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Monday, 11 July 2011

The Return of the Kraken...

You do recall that Grizz has come back home from Uni for the summer?

He's been back home for about a month.

There have been a couple of tantrums.

...Now he brings his girlfriend back a night or two each week too.

My living room is not mine own.

Ditto the telly.   I can't remember when I last watched something I wanted to watch...

Mind, he's moving out to his bijou two-bedroomed flat with a student friend in August, (they know one another from school-days and he's from a fabulous family, so I am comforted they're going to get along fine as flat-mates...).

The downstairs Victorian flat they're scheduled to move into is situated in a posh part of the city around 30 miles from home.   Beloved of students and its residents alike, I'd describe the leafy suburb as a lovely, 'chi chi' area of town - with heaps of long-established greenery and trees, a clutch of cosmopolitan coffee bars, a cocktail of conventional drinking holes, charming restaurants and pretty little 'lifestyle' shops that sell haute fashion and Cath Kidston to yummy mummies on the school-run.

I am studying for my qualification in Counselling in the area, and I just happened to look in a second-hand antique jewellery shop-window there the other day and the prices almost made my eyes melt.

And the notion occurs to me that, why is my boy having the kind of lifestyle now that I can only dream of?

Of course, I love living out in the rural countryside and being part of this community, but there's something about living a metropolitan life with coffee shops amid the comfortable chatterati; being close to the city but enjoying a peaceful, green pocket...

I'm wondering when I can move in??!

I think I know what his answer would be!


Helga! said...

It would be worth telling him you'll be moving with him just to see his face!!!

the fly in the web said...

After years in rural France I spent some time in London recently...and wondered how I had managed to live without its life and activity so long....

SueAnn said...

I hear ya! I wonder the same thing myself!! Cosmo living vs. rural...hmmm? I too think it sounds dreamy!!

A Heron's View said...

IF Grizz were to let you move in (?) then you would need to have take your own TV too :)

Something I wrote earlier...

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