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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Words in the Key of Life...

I love words.   They can bring me such joy.   And sometimes frustration, it is true, as I struggle for le mot juste for my blog-writing, to be fair...

I've mentioned here before that I use StatCounter to check (occasionally, I'm not obsessed!) the numbers coming to the Crawford Mansions door here at A Woman Of No Importance, and to see what sort of idiots loons lovely people my words attract.

One of the many pleasures of StatCounter is, de temps on temps, having a gawp at the key words people coming to my Blog have tippy-tappied out upon their keyboards...

Here are this week's treasures for your delight and delectation:

'Sad beetroot' - Amusing, but true!   What possesses people, I must ask?   How would you ever know if a beetroot was sad?   I hope I offended none recently when I explained how I detest them!

To continue,

'Hair shirt' - I have one, but only wear it for special occasions - GJ's Fiftieth Birthday coming in January springs to mind.   I shall be beside myself planning that party, just you wait and see!   Sackcloth optional.

'Bison head' - Moi?   It's a while since I posted a head-shot to be sure, but I'm certain I wasn't looking much like a bison.    A moose, perhaps...

'Gypsy curtains' - Kelly Hoppen will be signing me up soon, I'm sure, for her next instalment of 'Interiors' on Channel 4!   I have a gypsy chandelier waiting to be installed in my boudoir, but no curtains.   (I have no shame!)

'Cadbury's chocolate fingers' - Wha'?   They've uncovered my favourite stash already - Who gave me away - Was it Grizz?!

'Paul Merton laughing...'   No comment necessary.

'Tommy Cooper half chicken' - I dread to think.   Was this a trick he used to perform on stage, or is someone wondering about some bizarre 'The Fly' kind of experiment??!

'English eccentrics' - There's many a true word spoken in jest.   I resemble those key words!

'box of frogs' - Oh yes, now I get it "Fhina is as mad as a box of frogs" - Is that it?!   Someone I really respect once described a dear colleague as "As mad as a ship's cat!" - When he said that, I just knew that he's probably used those same words to describe me.   It made me laugh.   He's still a friend that I respect.

'NO MATTER WHY IT HURT DOG MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER' - Yes, yes, they do.   Now why are you shouting?

These days, I am finding that playing with the clever and funny little fancy rats of an evening is making me feel better, so joy doesn't only come from dogs, to be truthful.

And I never believed I would be saying that, mes amis - Never!   I didn't even think I'd be able to handle the little beasties, but it's amazing what the humble human being is capable of, n'est-ce pas?

Mind you, I probably smell of rats' pee these days, too. 

Tant pis, as they say in France.

Mwah!   Gotcha, there on the cheek when you weren't looking!

p.s. I'm going nowhere - I get too much out of blogging as it is - Thanks to those of you who were concerned about my musings on whither Blogworld.   I love you too much!

Picture:   British comedian and film buff, Paul Merton, not laughing...


Vix said...

How very strange! I checked mine and one of them was "camel necklace". I did post a necklace answering this description about a year ago but why would 5 people want to find such a thing? x

Karen S. said...

Oh my you must put this in a series, so interesting...words are so amazing....what would the world be like without the many words about...pretty quiet...lovely post, and I could get a sense how you could just keep going with this! Great photos too! Thanks!

Scriptor Senex said...

I've never checked mine - sounds as though there might be a blog posting in there but how many posts can a brain contain? Don't answer that!

As for Tant pis - very much the mot juste - you are on form, Fhina.

Jenny Woolf said...

Oh, I had better take another look at stat counter. Sounds fascinating!

By the way I can only access one post on your blog, without clicking "older posts" - have you organised the blog so people can't scroll down to read past posts? if not that is what happened to me!! :)

Bagman and Butler said...

Wow! Thanks for the idea! I plan to spend some time today looking at mine!

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