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Friday, 5 August 2011

Back to life, back to reality...

Ok get this, people!

Having finally caught up on my backlog of e-mails, I just wanted to say -

No, I did not authorize Peter Williams to access a loan on my behalf after payment to him of $500.

No, I do not have a call on some funds left in a bank in Lagos, Nigeria by my widowed aunt whom I've never even heard of...

No, I do not require a Payday Loan. I no longer have a Payday!

No, I do not want to maximize my manliness. I am all woman. Merci!

No! My bank account has not been suspended after unauthorized access, because I do not have an account with your bank!

No - Please don't remind me that I once registered my e-mail address with Weight Watchers? I have put on a few pounds since even then!

Internet scammers, leave me the feck alone!

I need cake...

On the upside, last weekend I married my first couple.

They were young and so sweet and just lovely. On the very brink of their married lives together. The bride was in tears of joy and very beautiful.

This new little job of mine is such a privilege!


Chairman Bill said...

Do you get to officiate at the divorce?

SueAnn said...

Don't cha just love those emails!!??!!
And how special to have married a couple so much in love! That is super

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Chairman, no but I am thinking about giving out business cards!

SueAnn - Hugs! It is super-wonderful, thank you! x

Suldog said...

I often wonder how many poor souls are so insecure about the size of their organs, coupled with so stupid about e-mail, that they actually answer those "get bigger" ads. I suspect quite a few, since they keep sending them out. How sad.

Karen S. said...

What a great thing, your first wedding, and are you going to keep a photo journal of the happy couple? I like your opening it's like from my own words...where and how do these kinds of emails find their way into our email? I've gotten to know pretty much what is spam and just delete, delete, delete without even opening them, so your comments gave me fond memories of why I delete, and delete! Funny post, thanks!

♥ Braja said...

Ha!! I'm laughing at Chairman Bill's :))) Perfect!

Something I wrote earlier...

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