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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Welcome To My World...

Welcome to my two new followers, and those of you who have chosen to come and read my words and share parts of my journey with me.

I sense that in Blogland things have gone a little quiet recently.    I noticed some time ago that some of my favourite bloggers, who became firm friends, left the Blogosphere altogether and we communicate now on FaceSlapBook instead.

What is to become of us in the outer reaches of Blogworld?   Will we wither on the vine or, cut back against the coming of winter, will we all bloom once more in spring?

I know not.   I am no sage or oracle.

More's the pity!

I tend to use my blog as therapy these days.   Perhaps I have always done so.   Without blogging would I have ever selected therapy as my next career step?   Blogging for most of us seems to be an outlet for venting our spleen, for exploring our sense of humour, for sharing things of beauty in our lives - whether pictures of our children, grandkids, pets, our passion for knitting, our love of all things vintage, our hints and money-saving tips, or just our divine common sense.  

Blogging has its place in our universe.   Whether we're hoping for a book-deal (unlikely these days!), ou non...

Without reading your blogs I would not be as erudite (blows on fingernails and rubs them across shiny blouse!), as learned, or quite as humble.

Blogging is not without its irritations.   I balk at the relentlessly self-obsessed writers, who rant and rail against stuff that I can't be arsed to get arsed about, like plagiarism, for example.   ...I want to say 'Get a grip!   Don't take yourself so seriously.   Life's too short, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - I think someone big once said that.'

But, I also want to live and let live.   I think that's important.   I'm fed up of others wanting to dictate how we need to live our lives, who strive endlessly (and hopelessly, in my humble opinion) for perfectionism and want us all to fit into their restrictive, but perfect, pigeon-holes.  

One of my relatively peaceful neighbours in my rural terrace is being harassed by another neighbour who wants to complain about his log-pile and how untidy it is.   I'm just waiting for them to complain about our new house-mates, three fancy rats that we're temporarily care-taking for our sweet son's lovely girlfriend.

On reflection - without writing my blog I might not be as self-aware - or quite as sane.   (Believe it or not!)

Thank you for sticking around.   Thank you for your writing, those of you who write.   A big thank you to those who comment in Blogworld.   I may read widely, but I don't always have time to comment - My hubby, GJ, does complain about my capacity to endlessly tippy-tappy against the key-board.

Nuff said for one day.

More soon.   Now with added rats!



Expat mum said...

I must confess to the odd rant now and then but I usually try to do it so that people will laugh rather than get all riled up. If you haven't seen my current post, as the mum of a teen, you'll get it!
Anyway, keep blogging hinnie.

The Dotterel said...

Oh yes, keep blogging. Blogito ergo sum and all that!

Vix said...

You're not the only one, blogging keeps me sane, too.
I don't mind the odd rant but it's those "how to blog" posts that drive me daft. Why on earth should me follow guidelines when it comes to our own little space on the internet?
I'm dying to see those fancy rats, any chance of a picture? x

Reasons said...

Thank you for the tea, most pleasant! Oh and good rant is a wonderful thing. Much better than murdering someone or poking one's own eyeballs out with a stick. I just gave up face thingy. It irritated the HE'LL out of me and these are people I know and like - not good. Blogging is more time-consuming tis true, but I do agree when we need it or even just want to be entertained by it, the possibilities are abundant. Now I am back off to catch up in you properly!

Suldog said...

I find blogging to be so much more of a true personal sharing than anything that might take place on Facebook or StupidTwit. Thoughts are fully developed and words given a chance to be savored, as opposed to endless one-liners and self-obsessed mini-rants.

the fly in the web said...

I did like 'Now with added rats'.
You don't get that on FB or T...
I've noticed a number of the blogs I enjoy have folded their tents and i regret losing their voices.

Scriptor Senex said...

I like the Love and Let Live badge - I could do with putting that on my sidebar. Maybe I'll pinch it (so if you come on over just pretend you don't know where I got it!).

Please, please, please, don't ever disappear into Facebook - I still haven't learned how to use it and I LIKE BLOGGING and my fellow bloglings.

(My brother had a pet rat - incredibly intelligent creature. It could open its cage door handle but always wandered back into the cage at mealtimes. He called it Cornelius for reasons which now escape me. I had mice instead - they too escaped me....)

Margaret said...

I love your blog and all the sentiments it always contains. Keep going!

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

FB and twitter fulfill a different need - and we never read them in depth. Blogging is far more satisfying.
And these people who FB -
I am so sad today
whats up hun
are you ok
blah blah...

get a blog and tell us the details FFS!

Luckily, most bloggers can write... perhaps the feature that defines a blog - interesting thoughts that you can read to provoke further thought or knowledge?
It is nice to see you on FB too - and a few other fellow bloggers - a multidimensional feel perhaps?

thepowmill said...

I am not in it for fame or the money...it is as you say a need to put things out there and hope it gains some perspective in the process.

Here to you for saying it loud and clear.

ArtistUnplugged said...

What a treat that you stopped by my site!!!!! I have noticed a bit of waning in the blogosphere as well. I keep my rants to myself pretty much, perhaps I will let loose one day.....nah, don't want to scare away the few followers I have!!!!

Daydream Retreat said...

I agree with much you have to say in this post; and I've always loved your honesty and unique voice in your posts. I often don't have time to comment on everything I read either, but felt compelled to let you know I'm still out here :)

SueAnn said...

Rant away my dear friend!! Doesn't bother me...I enjoy your blog and love to hear what you have to say!
I used to do Facebook but kind of gave up on it! Sigh! Not enough time in the day to keep up my internet social duties!! Ha!!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Thank you muchly, mes amis - You know me, I can't leave the incident of the Number 13, so had to make this comment Number 14!

Sad, or what?!

As for leaving Blogworld - Moi, never! It is too much fun here and I agree with all that you have said about the importance of saying more than we can say in FaceSlapBook and ShallowTwitter! (As much as I love getting a Tweet from Joanne Harris or Michael Winner - I do, 'tis true!

Merci mille, mes choufleurs, merci mille xxx

Jenny Woolf said...

An untidy woodpile! I suggest you give these people a plastic sack and pointed stick and send them out litter picking, where their eye for detail would be a real advantage.

Something I wrote earlier...

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