along to show support! x

Dedene: Not his latest album, D, not yet - but soon I think... x

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