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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Part Deux - Things to do with or for your Teenager...

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11. Develop a new healthy habit together.

No comment!

12. Rearrange your teen’s room. (You may need to clean it first – warn him.)

He wants to move into a downstairs room in our home... Because he can hear our neighbour's slightly older boy through the wall that separates our houses... We do need to do this one... After we get back from our hollingberries... Our home was sold to us as having 4 bedrooms, because 2 downstairs rooms that then became our Dining Room, (now the Music Room, replete with a humdinger of a drum-kit!. (I wear ear-plugs a lot of the time...)

Our second downstairs room is our study... He wants the Music Room - It's probably the quietest room in the house, when he's not playing his drums, that is!

13. Challenge your teen to a yearlong game marathon.

I seriously wouldn't have the stamina!

14. Plan the family vacation together.

Done! We're orf to Amsterdam shortly... So we can look at the art and architecture, and drink some beer and eat some pancakes... He says he's off to get baked... Is that to do with making pancakes, do you think?!

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15. Make your teen his favorite lunch.

That'd be my special eggy wok noodles with stir fried chicken for him... Consider it done! And you're telling me it'll put me in his good books again??! Ummmmm...?

16. Make your teen a hot breakfast before school.

Hah! He's hardly up these days before we have to leave for work... We both work so far from our home. Meanwhile, he gets the school bus, after eating his own weight in Crunchy Nut Cornflakes!

17. Go for a walk or a hike.

I could do this...

18. Take a class together.

I struggle to get him to his own classes... He used to come to Stained Glass Evening Class with me when he was younger, but he couldn't join in for health and safety reasons, but I did ask him if he wanted to join me... He didn't!

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19. Hug him.

I do try! I'm constantly running around the house after him, with my arms outstretched - He always out-runs me, though! It's like he's the Road-Runner and I'm Wiley Coyote!

20. Buy a sponsorship in the yearbook and write something sweet.

Too American, sorry! We don't have that tradition here, I'm afraid...

More laters peeps... Ciao xxx

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Anonymous said...

I do so love all these angst ridden posts about the teen terrors.My poor dears were teens when parents were there to be obeyed, and I was a teen [though the word wasn't coined yet] when kids were seen and not heard, spoke when spoken too, said please and thankyou and got the key of the door[literally] at twentyone. I'm not saying that everything was hunky dory then,[certainly not in my case, but that was an extreme aberration] but the barriers and rules meant that the kids knew where the bounderies were. Once they became aware of the fact that parents no longer had control they did and do what kids always have done, tested the limits and found there were none.
I believe that if a child knows he/she is loved, but understands that, on the whole, parents are not creating rules just for the hell of it but for the good of the child, and if the rules are discussed and agreed as fair, then it is in the childs/teens interest to abide by them. But to me, the most important part of the war, is total respect,of the child for his/her parent, and visa versa.Disrespect, rudeness of any kind should not be tolerated-I can think of nothing worse than an offspring saying 'whatever' or 'speak to the hand' to his parents.

By the way, you and Sazzie could be sisters-and I'd be your mum.

I do hope I don't come across as all tight-lipped and old fashioned.
Respect to you XX

blognut said...

All good advice! I can use all the help I can get with these two teenage daughters of mine. They're great kids, but the mouthy, sarcastic trait (FROM WHOM?) carried over into them. The nut doesn't fall from the tree.


Derrick said...

Hello Fhina,

Just read parts one and two. Very sage advice - and pretty good answers too! As ever, you have chosen super pics to illustrate. Why not let Grizz read this? It may have the desired affect!

Suldog said...

I am so glad I'm not a parent :-)

You sound like one who cares, though, and that's the most important thing there is. It will come through in all that you do, and, though maybe not appreciated immediately, will do the job eventually. Don't sweat it too much.

Clippy Mat said...

i've come to the conclusion that (most) children are perfect at about the 3 - 4 month stage/age and it's all downhill after that. in that they are a CHALLENGE to our sanity forever after.
good luck.
you will be rewarded.
don't ask ME!

Tessa said...

Oh. How lovely to be back here. I have time now that I've turned the page on July and all its dates and deadlines to wallow like a happy old hippo in Blogland and spend hours - yes HOURS - reading all my favourite bloggy posts. No nipping in and nipping out now that August is here - all clear and unsullied. (Not the weather, of course, that is still very sullied and not clear at all.)

Hmmm, memories...memories. I remember the days....some of which were a bit scary, others pride inflating and yet others rage inducing. Still and all, the majority can now be looked back at most fondly. Never fear, Fhina, I have the distinct impression that you are an ultra super Mum and that your own particular teens will thrive and grow to adulthood without any major mishaps.

No, no - not pancakes. It's more to do with chocolate brownies, methinks.

Helen said...

Just read both... great tips, no doubt, but having three teens to contend with, am finding it a teeny bit challenging! The item about re-arranging teen room - something I would dearly love to do - is also beyond me! I have the eldest boy installed in the second suite in the house (one of the perks of living in Brazil, where bathrooms are all over!!) and I would like to put the youngest (who is a girl) in there. Any ideas on how to entice him out of the suite?? He wants to re-arrange, but he is not so hot on moving into a smaller room...

Cynthia said...

Great ideas, Fhina. Thanks for sharing. I might try a few...I do some of them...as a matter of fact, I have caused my teenager to HATE walking because of going for health walks with her! I'm too determined! ;-)
Both of my kids go for the special meal bit...
I agree with you about the yearbook...a sponsorship? They don't do that in PR either.

Take care, Ms Inspiration. <3

donatella said...

I love the biting humour in your posts. Despite being hilariously sarcastic,your take on things is very real and of-the-moment.I feel the warmth underneath-that of a mom trying ther best to be as attentive and understanding of her teen son who possesses that all too typical adolescent attitude of feigned indifference.

LPC said...

God knows I have chased my own teenagers through halls real and imagined, arms open, hoping to hug them. Grandchildren. I'm thinking grandchildren.

LadyFi said...

I'm scared! My oldest is 8 and already has teen tantrums! ;-)

Enjoy Amsterdam!

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