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Friday, 30 September 2011


I wish I hadn't just Googled all images relating to the word "bizarre..."

Oh dear, it'll take me some time to recover from that experience - Ooh, me eyeballs! 

Where's the scrubbing brush when you need one??!

And so, this weekend I shall be mainly avoiding our friend who's 50th Birthday it is and who is a long-time friend of GJ, but whose family remains totally influenced by Renaissance Sturm und Drang, so intertwined and fictional are their lives!

We are eating with said close family, and friends, (that'll be us, then!) on Friday at a ghastly gastro-pub sort of place that only offers one choice for vegetarians, but who cares about me?!

They are so a bunch of drama queens, never a dull moment, although lots of frustrating ones!

Truly with them, I should put the full brunt of my counselling skills into practice, but it wouldn't be ethical to do so, and therefore I suffer not entirely in silence but with lots of grumbling, grouching and growling under my breath as I clamp together my teeth and suppress my desire to say exactly what I think of them...

Yes, I am this awful in real life!

Anyhoo, on Saturday for his birthday, we are booked to go to the Sage to see Doctor Feelgood. This forms our present to him.   I don't know why we bother...

I know only one of their records.

It's going to be a fun gig!

On Wednesday my counselling course begins, with two new tutors to get to know, to boot.

On Thursday, we are travelling into Footballers' Wives territory of Cheshire, for my hubby's work... I shall keep you informed as to what I get up to there!   Wot larks, eh, Pip!   Incidentally I found that Knutsford was home for many years to darling Mrs Gaskell, of Wives and Daughters, The Life of Charlotte Bronte, and Cranford - Marvellous!

And on Friday I return to counselling practice in the rural Doctors' surgery, that I enoy so much.   Wish me luck!

By Sunday, I may well be lying in the cupboard under the stairs with my feet in a bucket of Epsom Salts, my head reeling from all the excitement, sniffing on smelling salts!

A toute a l'heure, mes bloggy wonders...   Be good, and if you can't be good, be careful!

I sometimes wonder about how bizarre our lives have turned out to be...   Rats 'n' all...

Tell me your news?   Bizarre, or no!

Meantime, je vous embrasse tres fort - Mwah!


Scriptor Senex said...

Cranford was Knutsford - warts an' all! I wonder Mrs G wasn't hounded out of the place! My biggest disappointment was getting really involved in 'Wives and Daughters' and finding she'd had the temerity to die before she finished it. What self-respecting author would pull a stunt like that, I ask myself?

I'm dying to know how your counselling course goes - what level is it? I bet it can't measure up to Jo's courses but I would say that wouldn't I? (Nothing like a quick advert for the partner to get an extra spoonful of sugar in the morning tea!)

Hope you survive the weekend,


Expat mum said...

Did I tell you my sister is now teaching your stuff? Well, perhaps not your stuff, but she is teaching adults somewhere round there. I'll have to ask her.

Jinksy said...

I think I'll come and visit you in the cupboard on Sunday - it sounds interesting! LOL ♥

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