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Friday, 15 July 2011

Ode to Joy...

So proud to have my 350th Follower -Welcome fiends!

I have been a bit quiet this week.   Some deep therapy was done in class and I have been sitting mulling on it.   I was helped through my learning thoughts by a wonderful lady who lives in the close orthodox Jewish community here in the north.   She is to become a firm friend.   She exudes warmth and care.

I pick my friends carefully these days, having had my fingers burned and my trust not returned in the past.

More news - I've been staggered that more people actually want to come and see me at the surgery where I'm a trainee counsellor...   Wow!   I hope I can do some good work with anyone who makes the choice to step over my threshold...   Although clients can never become friends, I care about everyone I have the privilege to see and their stories form part of the richly coloured patchwork quilt that I'm sowing to keep me warm over the long winter nights to come.

This weekend, I'm also privileged to be attending three weddings - Yes, three!   This is the start of my training to become a casual celebrant of weddings, civil partnerships and general facilitator of baby-naming ceremonies...   What joy!

Finding joy in the small things, like the number of daisies there are to be found craning their heads along the roadside after rain and sunshine, is the order of my day.

Things are looking up, mes mecs.  

I hope with all my heart they are for you too <3


thepowmill said...

What a change in you since you are so happily involved in the new, exciting and worthy activities in your life ! Here's one for you...rah!

Chairman Bill said...

Never sit and mull. Mulling should always be done upright.

Vix said...

Things sound like they are going really well for you, I'm so pleased. You come across as such a lovely warm person. x

Z said...

I was impressed when I found I had my 70th follower. All I can say is, gosh and well done.

Something I wrote earlier...

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