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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Living On The Ceiling...

I have not given up. I am not giving up!

I have lost some lustre in my eyes. Lacklustre. A good word.

I have been wobbling like a pale blancmange these past few weeks.

Legs going from beneath me.

Stomach falling away towards earth, like when you travel in a hyper-fast lift.

I have not been myself. A trifle manic. Which goes with the blancmange.

The cause?

My life. The economy which apparently means I must lose my means of sustenance: my job.

I know I am not alone. That doesn't always help.

This week I have been advised to put on my 'stiff upper lip'.

That actually helped. Thank you, GJ!

Is this the British disease?

I'm off to see Paloma Faith this weekend. Whoopee.

I need a little colour in my life. A trifle gaiety.


Saz said...

just breathe dear heart!!

Both my kids are in Newcastle this weekend....Tall girl to the uni for the weekend...and tall boy is off to visit his 'friend'

Work colleague also to see paloma....
I ahve been to a vintie fair this morning, post to follow..and now bra off, loose jeans and a tee...and pc, tv and me..

luv you lots....

hope we can catch up b4 Xmas....

saz x

libby said...

We all need some colour in our lives...sorry to hear about the job...just take each day as it comes and try to be positive.

sensibilia said...

Oh god, how awful. I am so sorry to heat that you are losing your job. Completely understand that you feel the earth slipping away under your feet. Horrible feeling.

Don't give up hope. Something else may turn up.

Siobhan said...

Oh that sounds awful. I hope Paloma brings some joy and colour in

Jan said...

chin up sweetie - with you fighting on job front, still temping.
Love Paloma xxx

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