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Monday, 3 August 2009

Things to do with or for your Teen... Free Internet Advice!

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I am still busy, mes bloggy dahlinks! I am ever so grateful to you all for your bounty and goodness, and for the secrets you shared with me hier/gestern/yesterday, while I was sharing mine...

Meantime, let me leave you for the next couple of days with this advice I found somewhere on t'Internet, about how to manage Teens - With my own reflections, and learning, admittedly... Take care, mes amours fous x I hope not to be seeing you at the hospital...

1. Talk to your teen about his day.

Yeah, right... Like I can get a decent word out of him these days...

2. Volunteer together.

For what? Prison time?

3. Make your teen his favorite dinner.(Pizza in my home.)

He'd eat the ingredients straight out of the fridge, between two slices of bread, before I'd ever got the cooker on...

4. Solve a problem by giving your teen the choice.

Grizz, I really think you need to move out for the sake of your mum's sanity... What do you think? Stay, or Go?! Hey! Why are you packing a bag full of my clothes?

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5. Root for your teen. Whether it’s a sports game or a big test, let your teen know you are on his side.

Grizz, I am on your side... No, I'm not nagging you... What do you mean, I'm hassling you now... I just wanted to let you know... Oh, forget it!

6. Take a glimpse into the future. What does your teen see? What do you see?

He sees living as he is now, with no responsibilities or cares, except he isn't in school... I see a McDonald's gold star above his name... If he's lucky!

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7. Talk to your teen about sex.

Too late, too late, came the cry!

8. Talk to your teen about drugs.


9. Cook a meal together.

Please see 3.

10. Write your teen a love note - it will perk up his self-esteem.



Mariana Soffer said...

You seem to be a fantastic mother, you think a lot about your kid, and even manage to do activities where you both can have fun doing them.
And I bet is not easy to rise a child like the one you have, I would like to know more about your relationship, how you handle the day to day life beetween both.

Alan Burnett said...

Good Lord! I always thought that was my son you are describing. Maybe we live on the same street and he drifts between the two of us.

blognut said...

Oh, Fhina! I do love your advice.

In fact I think I could use a little of it today.

Love to you, Lady Fhina.


lakeviewer said...

You are offering a wonderful service to mothers of teens. Great advice.

carma said...

I sure hope the author was not compensated for those ridiculous tips-- perhaps he/she does not have a teen! Write them a love note - LOLOL

A gold star at McDonald's -- I love how you tell it like it is :D

Something I wrote earlier...

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