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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Six Word Saturday

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Knackered, naked...

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Timeless in my finery!

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Cynthia said...

Continue flaunting all of your naked knacknered-ness, Ms Fhina. Cute pics! <3

Whitemist said...

This was cute

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Cynthia: Bless you for dropping by, and I hope you've recovered from the sight of my morning hair, my dahlink! x

Whitemist: Thank you, sweetie! x

Vodka Mom said...

that was hysterical!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

And it is incredible dear darling VKMom that you were here while I was at yours, languishing over a whole bunch of posts! Sending you love and light xxx

Woman in a Window said...

HA! Those dogs are having FUN!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

WiW: They are so sweet, non?! I think they're whippets, and they're obviously exhausted after running, possibly a race, but probably from chasing cats! x

Maternal Tales said...

Lovely darling - just what I needed for a Saturday! Are you really naked!! How spelndid! x

lakeviewer said...

You know how to have fun! What cool dogs you got there; are they yours?

I know the goat is a special award. Am I right? You got to tell me when I'm right, or I'll stop guessing. I love to guess.

blognut said...

Where on earth did you get my picture?

Wishing you a lovely weekend, my dear!


Derrick said...

Fhina! I would have knocked first, if I had known!! I'm sure you are pretty tired after running around catching up with everyone. Plonk yourself down with a pick me up! Happy Saturday.

monica said...

Great 6 words. Cute dogs! Very funny

Stopping by from 6 word saturday blog.

Lindy said...

Those dogs are in the zone! And what on earth is that thing in the second picture - besides in need of a good orthodontist??

Happy SWS!

Angela Recada said...

Just found your blog through Lola's. Thanks for the laugh! I know I'll be back!


Call Me Cate said...

Husband asked what I want to do this afternoon, just as I opened this post. I pointed at the photo of doggies sprawled on the sofa. "That."

Thanks for playing.

drollgirl said...

bahahha!!! these are so great!

maybe i have something to flaunt after all?!??! HAHAHAHAH

love it!

hope you have a great weekend!

and please know i would be back for the award. you are way too nice to me. thank you!

Nora Johnson said...

Coincidentally, the phrase "if you've got it, flaunt it!" turns up in my post today too! (Though spoken by a rather different character from yours!!

Have a great w/end!


Melissa B. said...

Hmmmmmmm... That's quite an underbite, right?

a corgi said...

this was the cutest (so far) 6-word Saturday entries I have checked out; love the picture of the dogs on the couch; they look quite contnet

enjoy the day


kapgaf said...

Ma chère Boucle d'Or,

I have been away for a few days and you have been so busy in my absence, no wonder you are cream-crackered.

You wrote about one of my favourite men yesterday. I do not like football or footballers but Cantona is something else. The man is thoughtful, clever and does not take himself seriously (unusual for a Frenchman). He is an excellent actor - he put on several stones to play a fat man in a film called "L'outremangeur" ("The over-eater") - and I find his face far more interesting to look at than that of Brad Pitt.

Have a lovely Sunday.

Grosses bises

findingmywingsinlife said...

Fhina Dear, as always I enjoy reading your posts and because of that, I've given you something..come to me blog to see what I've left you!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Maternal Tales: My au naturel state is the closest I get to me - Frightening, non?! x

lakeviewer: No, darling Rosaria, these are not my woozles, but they are a wonderful breed of dog that I'm particularly fond of... As for the goat, or llama as award? I'm not sure, it came via Photobucket, as all my photies still do... Ciao bella x

Sweeet Blognut: We are such sisters, non?! We must have the same stylist too! Have a great week, my friend - Be strong! xox

Derrick: I thought you said you;d always knock, Derrick! Perhaps I need one of those bells that go off when the door opens! I love pick me ups, like Tiramisu, definitely! x

monica: Welcome friend!

Lindy: I think that toothsome sweetie is probably an alpaca! Welcome...

Angela Recada: Welcome in, Lola is such a wonderful soul... Any friend of Lola's is a friend of mine... Bless you for stopping by.

Call Me Cate: Thank you for creating SWS, Cate, and I'm glad I could offer you a space to be you this Saturday! So funny! x

Drollgirl: Get it out there, drollygirl! And you deserve every award, your blog is really fabulously fantastic all the time! I am often just stunned by it, and always curious about the wonderful art you choose to display... x

Nora Johnson: That's an amazing co-incidence, Nora J - You take care and have a great week! x

Melissa B: ;) x

a corgi: Are you one of the Queen's corgis, my pet?! Welcome along, Betty!

kapgaf: Cherie, you have been sincerely and severely missed too! Cantona is indeed something else, an old soul, I think... And his face speaks of such depths of consciousness and intelligence...passion, spirit - Formidable, non?! I shall look out for that film, thank you for recommending it... Have a great week, chere kapgaf! xox

findingmywingsinlife: Bless you, sweetheart, and I've also got something for you next week, just you see! You are so sweet and generous to me, thank you so... xox

carma said...

Awesome six word Saturday!! Are those goat's teeth for real. I've got an orthodontist he might want to see. There I go trying to make the goat go all "Hollywood" - shame on me for even suggesting the Susan Boyle treatment!! (BTW I think Susan is fabulous- as she was; people need to leave her alone and let her be her own quirky self)

carma said...

How did I manage to work Susan Boyle into this?

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Carma: You are so right - She is a fragile and vulnerable soul, with such beautyf!

And of course Susan Boyle is too... ;) x

Something I wrote earlier...

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