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Monday, 4 May 2009

Si tu dois partir - Fairport Convention 1969

fairport convention Pictures, Images and Photos

If you've gotta go, go now, if not you must stay the night...

Sandy Denny Pictures, Images and Photos

...And who wouldn't have wanted to stay the night with the wondrous singer-songwriter, Sandy Denny, who is famous for hanging out with John Bonham, Nick Drake and Keith Moon, and who also sang on some of Led Zepplin's albums - Did you know that, mes musical fruits?!

Sandy died at the tender age of 31, and the usual riders apply to her early departure...

Her friend, and fabulous fellow vocalist, Linda Thompson, said of Sandy: "...they all knew how fantastic she was. Robert Plant was the loudest singer on the planet at the time, and Sandy could blow him off the stage. You'd have to hold on to the furniture when Sandy was singing. So these guys knew what a star she was. And like a lot of girls who are unhappy about the way they look, she became one of the boys".

Here are the lyrics to Fairport Convention's Si tu dois partir, (also Bob Dylan's - If you gotta go, go now, mais as the ethereal Joan Baez mentioned recently when we saw her in concert, '...but then, Bob Dylan has stolen a lot of songs...' So who knows, mes enfants du vanessa paradis...?!)

C'est pas que je te demande
Que faire que tu ne jamais fais
C'est seulement qu'il fait trop tard
Et il fait trop noir pour trouver la porte

...And it's too dark to find the door...

Mais si tu dois partir, va t'en
Mais si tu dois partir, va t'en
Si non, tu dois rester la nuit

fairport convention Pictures, Images and Photos

C'est pas que je te demande
De prendre part dans ce jeu
C'est seulement je n'ai pas de montre
Comme toujours faire le par contre

Mais si tu dois partir, va t'en
Mais si tu dois partir, va t'en
Si non, tu dois rester la nuit

Tu sais j'aurais des cauchemars
Et aussi mauvaise conscience
Si je t'empêche de faire
Ce que vraiment tu espère

Mais si tu dois partir, va t'en
Mais si tu dois partir, va t'en
Si non, tu dois rester la nuit

"Si Tu Dois Partir", (also named "Si Tu Dois Partir, Va T'En") is a French-language cover of Bob Dylan's "If You Gotta Go, Go Now". It is Fairport Convention's only charting single in the UK.

It may also be notable as having a percussion break involving wicker chairs and a renegade beer bottle. Did you hear it, my leetle bat-ears? Non?! Shame on you!

This was the band's only charting single, reaching number 21 and staying in the British Chart for nine weeks.

See this NYC graffiti? "Denny loves Sandy!" I love it...

Denny loves Sandy Pictures, Images and Photos

Here are Dylan's lyrics, if you want to check them out CLICKIE


Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Salut Fhina! Est-ce tu'a jamias entendu de "Spotify'"? You can listen but not download, practically anything. It's wonderful for reminiscing or finding things other people like. There are a few minor ads that are broadcast but very unobtrusive. Peut-etre c'est quelque chose interesent pour toi!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely french song to start off the day. I love Fairport Convention and I'd forgotten about them.

kapgaf said...

Chère FSI,

Tu me fends le coeur. Toute cette nostalgie.

I am an adolescent hippy in Cornwall once more! We listened to What we did on our Holidays and Babbacome Lee for hours on end. I wore an Indian bedspread cheesecloth wraparound skirt. Can you imagine ?

Merci et bises tout plein.

Ribbon said...

I was 8yrs old in 1969...

best wishes Ribbon

Michelle said...


I love that video!

Your so full of life and ideas! It is incredible m'lady!!

Protege said...

Always fun to come by your place and get a lesson in music and/or anything else in the universe.
Someone once told me that the most talented, unique artists are always taken away from this world to soon, as if they were too good for it.
Hope your Monday is lovely:)

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

LOVE IT!!!! Had no idea she sang with Zepplin.
I love the graffiti but that bus under it is fantastic lovely lady :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Artist Unplugged said...

What a walk down memory lane.

blognut said...

Wow. I had no idea what you were talking about, but I loved it. It's a good song for a Monday morning.

I was only 1 in '69, and not really up on music that didn't come from Romper Room, but I'm glad you're getting me all caught up now.

Have a lovely Monday, Lady Fhina. :)

Love to you,

Diane said...

I think Bloggus just cracked on your age, Fhina Darling ;)

And that is your new name... Fhina Darling Wiki. It has a nice ring to it, don't you think? ;) XO

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3: I shall look out for Spotify, thankyou my darling Jo! Shall it also help with Grizz's pimples? xxx

Dedene: They are easily overlooked, non? My OH adores Richard Thompson, and so we have seen quite a bit of him, and I came to Sandy via Led Zepplin's records, although I always loved this song, which a friend once put on a compilation tape for me when we were teenagers xx

kapgaf: I adore the thought of you hippying it about in exotic Cornwall, my lovely - An Indian bedspread cheesecloth wraparound skirt - Adorable! I had a lot of cheesecloth and batik printed clothes that saw me through my teens and the second or third revolution of hippies... So I can imagine, ma cherie - I even had an original Afghan coat that had been to Glastonbury on a number of occasions - Without me of course! xx

Ribbon: And I, my darling Ribbon, was but 6 years of age then... :) x

Michelle: Glad you liked it, sweetheart - Love to you today - Have a fab week, my darling! xxx

Protege: You are so right, Z, so right! And even through her episodes of leaving her baby on the bus or in the pub, Sandy was a beautiful talent... xox

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff: Don't quote me, darling Jo, but I think it was Led Zep IV... The bus is very cool, non?! xox

Artist Unplugged: Hiya sweetie - How are things with you? Sorry I haven't got around to doing your little lovely piece yet - but I will, I promise! Mwah! x

blognut: Ah, Bloggus, you cheeky bism! I know you look sooooo young in that lovely picture you so recently posted, however, as my younger sister, you only have 5 years on me, do you know! Five years, that is it! I was only 6 in '69, so yah boo sucks to you! I'm just a bit of an old soul when it comes to music, is all! (p.s. I still love your little curly head, and your stripey socks, even though you stole them from Diane's room! xox)

Diane: Thank you, sweetie! Honestly that banker-sister-girl needs taking in hand by us old 'ins, think you not, darling Diane?! The cheek of the bism! I love my new name, by the way, thank you for christening me! xox

drollgirl said...

oh i do not know anything about her except what i just read! now i want to know more! i wonder why she died so young. and to be able to blow robert plant off the stage back then is quite a feat. wah. i wish i knew her.

♥ Braja said...

I don't speak French...

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Drolly: She over imbibed over time, and actually ended up tumbling down some stairs, while her husband and daughter were out of town... Very sad, really, but her reknown is growing, shepherded by the love of her darling daghter, and the beautiful musicians, like Linda Thompson, who knew her. xx

Braja: That's why I put the CLICKIE in to the Bob Dylan lyrics, my darling B... I wasn't in any way attempting to be elitist with the French, but was just putting the lyrics to a lovely toon out there into the Ether and the lovely Universe - Kisses my darling, Heart-Braja! xxx

Maternal Tales said...

Hadn't heard of this - but mentioned it to hubby (who just so happens to be French and born in 1960) and he said 'wow - that brings back some memories'!! - So merci cherie (on his behalf)!! x

A Woman Of No Importance said...

MatTa: Always delighted, nay, 'ravi', to be of service to anyone's memories, sweet MatTa! x

lakeviewer said...

Oh Madame Fhina, you send us! (back..back to our youth...)

GingerB said...

It was Led Zeppelin IV, one of my first albums to get good and lost to . . . I found Richard Thompson through my punk rocker friends in my mid teens and have probably seen him 5-6 times. I love the old Fairport tunes on my Richard Thompson best of collection.

That was fun - thanks!

sallymandy said...

Cool! Had never heard of her. Since we're saying mwah and telling, I was the same age as Fhina that year. So sad she died young. It sounds quite awful. But I loved the song. Thanks, dear.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Rosaria: My pleasure, treasure!

GingerB: What a lovely name! My OH had all of LedZep's albums, I have to admit, and that's how I became acquainted with Ms Denny... But before that, unbeknownst, I had listened to this little tune, via a tape a friend had compiled for me, and her record collection is just legendary! Welcome along!

sallymandy: Glad you enjoyed it, as ever, sm - Merci! x

Phil said...

I believe Sandy fell downstairs at home (worse for drink after popping it with the lads it is said) there isn't a female singer to get close to Sandy.
No, not even the formidable Janis Joplin or Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin or whoever.
She was a songwriter as well as an accomplished singer whose range was formidable, and should could do it slow and gentle just as easily as loud (and better in my view)
She had a baby, too

Something I wrote earlier...

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