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Thursday, 18 November 2010

It's all about me...

For those of you who have been wanting to see me: what I look like, in the flesh, as it were...

Heaven forfend!

I've finally found a picture of me that I sort of don't mind.

I'm not narcissistic, you see. At least I don't think so...

I don't like having photographs, my photograph actually, taken: I always hate how I look.

...Don't we all?!

How awful is that?

You'll rarely see me out of doors without a faceful of slap; Schminke, make-up on.

This is me sans slap.

I took it by myself, with my webcam, for my profile on FaceSlapBook.

My living room has been newly decorated. The lick of golden paint and candlelight suits me. I shrugged back my golden hair as it was looking particularly like rats' tails.

I do HAVE hair!

...Anyhoo, I wanted to show off my silver bracelet of treasures. The newest bead, jade green, was given to me by a dear friend for helping her (so little!) with her dissertation, and for which I learned this week she had received a commendation. Wowza!

She is a treasure too, and I now have a pretty bead to remember her beauty, goodness, brightness and kindness to me by...

In this picture, I have a favoured purple dress on. - I feel like a little girl when I'm wearing it. It has a bow at the back. My 'reins', GJ - the current husband - calls them.

I have my 'Girl With A Pearl Earring', earrings in! Very Scarlett, non?!

I so rarely feel feminine. I've too much of the lumpen proletariat cart-horse about me, you see.

I'm nearly 47. Next month, the clock will chime midnight and the years will notch one up on me, scribe those wrinkles around my eyes a little more deeply... It's time to embrace who I am.

If I don't like me who will?

It's either that, or lopping off the years, like you do with old cars - Turning back the clock, as it were!


...Hope you like me.

Ciao, bellas!


willow said...

I like you.

Love the "girl with a pearl" earrings. I have a pair, too. :)

Saz said...

I love you and you know that and now everyone else knows too!!
My beautiful, cheerful, straight talking friend..

l also like the pic with the tie in your hair it's so insouciant, though more carefree than the word tells...

l know we have our moments but we can aspire eh?

your style and class is so naturelle...l shall take a spoonful please..

(am planning a day in metro city etc for 17th december but could try for earlier? how could you be fixed?)

love you...hope you are tucked up

saz xxx

Anna May said...

I think you look great and completely natural - whay joy!

Anna May x

LPC said...

Hello! How wonderful to finally see you. I only thought you'd have longer hair:).

Pearl said...

You are absolutely right.


Nice to meet you.


PoiseMatters said...

Hello dear -
I love the natural picture of yourself !!
We both have something in common, we are fair skinned beauties, and you have a wonderful look. thanks for sharing with us fellow bloggers.
Although you are quite a bit younger than me,
how lucky to still be in your forties !! I am 53 years young and have re-invented myself. Enjoy today and tomorrow and be grateful we live in this new world of Social Media. Your friend in So Calif.
Lori (PoiseMatters)

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Just a baby... Lovely to see you ....looking fab:)
Hate pix too so not many of me on my blog either; so you are not alone there.

Mrs Jones said...

You look great, missus! And don't worry about being 47, I already am and it's not so bad - come on in, the water's fine!

slommler said...

You are so young!!! Celebrate your youth!!! So nice to "see" you. You are lovely!
I have yet to find that "dress" that makes me feel girlie!! Lucky you!

Gigi said...

So nice to see you!

sarah said...

first time I'm here and I think you look great!!! ☺☺

gpc said...

Ah to be 47 again. I so know what you mean about not liking photos, I often wonder how my grands can light up to see me if what they see is the same that I see in myself. Self image can be a dangerous thing, it is good to fight back against its negative pull. As to your photo, I think you look great!

Jan said...

You are you and just how I imagined .
47 - a mere child (or a mere cat - simples x)

Jewels said...

What's wrong with 47? Of course we like you, you ninny!

Dragonfly Dreams said...

So wonderful to see your Mona Lisa smile! Beautiful!

Siobhan said...

You look great. This is a really lovely photo.

I saw the blog post tile and pictured us all serenading you with "It's all about you" by McFly. And the comments sort of are. Lovely post too.

Expat mum said...

Great photo. I know what you mean about hardly ever finding one of yourself (me, that is) that you like. We just had an expensive photo session done to celebrate our 20th anniversary. First ever family portrait, and the ones of my and the Ball & Chain are all so awful (of me) I'm not ordering any. The kids' ones and the whole family are fine, but god - when did I get so old and lardy?

Aleksandra said...

Like your looks Fhina-Fhi :O)
I came on time to finally see you darhlink!!! Lovely! Take care bella!

ArtistUnplugged said...

Ah, a natural beauty you are....thanks for sharing, we still have a good bit in common...no pics for me as I am still thin challenged! Sorry I have been missing....will be catching up with your previous posts.

Z said...

I do like that photo. I know what you mean, it's hard to find one where you look natural but catches you in a good light.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo, and I loved your line, "If I don't like me, who will?"

So very true!

Something I wrote earlier...

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