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Monday, 18 July 2011

Rocking and rolling...

GJ has booked a business trip to Frankfurt in Germany next month.   I shall be piggy-backing upon this little jaunt for a wee hollingberry and busying myself during the day when he's at meetings.  

I really feel like I need a little break - I'm cream-crackered -  and what better than one that isn't costing me an arm and a leg?!

I've visited Frankfurt in the past, about ten years ago, when I was helping out with an international exchange of staff with Jobcentres in England, France and Germany.   It was a wonderful experience and great fun was had amid oodles of hard work and lashings of German beer and wine!

I shall be looking forward to re-visiting Goethe's childhood home which is very beautiful and atmospheric, the old town and financial quarter, art galleries, seeing the incredible skyscrapers along the river-scape and taking in a leisurely coffee or five...

Hell, I might even do some swimming - It's been ages since I did and I think it's about time.

Often when we are caring for others so much, we neglect ourselves.

Are you guilty of that, mes bloggy beauties?

More about Frankfurt laters, bis bald!


Vix said...

How exciting! I'd definitely be partaking in the beer and wine but think I'd have to pack a suitcase of food as Germany is notoriously hard for vegetarians. x

SueAnn said...

That sounds so exciting!! I have never been overseas...so this sounds so amazing. I love German dark beer!!
Just visited a German restaurant last night. Yummy!!
And swimming...???....sounds like a perfect holiday for sure!

Mac n' Janet said...

Have fun, lived in Germany for more than 10 years when my husband was in the military. Love, love, love German white wine.

John Nicoll said...

I'm beginning to think that I maybe the only person NOT getting a holiday this year!

Jan said...

I was based in Germany when I was in the WRAF - loved it . have some Bier, Wurst and cake for me - yum!

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