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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Part Trois - Teenagers, you get it now, right?!

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And there's more... Hello, hello... Is there anybody there??!

21. Build or add to a family website together.

Grizz, come and help me with my Blogs! I'm stuck again... Yeah, that works...

22. Plan a birthday party.

I think our ideas of what constitutes a great birthday party may be wildly different...

23. Watch a movie.

If I could get him to relinquish the remote control for just one second in this life, I'd be eminently grateful!

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24. Do a puzzle and frame it.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, tee, hee, hee, hee, snort... You've made my day, you 'ave!

25. Plant a garden in the backyard or a potted indoor garden.

There is a garden out there. It's a jungle. The child is far from interested in it... End of!

26. Stay in your pajamas all day. (Perfect activity for a snow day.)

Perfect activity for any of Fhina's days... My parents and I when I was little occasionally had Sundays just like that - When the rain was dappling down the front windows, the skies were grey and foreboding, and we pored over the Sunday papers and watched ancient black and white films on TV, in those Dark Ages before Satellite... It was lovely, I must admit.

27. Have a movie marathon.


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28. Have a picnic.

We used to love picnics... Sometimes, when he was small, I'd do him a proper picnic and we'd have it indoors... He adored that... The thrill of opening his little red lunch box and finding surprises inside...

29. Go to a local historic museum.

Oh, don't set me off laughing again - I've still got a stitch... Two or so years ago, we attempted to take him inside the National Art Gallery in Edinburgh - Remember what your cat is like, when it's raining, and she's got no intention of going outside... The paws clinging grimly to either side of the door-jambs... Well, that was Grizz! The Philistine...

30. Make your own t-shirts or sweatshirts.

Why, of course, something constructive... FFS, he's not 5 anymore, and the idea of me enticing him in to the kitchen to do anything other than raid the fridge, and eat me out of house and home, is derisible, or dirigible, something equally absurd!

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Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

loving these....so much inspiration even if you are daft to think they'd do any..but hold on Tall girl said this morning she will go to Blackwell House, the arts and crafts house with me....but today she is pale and drawn and pissed off...so perhaps not today. I shall see what mood she is in when she gets back from driving lesson. This sets her up for the rest of the week.

hows the back Fhina!

love saz x

LPC said...

Why would anyone in their right mind suggest taking a teenager to a museum?

Derrick said...

Hi Fhina,

I'm sure you could put a transfer on a t-shirt or sweatshirt for him, which would be greatly appreciated - so long as he chooses the pic and you keep your eyes closed!

teen said...

Being a teen is great ! it's the best period of your life !

carma said...

And here I was picturing you and Grizz spending the lazy days of summer doing puzzles together :D

Anonymous said...

The best way I found to connect with DD when she was a snarly teen (she's now 22, but still has her moments!) was to travel with her. Our first major trip, to France, was a bit nerve-wracking at first, but we quickly settled into a rhythm and realized that we enjoy a lot of the same things - like history and museums, if you can believe that! So we've been travelling together every summer since and it's been great. (Of course, this is an expensive way to hang out with the offspring, and I think DD is an old soul anyway, but for me, it's been worth every penny of the scrimping-and-saving throughout the rest of the year!)

blognut said...


Fhina, I'm appalled!

And a little bit tickled...heh, heh!

I thought you told Diane that you were going to get my language in line and here you are throwing about acronyms on your blog?!

Love to you - XOXO


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