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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ride A Seesaw!

Thank you for your kind words this week on my securing a wee job, and for sticking with me through what's been a pretty anxious year for me, to be honest...

What is anxiety?

Why do we allow it to have so much power over us?

What are we really afraid of?

Is it the nature of the human condition to be predisposed to innate anxiety, or even depression?

What do you think, mes bloggy blueberries?

Please, for me, have a weekend where you spend at least some time nurturing yourself.   Can you do that?

What are your plans?


Lindsey said...

fight or flight - survival although clearly some have a much stronger predisposition - collective memory perhaps???

Moannie said...

Without these thoughts, of anxiety or fear, of the highs and lows-we would be automatons. An adrenaline rush pumps the heart, increases the blood supply, makes eyes sparkle, lips plump and roseate s our complexion.
Paradoxically it sharpens our perceptions and oils the cogs so we think clearer.

It is natural that you should be anxious, but you are going to be great.

Mrs Jones said...

Congrats on your new job (can't remember if I said before). I don't get terribly anxious but sometimes I can get a bit fretful until I've done whatever it is a few times, and then I'm fine. For example, going back on stage (for the first time in 23 years) was completely terrifying until I got going, then it was fine. The second time (last Friday) was a piece of cake.

Chairman Bill said...

Whereas normally (in our long history as humans, but short history as civilised) we'd be worrying about whether we were going to eat - but at least we could do something about it.

These days we worry about things we have little power over, and that causes anxiety, depression and death.

However, at least it's death at a relatively advanced age, compared to our stone age ancestors, who were lucky to see 35.

Enjoy it, while you can, for tomorrow we die of anxiety.

Vix said...

A little anxiety isn't a bad thing, go for a long walk and relax, you'll be great. xxx

A Heron's View said...

Anxiety starts off as a dark mark on the ground that becomes a hole and enlarges according to the length of our focus. The answer is to know that everything is temporary and that everything changes.
This weekend I will cut the grass if it is dry, if not I will read a book :)

thepowmill said...

Dinner out with husband Saturday and Magazine editor and partner-that's for husband

Friday evening taking care of 8year old from next door whose Nana is trying to close a house sale and earn some money. That's for her

Taking teenager to work Sat and Sun and pickup after . That's for him.

I think I can squeeze sometime in for me as long as it's in 15 minute increments .

slommler said...

To take two of my grandkids to a hotel which has a fabulous water park! Be there for the whole weekend! Fun times

Something I wrote earlier...

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