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Monday, 14 December 2009

I dreamed a dream...

Lyrics by J. Wolf / Herron / Frank Sinatra

I'm a fool to want you
I'm a fool to want you
To want a love that can't be true
A love that's there for others too

I'm a fool to hold you
Such a fool to hold you
To seek a kiss not mine alone
To share a kiss that Devil has known

Time and time again I said I'd leave you
Time and time again I went away
But then would come the time when I would need you
And once again these words I had to say

Take me back, I love you
...I need you
I know it's wrong, it must be wrong
But right or wrong I can't get along

Without you

Billie Holiday Pictures, Images and Photos

It's my birthday today... Finally, you say! She's only been prattling on about it for a week!

And I'm 46 years of age... And, like my friend said to me the other day - We've known one another for 28 years - 'Do you feel any different than you did when we met all those years ago, when we were 18, 19?'

I don't. But the face looking back at me from the miroir in my boudoir is not that young slip of a thing with what seemed like a world of imaginings, wonder, miracles and possibilities ahead of her.

But I'm probably more confident in myself and my abilities to cope with what life chucks at us than I was then. I'm not as pretty. I'm twice the girl I was in terms of girth. I'm even more barking than before with the lines of time on my face that even perfume can't erase...

And yet I'm happier in myself, in so many ways.

Except for one poignant, blowing out the candles moment... I want to magic myself into this romantic advert for Chanel.

I want to be Audrey Tautou in Jean-Pierre Jeunet's, (the director of Amelie), dream of the Orient Express, the Venice Simplon Express...

I want to be this young, this thin, this beautiful.

Maybe in the next life, eh?!!

Bonne journee, toujours alors, mes bloggy Wishing Wells!

And Billie sings, 'I'm a fool to want you...'

Audrey Tautou Chanel No. 5 ad Pictures, Images and Photos


blognut said...

Happy Birthday, Fhina, my love! You are splendid in your madness and one of the funnest bloggers in the 'sphere.

Here's to a whole fabulous 46th year!!


Anonymous said...

You and I are a year apart! Happy Birthday, Dear Fhina! I wish you all the best.

Chairman Bill said...

Be happy in yourself and in your own skin. It's the only route to contentment - and resentment of all those bloody advterts that keep telling you you're inadequate and contemptible.

Ribbon said...

Happy birthday to you beautiful young woman... I'm a little older than you :)

have a wonderful day and celebrate good health and all things that make your heart sing.

best wishes

slommler said...

Happy Birthday dear one!!! Let your celebration go on for weeks and weeks! Loving yourself and being content in where you are is the answer to a successful life! Sounds like you are well on your way!

Molly Potter said...

Jolly borness anniversary....
Cheerful existence annual count...
Joyous tallying....
Grinny four season cycle done again...

The wisdom keeps rushing in!

Anonymous said...

I think you still are young, thin, and beautiful.

lakeviewer said...

Happy Birthday, dear Fhina! You do not look a day over thirty something from where I sit. (That's because you feel and are ten years younger nowdays.)

As somebody old enough to be your mother: Stop counting the negative numbers; they do not exist. List your assets and flaunt them with joy!

Fragrant Liar said...

Oh yes, I love Audrey Tautou. (Sigh.) If only.

Fragrant Liar said...

Ooops, happy birthday!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Ye gods, aren't these advertising people clever. Happy birthday.

Bagman and Butler said...

Happy Birthday, Fhina. I love your blog, you know...it always has a sense of mystery and exotic. I never understand all of it which makes it even better. Happy birthday from one of your biggest fans.

Derrick said...

(Belated, which I can hardly believe given the amount of celebrating you've been doing) Happy Birthday Fhina!

Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and will continue to do so throughout December!

Now, who wouldn't want to bump against him in the corridor?! Oooo you are awful ... but I like you!

slacker-chick said...

Happy belated birthday Fhina! I'll be joining you in being 46 in February -- we should rock the rest of our forties! (and fifties...sixities, etc) even if we don't look like Audrey Tautou!

carma said...

GAH - I've missed your special day :-( I hope that some of your birthday wishes come true. Forget the wrinkles and go on enjoying life in your fabulous Fhina style :D

French Fancy said...

Oh Fhi, I'm so sorry to have missed your birthday. I've been a bit all over the place lately and have been unable to take time to be in the blogosphere.

I'm almost 6 years older than you, young 'un. I love being my age and just try not to look at photos of myself


Cynthia L. H. said...

Happy Birthday! I love the Chanel advertisement. The first time I saw it, I must have watched it ten times!!! It's full of intrigue!

Suldog said...

Happy Birthday!

As a wiser man than I once said, "The secret to true happiness is in appreciating what you have rather than desiring what you do not have."

You seem to have learned that wonderful lesson. Yay!

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