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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

p.s. I am sick of this now - How do you put spaces between paragraphs here on the new Blogger??!

I am so annoyed that it just rolls everything into one, no matter how many times I press the 'return' button - WTF is going on??! So sorry, my friends... No, wait, I think I've got it now!t

From the delightful Vintage Vixen, I caught this Meme concerning an A to Z of me.

~Hope you can bear it!

47 and three-quarters. Where does the time go, me hearties?!

B - Bed Size
King size - We almost went for one size larger when we bought it as a very young Grizzles used to love to sneak in to the middle of his Pa and me, but we would not have been able to get the wardrobe doors open - Our cottage bedroom (formerly two up-two down, by way of rooms) is too wee!

C - Chore you hate
All of 'em. I live in a slovenly Bohemian kind of way, I must admit - I'm not proud of it, but I won't change now...

D - Dogs
I hanker after dogs, namely two dachshunds, not sure why. I love cats since I had two of them who stole my heart, and am currently care-taking three rats - But that's a whole other blog-post!

E - Essential start to your day
Usually breakfast, or at least a banana. I also like a cup of coffee or tea.

F - Favourite colour
Difficult - I am drawn to girly pinks, but love blue skies and green fields...

G - Gold or silver
Mainly silver, but I do have a gold half moon necklace that I had some of my Mother's jewellery melted down into... Still looking for some kind of gold earrings to go with it, but it's been four years now...

H - Height
Five foot seven inches, on a good day. And you'll rarely see me in heels, so that's about it.

I - Instruments you play
None now, but I learned to play the recorder and the violin at school, but gave up when I went to Uni, as I couldn't invest the time... My great grandfather was Second Violinist in a working mens' orchestra in the Twenties and Thirties... I never knew that when I chose to take up the violin - Co-incidences can be rather spooky, non??!

J - Job title
Registrar and Celebrant of Weddings, as well as Trainee Counsellor. Slattern and Rat-Keeper!

K - Kids
One. Now Kidult. Currently back at Uni. Gorgeous. The rats belong to his girlfriend! Also gorgeous!

L - Live
and let live...

M - Mother's name
Joanie. RIP. Known to my Dad for some reason in later life, lovingly, as 'Biddy'.

N - Nickname
I'll answer to anything but my own name. Fhina is a pen-name. The pet-name my hubby and son call me is not for sharing, sorry.

O - Overnight hospital stays
One, as a child, when I had my tonsils removed. The second, a couple of years ago, was when I had a burst disk removed from my spine - Yikes! The experience and agony brought me to blogging, believe it or not!

P - Pet peeves
Like Vix, really - Racism, bigotry, litter louts, rude people and then I'd say stuff like arrogant people who live like the world owes them a living, who take and never give, and those who have no empathy with others. Let's say sociopaths! I'm also not all that keen on archetypal Tory sorts who are rich and have no sympathy for the poor, as well as carpet-slipper socialist types - All mouth and no trousers!

Q - Quote from a film

"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up." Norma Desmond.

"I dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for". Sally Owen, Practical Magic...

R - Right or left handed?
Right, but I love lefties, and my son is one!

S - Siblings
None. In friendships with women, I always search for soul-sisters. I have a male cousin who's as close to me as a brother would be, and I am grateful to him for that, as well as his wonderful support of me and his wild sense of humour. He's also a mental health practitioner - Odd how our paths have crossed so...

T - Time you wake up
Around 6.20 am usually, but I love to sleep later...

U - Underwear
M & S knickers (TMI!) and upholstery from Bravissimo, always!

V - Vegetable you hate
I'm not fond of beetroot and its staining of plates and other veggies that sit beside it!

W - What makes you run late
Procrastination, but I'm rarely late.

X - X-Rays you've had
Head, as a child; Back. Boobies, pressed between glass - Eek!

Y - Yummy food that you make
Mean enchiladas, boiled eggs and associated sandwiches, leek and potato soup and a lovely curried lentil soup, if I may say so myself. I'm no Domestic Goddess, but I yearn to be a Fifties-style Kitchen Queen, baking cupcakes...

Z - Zoo animal
I love hippos. They remind me of me - More graceful in water than on land! Also anything with big cute eyes, like leemurs. And most bats!

Art - The Puppeteer by the wonderful and talented Welsh artist, Laisa Lloyd Presland


Scriptor Senex said...

Always great to learn more about my blogging pals. Thanks for sharing.

SueAnn said...

I loved getting to know you better!!
My son is a lefty too!

Suldog said...

Name - MY WIFE is the same way. Will gladly accept almost any nickname, but does not like being called by her actual name.

Vix said...

Brilliant, you rat keeping, slattern of a woman. You always make me laugh. x

Expat mum said...

You do make me laugh! We could be twins - we're the same size and like the same colours. (Sadly we're not the same age, nor do we have the same parentage, but there you go...)

Jo said...

Great list! I am amazed at how many of the things on the list are my favourites too.

And you can change back to the older blogger design system if you choose. I did. :-)

Ellen Arnison said...

Lovely list.

I got cheesed off with the new Blogger too and just reverted to the old one. It was liberating!

A Heron's View said...

O congratulations on completing the meme, personally I have never had the inclination or energy to complete one, I guess that I'm a bit lazy :)

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