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Friday, 17 September 2010

Life In The Fast Lane...

Now, Hairspray was just F.A.B, complete with wonderful and cheeky ad-libs from Michael Turnblad and Les Dennis, which made the show.

I had a wonderful evening with sweet, sweet girl-friends.

I might even find meself auditioning for the meaty part of Edna Turnblad in the future, given how hard I found it to squeeze into the, oh-so-bijou, seats in the Upper Circle...

How the bar at the Sunderland Empire can charge £19 for pre- and interval drinky-poos, (two glasses of wine and two G and Ts), was beyond us.

Me? I was on the half pint of lime and sodas, (that's cordial for my American friends, tres refreshing!), nursing a humdinger of a bug that's been in my system since Sunday...


Rotten awful virussusses...

I think I also forgot to tell you already that ,with my rapidly growing Pot-Leek-A-di-Mundis, I found myself picking up 9th Prize in our local's Leek Show last Saturday...

Yay, me!

When I arrived to 'present' my three leeks (selected from the soil by dint of their pallor, versimilitude and sheer looky-likeyness), I was astounded to see countless giant leeks lying, ready for display, at the back of the Leek Shed... I thought I was doomed to failure.

Of that, there was no doubt.

Imagine my surprise, dear Reader, when I found I had scooped 9th position, (my lucky number is 9), and a gent's razor as a prize. (I think I can exchange that for a cash prizelette... I do hope so, or else I'm not sure how I'll look with a beard?)

Soooo, I was far from green with leek-envy last weekend, and I paid my subs once more for next year's entry.

I'm obviously hooked!

Roll on next year's competition. Ooh the excitements of Life In The Country!

This weekend I shall be mostly getting Grizz ready for the off to his move to his Uni digs on Saturday.

Wish me well, (in more ways than one!)

My best to you all.

More laters, after I have dried my tears about this rapidly emptying nest, and eaten this big bowl of leek and potato soup!


Prize Leeks picture courtesy of Google Images, culled via The Jim and Val in England blog. Merci mille! Yes, I am still crap at taking and uploading my own pictures. Sue me!


slommler said...

Congrats on your 9th place award. That is super!
And glad you enjoyed your night out with the girls. Sounds like a fun evening was had by all.
Sorry about the virus thingy though. That sucks!!
Feel better soon!

A Mom on Spin said...

Good luck this weekend.

You won't miss him at all. Honest!

Derrick said...

Well, "Hurrah" for the leeks and for a fun night out! Those theatre bars really know how to give you a parched throat! Feel better soon.

Expat mum said...

Gosh I'd forgotten how late the UK universities go back. The students over here have been back since late August I think.
Congrats on the leeks BTW.

Suldog said...

You came through 9th? That's way cool! Congratulations!

Jinksy said...

I could do with one of your leeks to put in my chicken casserole at this very moment!

French Fancy... said...

*sheer looky-likeyness* - shouldn't that be 'sheer leeky ;ikiness'?

Well done on your giant veg and chin up for Grizz's farewell. Just start getting the food parcels for him ready now.

Hugs my bloggy friend and I hope the virus doesn't hang around too long.


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