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Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Today, I am taking a half-day from work. I haven't taken much time off in ages, other than at Christmas, of course, but that doesn't count!

Today, I'm going to a concert with GJ, and it's one that he's been looking forward to for ages. We're seeing Richard Thompson on his Dream Attic tour.

Tomorrow, we are sadly at GJ's Uncle's funeral. He passed on, in a hospice last week, near midnight Wednesday.

I had chosen long ago to call his Uncle, The Arthurian Legend... He was such a legend. I never told Arthur. I wish now I had.

Warm and witty, olde worlde charming and very much alive. A tumour robbed him of his wit and wonder. I shall hold on to his great warmth, and his last hug forever.

Dream on, legend...

Photographic Artist Shayne McGuire CLICK HERE

And, if you're curious about Richard Thompson, and have never heard of him, rather than me post a video here, check out Youtube, starting HERE - In spite of Chairman Bill's advice on how to make the video not eat up most of my page, I repel technology!


Chairman Bill said...

They've added a facility to customise the size of the YouTube window. Just enter 360 into the width box and the height figure will self-adjust to maintain the aspect ratio. It's easy-peasy.

slommler said...

Enjoy the concert! And so sorry for the loss of GJ's uncle!

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Do enjoy your time with GJ and have lots of fun!

Jinksy said...

Well, I didn't expect to find a video tip here today, but it's one worth remembering! Enjoy your tome off - half a day is better than none! LOL

Something I wrote earlier...

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