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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Son of Who?

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Son Of Dave Pictures, Images and Photos

Come on in, mes bloggy blues-bottles...

I love the music that this man plays so artfully.

I saw him perform on Jools Holland's BBC 2 show, and I was spell-bound, blown away at what he managed to draw out of the machines he works with...

This is Son of Dave...

La Wiki whispers in Fhina's shell-like...

"Benjamin Darvill (born January 4, 1967) is a Canadian musician and singer-songwriter. He was a member of folk rock band Crash Test Dummies in which he played harmonica, mandolin, guitar and percussion. Since 2000, he has been busy with his solo project Son of Dave, which has resulted in four albums.

Darvill was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He moved to London, England, in 1998 and lived there for several years. His 2000 album 01, recorded in London, combined "aged blues with techno beats and everything in between".

Reviewer Benoît Felten described it as "a mixture of modern R&B, hip-hop and electronics with an edge; it has a strong bluesy feeling".

His 2006 album 02 has been described as a mix of "cotton-pickin’ blues, vocalising beat-box, hard-breathing folk, steamy funk and even modern R&B".

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Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

I'm off to explore this one...new one on me...I shall ask Larry..he knows everything or that he's a know it all!! LOL

Hope you are still have a fab time..

FFF xx

Butler and Bagman said...

I watched this a couple of times trying to figure out how he manages to sing and blow simultaneously...but he pulls it off somehow. I love the blues.

Woman in a Window said...

Going to listen. I'm intrigued. Know of Crash Test Dummies but this one, how do I not know of him?

lizspin said...

Where do you find the time to spend with La Wiki and your music??? I'm best just making stuff up in my head. . .

blognut said...

Very cool!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, dear Fhina!

Love to you,

A Woman Of No Importance said...

FFF: Glad you liked it, Saz! As I said, I'd never heard of him before seeing him on Jools', and he blew me away, again! York was sweet and lovely, but very packed with peeps, 'tis true! The concert we went to see was incredible, and I discovered a new blues legend, Ian Siegal - Sounded like he'd come straight out of the Mississipi Delta, but hails from Essex! Wonderful! A blog for another day, methinks! All around York, I kept on writing things in my head - And not writing anything down, so it's all gone now - What are we like? I should have taken the golden notebook for that express purpose! xox

B&B: I think he is doing a recording of samples thing, which he builds up and up into the full song - Fabulous, non?!

WiW: I know, I think he is just building slow-burn style into something bigger - He's on tour at the moment - He's amazing, non?! As are you! x

Liz: Where do I find the time, my darling? All of this is rolling out of my head, like the floodgates have opened - I am a little afraid that to open my mind, will be like having a washing machine flood - It'll all flow out, and nothing will ever go back! x

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Bloggus, darling, I'll be over to see you soon! Mwah! Missed you already! Mwah! x

Derrick said...

Hi Fhina,

This isn't my kind of music but I agree the man has talent.

Yussuf (Cat) was on the Andrew Mar show this morning. I didn't reckon much to his song, I'm afraid - poor lyrics!

Protege said...

Have never heard about him; but I am at all times open to a new music experience. I have always loved blues. Have you ever heard of Kebmo? I think you might like him.;) Hope you are having a lovely weekend.;)

Jewels said...

My kind of bar!

shabby girl said...

I loved it! Wouldn't it be awesome to see him live in concert???

Anonymous said...

Oh yes - I remember the Crash Test Dummies!

Love that last image.

kapgaf said...

Ma chère FSI,

I had never heard of him and am now smitten. Un nouvel artiste à connaître. Merci.

Grosses bises

Lola said...

I will have to get these Son of Dave albums now. I was just listening to Crash Test Dummies today! "Mmm Mmm Mmm" came up randomely on my shuffle mode iPod earlier this afternoon. I never knew what happened to them after that hit album years ago.

Again, merci for the edutaining post, ma petite musicophile.

Au revoir,


Cynthia said...

Beautiful painting of the Son of Who-MAN? (as you call him) I couldn't play the youtube just now, I will have to come back and try again another time, Ms. Fhina...Love to you <3

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Derrick: I haven't listened to any of Yusuf's new stuff, I must admit... Sorry that the blues does not move your soul, Derrick, but you are so filled with love and light and music that there is possibly not so much room available any longer... x

Zee: I shall look out for Kebmo now you have mentioned it. You have such good taste, my darling. Always! x0x

Jewels: Yay girlie! x ;)

shabstress: Check him out, sweetheart and look out for those tour dates - He might be passing by you soon! xox

ladyfi: I honestly don't think that the last image is related to the artiste, it's just serendipity that I was able to find it! xox

kapgaf: I am always most grateful to you, ma cherie, for your great spirit and expanse of soul, that you can find room to let others in to your heart, my darling... xox

Lola: I didn't know Crash Test Dummies well but my OH did - I am glad to have been able to give you a little trinket of my love, Lola! xox

Cynthia: I think that image I found is really just a random one Cynthia, and isn't our love at all! I think he is channelling lots of characters and pieces of wonderful history n'est-ce pas?! xox

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