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Friday, 28 August 2009

Shhh! You'll wake her - Make sure you just tiptoe out again... And shut that door... Can't a girl get her ugly-sleep around here?!

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Normal Fhina service will be resumed as soon as she has taken her post-holiday nap-ette!

I just wanted to say that I've spent almost a fortnight struggling to read some (never all, I'm not a very techie person!) of your comments via my new mobile 'phone handset, having upgraded me contract before me hols; A 'phone which was furnished with Destructions, totally impossible to understand, I might add!

And, you need to have the eyesight of a bleeding hawk to be able to decipher the script on the tiny screen, and then you tap on the touch-screen to highlight what you sort of want to read and double-click through to, but it's never explained to you that this inevitably hardly ever works... I struggled, I did, but the bits that I managed to read, (and I promise to catch up later this weekend -- I pwomise!), made me feel your pulse, and love you madly, it did!

I missed you like crazy, even though we, as a relatively dysfunctional family, did have a wonderful couple of weeks around Amsterdam, taking in the many glories of the fabulous Netherlands... More laters...

...Did I tell you we had lovely weather apart from one slightly duller and cooler day?

...Did I highlight the crazy, clever, funny, friendly Dutch folk (not unlike Chairman Bill can be, when he's not being all billy-goat-gruff!), who guided us from trains to trams, from buses to waterways, and making us laugh all the way?

...Did I say that we'd been evacuated from our hotel following a bomb-threat, and that we were actually in the spa when the sirens rang out?! What a picture we made, all three of us, wet, disrobed and raggled!

...Did I tell you about the fact that a bridge we were just about to travel over by train on our way back from a day in Gouda, got hit by a ship, so we had to take a crazy, roundabout bus trip with all our fellow, suitably confused, Dutch commuters who, like us, didn't have a clue what was going on?

Old Dutch houses from Queen Emma Bridge - 03/26/08 Pictures, Images and Photos

...Only in the Netherlands, does a Dutch barge ship hit a rail-bridge, mes bloggy Appelgebaks!

Thank you for telling me that you missed me, mes dahlinks! - I want you to know that last night, feeling the ravages of what felt to me like the end of a hurricane during our ferry crossing of the seas, that I began to think on all of you, (yes, even the lurkers - Come out, come out, wherever you are?!), and that y'all saw me through a Night of Keeping Watch just in case we were summonsed to the lifeboats...

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Did you know I can be a little bit of a Drama Queen?

Did I tell you yet that I'm never, ever, getting on a ferry again?

Did you hear me say that I love you, and missed you like the Crazy Cat Lady that I am??!

Well I do; So there! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Gotcha!

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lakeviewer said...

Are you back? Really? Life back to normal? I hear the weather is yucky-unlike the weather on your vacation. Oh well. Time to unpack and send the kids to school. Yeah!

blognut said...

Yay! Fhina is back! Thank goodness. I am not sure I could make it another day without a real, live Fhina post!

I missed you, sister. Fo' realz!

Bloggus Nuttus

blognut said...

And? Don't ever leave me like this again. 'k?

Diane said...

So glad you're back, safe and sound! Sleep well, Fhi darling! Speak soon! XOXO

Alan Burnett said...

It's good to have you back. The daily pictures have been fine but it is even better when you are providing us with real-time daily updates.

Derrick said...

And about time too!!

Now, put the advocaat down and tell us all about it. After your nap, of course!

Nice to "see" you back.

carma said...

Yay! Glad you're back and had a delightful time...minus the bomb evacuation in your robe :D

Artist Unplugged said...

Good to have you back...hmmmm, what adventures you had and great memories made! Get your beauty sleep!

Something I wrote earlier...

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