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Saturday, 20 August 2011

I want someone to watch over me...

One of my favourite films is Ridley Scott's 'Someone To Watch Over Me...'

I love the misty, moody atmosphere, and Tom Berenger in his prime might also have something to do with it!

How the times have changed...

I hope you can spare some love for Amy, who had so many watching around her, but none could save her.

Sorry to go on, but I am currently being moved by thoughts of love and loss in my own life, and my feelings have been heightened by more prominent life-circumstances, if that makes sense to you...

On the other hand, I may be losing my marbles!

Could you tell if I was??!

I used to love playing with my cousin's marbles when I was a child. I found beauty in the colours embedded in glass. They looked like eyes. Maybe even dragon's eyes.

Red, orange, yellow, green - The blues and turquoises were my favourite.

I don't suppose my cousin, David, had many that were pink!

The heavy metallic marbles were called "Penkers" - There was no marble that could beat the silver might of a penker!

You never see kids playing with marbles these days, do you?

Seems such a shame to me.

Perhaps we have lost some of our innocence and playfulness?

What think you?


Gigi said...

Poor, poor Amy. Such a shame, what a beautiful talent. Gone.

And yes, you don't see children playing marbles or tag or any of the innocent games anymore. That, too, is a shame.

Bagman and Butler said...

I don't think you have lost your marbles (but how would I know?)...but I do think we have lost some of our playfulness in the pursuit of...money? power? success? Everything. We start stressing our kids from Kindergarten (Garden of kids? Right!) on up. Who has time for fun if we are going to keep up with the Chinese?

Scriptor Senex said...

I've still got some of my marbles even though folk may say I've lost them! I'd know if you'd lost yours becauase you'd have lost your ability to keep us happy and amused.

We just called the large onees Big Ollies as opposed to ollies or little ollies.

SueAnn said...

Let's share a chocolate martini and discuss who has lost their marbles!! Ha! By the end of a couple of these...who will care??
I used to play jacks too. No one plays jacks nowadays either. Sigh!
How about jump rope??
Hide n Seek??
So much is being lost!!!!

Vix said...

You've lost your marbles, I'm always being accused of being do-lally, the internet is such a brilliant invention for bringing us odd ones together.
Poor Amy. I lost a loved one in similar circumstances last year and Amy's death made it all the more poignant.
Onwards and upwards though, we can't dwell on things. x

thepowmill said...

Maybe we should just start playing marbles again . There are still a few things that we can teach . There is nothing like a bag full of marbles to hold on to ...especially knowing how hard they were to come by .

Suldog said...

I love marbles. As a kid, I had quite a collection of them. I lost mine somewhere in my teens. MY WIFE bought me a new bag of them a few years back, but I've lost those, too. I don't suppose that's too surprising to some...

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