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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Who is it??!

I have not been in Frankfurt... No, not yet.

I have been in Purgatory. The place that is Hell - That is, being without the Internet.

Problems with my router, modem, whatever the daft thing is, have led me to be sans t'Internets for over two weeks.

Copious conversations with disembodied souls in Mumbai have done feck all for my (in)sanity...

Finally, this morning, courtesy of a wonderful engineer called Lawrence, my otherworld Internet half-life has been restored to me.


But what do I have to show for these moments of enforced isolation from you, mes amis?

My house is a wee bit tidier and I can see a patch of carpet in the living room that I had not seen since Christmas.

I say 'a wee bit', for I shall never be a domestic goddess - I am too comfortable in my slattern ways for that. But having a bit less chaos has meant I can see the wood for the trees and have a better idea about what needs to be done...

I'm also way behind on e-mails and general communication with other folk in the outside world. I rely heavily on the Internets. Even for silly things such as finding telephone numbers and making complaints to British Telecom about the shoddiness of their customer service.

It is amazing how dependent we have become on all this new technology.

In your absence, I actually married my first couple last weekend - They were gorgeous and it was a real privilege.

Thank you!


Vix said...

There was I imagining you swanning around germany having a high old time!
We are so reliant on the internet, aren't we? I actually ignored mine all of yesterday and made a pair of curtains (and then spent much of today trying to catch up with what I'd missed!)
Glad the wedding went well for you. x

Gigi said...

I was just thinking today of how much more productive around the house I might be if it weren't for the Internet.....of course, now that I know the wonders of the Internet, I'd probably go mad if it were suddenly gone!

Helga! said...

Enforced housework?! Bugger! Technology just doesn't like to play ball at times! I certainly couldn't live without the net!!!x

thepowmill said...

Glad that you are back . Wonderful news about your first couple . An 'alpha' memory against which all others in the same venue will be compared . Great!

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Thanks for your lovely comment! And how exciting to have such a key role in such a happy day! xx

Z said...

Best way I know of catching up with the housework is to throw a party. Losing the internet is effective, but too stressful. Glad you're back on.

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