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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

No-One Knows...

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I make no apologies, mes Bloggy Tin-Whistles, for including another rare glimpse of the adorable nu-folksmith, John William Smith...

If you ever mosh-pitted to the Queens of the Stone Age's No-one Knows, then you'll recognise this lovely acoustic version of the song...

Mosh away, mes Mashed-get-Smasheds... I know you want to... Look, French Fancy is ligging it already, in spite of her poorly back...

I'm ever-hopeful of Mr Smith getting signed by a decent record label... It so happens, he's been supporting the divine David Gray in a couple of concerts taking place in England's forests, so keep your fingers crossed for him, please?

I might already have said that in another post - The One That Replaced The One That Blogger Ated - If so, soz, mes bloggy chums...

We get some rules to follow
That and this
These and those
No one knows

We get these pills to swallow
How they stick
In your throat
Tastes like gold

Oh, what you do to me
No one knows

And I realize you're mine
Indeed a fool of mine
And I realize you're mine
Indeed a fool of mine

I journey through the desert
Of the mind
With no hope
I found low

I drift along the ocean
Dead lifeboats in the sun
And come undone

Pleasantly caving in
I come undone

And I realize you're mine
Indeed a fool of mine
And I realize you're mine
Indeed a fool and mine

Heaven smiles above me
What a gift there below
But no one knows

A gift that you give to me
No one knows...

I am off to pastures new for a couple of weeks, mes bloggy loves... I shall love you and leave you, as we are all wont to do, n'est-ce pas...? My darling coz is back taking care of his dad, and I do know that what will pass, will pass while I am away... And I am very sad about that... They both will be ever in my thoughts.

In the meantime, in my place, chez moi, you will find images of exactly where I shall be sojourning over the German Sea...

Hope you enjoy the tastes of summer. Have a wondrous time, mes amis - Je vous aime! I love you, I do... Ich liebe euch... Bis bald. A toute a l'heure... See you soon. Goddess Wiki willing!


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Alan Burnett said...

Excellent video. Have a wonderful sojourn.

Jan said...

have a lovely time my dear

Dumdad said...

Bon voyage and have a great time. Missing you already!

A Mom on Spin said...

Have a wonderful holiday. . . will pray for your uncle and cousin.

Clippy Mat said...

enjoy your sojourn across the German Sea. :-)

Derrick said...

Hi and Bye, Fhina! Have a lovely time. Glad you just managed to see my post on Kate!

LadyFi said...

Enjoy those new pastures!

truestarr said...

John William Smith... is amazing. Thank you for the video. Have a good break and I look forward to your views from across the sea.

French Fancy said...

Thank you for the honourable mention - it made me laugh. As for you my bloggy friend - hope it's good things you are going away to do and that the back pain has disparu.


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