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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Quatre-Mass and the Teenage Pits!

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31. Scrapbook or journal a day in your teen’s life.

Scrapbook? Isn't that what me blog is for??! And the one over at Mad Manic Mamas?!

32. Stargaze together.

Hah! He's usually asleep - I swear he's morphing into something, a nocturnal species! Seriously, the chance of us both being awake at the same time, in order to stargaze, is minimal... But, it's a nice thought!

33. Find shapes in the clouds together.

Oh look mum, it's a dildo...

34. Go to the zoo.

Well, this we will be doing, while so not getting baked in Amsterdam... There are 2 zoos, we're going... End of, no arguments, Grizz!

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35. Serve at a soup kitchen.

Ah now, charity, the best of intentions... He'd be kicking and screaming for Child Protection Services before we ever got there... And that'd do me heid in!

36. Make a time capsule.

Ditto, the blogs!

37. Go bowling.

And risk putting my back into even more jeopardy? He'd cronk me over the head with the bowling ball... I swear!

38. Go to a professional sports event or concert.

We do this... Especially concerts... I'm pretty proud of the fact that it's helped make him a better, more rounded, musician and music-critic... With the emphasis on critic - 'Mum, what is that rot you are listening to? You're mad, you know?!'

39. Make a video.

Adult or X-Rated for language, presumably! Mine and his... : (

40. Make a pillow or quilt out of your old T-shirts and blankets.

This is a nice thought... He could help me thread the needle, right?!

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Clippy Mat said...

thanks for the laugh.. and the dose of reality.

Derrick said...

Now Fhina, I think you may be maligning Grizz on the soup kitchen front. Most of our young people seem to be very charity conscious. Give it a try!

Alan Burnett said...

I'm going to miss these teenage posts. I keep thinking you've covered all the bases and then you publish another installment and I'm saying "yes, too true, just like my little bastard".

blognut said...

Come on, Fhina! Grizz won't cronk you with a bowling ball, will he? He needs you around to keep him fed!

Enjoyed your post!


Elizabeth Bradley said...

As a mother of an 18 yr old son, one who will turn 19 tomorrow I am hanging on to the last vestige of his teenager-hood. I can feel the boy that he was was slipping away. (And he sleeps, Jesus does he SLEEP.)

koe whitton-williams said...

These were so excellent and funny. My son is 12 and we've been practicing for a couple of years how to be a 21st century teenager and how to be the dad of a teenager. . . we role play. . . I say, 'please do your homework,' and he says, 'shutup dad' and then I say, 'wot? don't you want to say it more surly-like, more morosely, maybe throw in an f word or 3?' and he does and we're both happy that we're doing so well in our 'to-be' roles.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

loved this last instalment Fhina!! Love the last image too!!!
I think you have finally lost it...poor grizz, have you really tried to do all these with him over the years of teens...

and will you be posting these over at MMM's

the tocco btw is dad cheap on contract 18 months for £20, unlimited texts and internet, which means 3000 texts per month, so not unlimited.And the beauty is touch screen no little button, BIG text for the optically challenged of us...but Grizz will need to ignore the manual to show you how....

love you....when ya coming over?

saz x

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