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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Diary of a Domestic Goddess...

I don't have a job now - I think you know, right?

And, in spite of that, I find myself busy, busy, busy...   

What with College, my voluntary job as a counsellor in a rural GPs' practice, generally faffing about catching up with friends and lazing around on t'Internets, it feels as if there aren't enough hours in the day.

So, occasionally, there is a sudden rush of blood to my head and I take myself to the kitchen (usually GJ's domain!) to prepare something.   Last month I even baked some flapjack and some scones (slightly burned, very flat, still lovely - the scones that is).

And yesterday I put on a pan of pasta to let go cold to make salad, or for Grizz to heat up with some sauce and/or tuna when he came back home from dropping his girlfriend off at home.

I knew it would take about ten minutes, so I went off to catch up with blogs...

There was a Facebook competition where you could win a Kindle.   I thought I might stand a chance of winning, so I began to click away and register, etc.

...When I first smelled a smell that smelled like burning, I was really curious about where the smell of burning could be coming from.   Deciding it might just be from the kitchen, I tootled inside...

Afterwards, I started a very small trend on Twitter #anotherburnedpan

That would be the third in three months.   This pan is now in the bin and guess what I am out doing this morning?  

I rescued the first pan, and the second is still sitting, steeping in water, at the side of the sink - I hope to get around to resurrecting it, it's not that old a pan!

I'm giving Nigella her 'Domestic Goddess' badge back - Pronto!


Gigi said...

And that is EXACTLY why I rarely wander into the kitchen! It's a dangerous place!

Although, I have heard if you put a splash of dishwasher detergent (not dish soap) into the pot with hot water and let it soak you might be able to save it.

Yes, I'm full of useless trivia.

SueAnn said...

Ha!! Forget the soaking...perfect time to shop online for a new set of pans. And in the future...stay our of the kitchen!!!

Helga! said...

Ha,the less you have to do,the MORE you have to do!!! Terrible,isn't it?!

Debbie(single;complicated) said...

this is EXACTLY why I stay out of the kitchen!!:-)!!

Beau's Mom said...

We moved from my home of 60 years this February. I left behind the kitchen of my dreams: new everything.

My "new" house still has everything from the 60's in the kitchen and everything burns on the cheaply insulated stove.

I'm determined to be less creative with my cooking now, and more handy with the fire extinguisher.

Beau's Mom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
thepowmill said...

It has to be the kitchen and the pans . It could never be blogging or facebook . At least , that's what I keep telling myself .

Something I wrote earlier...

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