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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Oddbox Soapbox... Madcap Moments with la Fhina...

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What does the Oddbox Soapbox reveal to us this week, mes bloggy loves?

The tallest man on the planet - at 8'1 - Incroyable, non?

A manifesting robot that you can use to check out what the neighbours' barbequeue looks like, and how dark their patio stain is?

Motor-racing and mania in hand-built carts that look like First World War 'planes! What would yours look like?

The Irishman and His Castle - Get your envelope filled in now if you want to find The Irish Man of Your Dreams - And remember to include a return address?

Kite-flying in fields, together with the French pretending to be clouds - I'm a Cirrhus Discombobulus - What are you?

Whistling-mad Indians with balls of steel!

Clive the Cat - All claws and whiskers - Found 3 years after he went missing - Beautiful, non?! Would you have come forward to collect such a 'claws-first' kinda cat, mes bloggy pet-lovers? I do wonder!

And finally mad manic cows run amok in a supermarket, chased by mounted cowboys - Animal Crackers, or what?!


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A Mom on Spin said...

I can't get past the 8'1". . . just can't get past him. . .or over him. . .or around him. . .


Maggie May said...

Quite a selection of things there.The cows in the supermarket. Can you imagine it! Especially if you'd just gone in for a carton of milk!

Anonymous said...

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Something I wrote earlier...

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