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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Somewhere over the rainbow...

I've been over HERE at Mad, Manic Mamas twice this week.

Blink, and you missed me!   I deleted my first post there, after getting some enormously helpful advice.

My bad.

Also, I'm going to share with you the delights and delectations of my life this past week and a bit, since my sojourn, walking with the dead:

I bought some beautifully decadent (albeit practical) red shoes from Fly London  to replace my last pair of red shoes from Clarks, a style incidentally which I've been wearing for several years but which they no longer make...   (Weeps).

I nursed my son, who came back from Uni with a stomach bug and 'flu, back to health and back into his flat (apartment) again!   The bugger boy takes up far too much space on the sofa!

I've had a two-day stomach bug and 'flu in return, which was nice.

I've been overly anxious about Some Stuff, including losing a friend who seems to have slipped from my life.

I've created a Facebook account for this blog.   See button in sidebar.

I've forgotten the password for that account.   And the Googlemail account associated with it!

I've put my first ever item up for sale on E-bay.   (Other auction sites are available)...   I need the money.   I'm successfully down-sizing.

I've tried to stop some compulsive skin itching and skin picking things that I've had for years a while, without understanding they might be linked with a disorder associated with anxiety, and also with self-harm.   Eek!

I'm talking about it, because many people feel such shame attached to it, and because some others may not even be aware that they do it.

I'm nice like that, see?

I'm about to embark upon another intensive weekend of psychotherapy training.   Help me, Jesus and Mary Chain!

I bought and did not yet watch.

This DVD.

And this one!

(My guilty pleasure).

I got very into this piece of TV.

The high temperature and stomach bug that rooted me to the house probably helped me have the concentration to enjoy it, but I did!

I do like Kiefer Sutherland.   And he's less raspy than in 24, which means I don't have to turn the volume up too loud to annoy the neighbours, who appear to have been using this unexpectedly fine March weather to bang, drill and hammer nine bells of shite away to their heart's content.   Whatever can they be up to?

They're probably getting their own back on me for the racket I made putting in my new kitchen.

No, I haven't forgotten that I still need to put down new flooring and decorate.

And, no, I hadn't forgotten that I promised you a bloggy Oscar Giveaway on this very page...

I've been too lazy, half-arsed, ill, busy.

Love you anyway!   Oh, and here's a pic of me in my sexy new red shoes!

You want me, don't you!


Jewels said...

oooh I love that show. Plus Kiefer is canadian, so how can I NOT love him.

Suldog said...

Aw, I bet a REAL pic of you in your sexy red shoes would be great!

I was discussing itching with MY WIFE just this morning. Some of hers is caused by anxiety, but some is associated with auto-immune disorder. In any case, getting it checked by a pro might find you some relief. You never know, so why not try? At the least, you might get some fun sedatives!

Vix said...

Those shoes are killer, I love them!
That's not you, don't be naughty! xxx

rosaria williams said...

I knew you'd have a pair of red shoes! Hope you and boy are well and looking forward to more spring outings.
Always a good romp coming here.

Saz said...

ahh ma cher, red shoes again they so suit you...
I covet..

the first dvd what is it, love a costume drama so...

and touch completely missed that, as l miss most tv progs these days, can;t concentrate, and miss my books, they laguish upon shelves, dressers and l still buy 'em but no cannot read...yet..

so sorry you've been under the weather, and so sorry I have been remiss in 'talking; with you...so self absorbed...but am really fine now...l think, l hope...

lots to catch up upon...and you xmas bag is still in its place under where the tree was...

so YES after Paques...
luv u x x x x

Scriptor Senex said...

Oh Fhina, is there any other blog like yours - definitely no. (Takes to therapy - 'What does he mean by that? Is it a compliment??') Please be assured it is.

If I win the lottery I'll employ you to write full time - few things make me happier.

Hope the Some Stuff goes away / arrives - whichever is better for you. And STOP SCRATCHING!

Love in calamine lotion,

libby said...

Busy busy busy.....what life is sometimes....stop scratiching!

Penny-Rose said...

Hi, I just found your blog via Misfits Vintage. I also have anxiety and skin issues and recently discovered its a family thing. Thank you for writing about it and breaking down the barriers. I will be following you from now on, and hope you might like to follow me.

BadPenny said...

Great shoes ( Have Fly boots I'm in love with ) Husband has various irritating mannerisms... maybe I make him nervous. I bite my nails !
Daughter's hair falls out poor girl- only 19 has since 16 ( off for blood tests today )
That's the thing with bugs - you look after someone and...they give you their bloody bug in return !!!
I would happily have my hair fall out for my daughter - not because I'm a nutter because I am nice.
Was kind to a customer in the shop yesterday & he said, "I suppose you want me to buy everything ?" I answered, " No, I'm just nice"

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Love love love the red shoes!

Dragonfly Dreams said...

And welcome back!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

My wife is also into red hair. very useful in supermarkets etc for wife spotting. I have been advised to go on twitter re the ebook. Can't believe I'm saying that at my age!

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